Reviews for Naruto: Hands Of Destiny
Narusaku chapter 19 . 6/6
no offense but i've got say this ruined the story for me and i won't continue to read. why does this ''pregnancy twist'' happen in every other story? boring.
HiddenScar chapter 16 . 5/15
That's a cool set of exams.
HiddenScar chapter 15 . 5/15
That scene was hot. Wonder if there are more in the story.
Forlane07 chapter 36 . 3/22
Amazing piece of work here! Loved it. Only down side was the amount of usage of the word "whilst" but you fixed that lol. i applaud this work!
ChimamireNoBara22 chapter 36 . 7/1/2017
Sooooo good! Considering that you wrote this about ten years ago when there was very little info on Akatsuki, your imagination was quite exceptional :) I loved reading it!
YeagerMeister31 chapter 21 . 6/6/2017
man Deidara is so boring and weak and such a coward I mean a baby could beat him I hope Naruto rips him to pieces as well as Tobi/Obito because there both pathetic jokes anyway
YeagerMeister31 chapter 20 . 6/6/2017
well this is getting interesting
YeagerMeister31 chapter 19 . 6/6/2017
well this was nice but also sad can Naruto never catch a break lol
YeagerMeister31 chapter 18 . 6/6/2017
well this was an interesting chapter
YeagerMeister31 chapter 17 . 6/6/2017
nice chapter I'm guessing the special guest was the 41 year old
YeagerMeister31 chapter 16 . 6/6/2017
well this sure was an interesting chapter wonder when Shika will find out seems Akamaru has well I think he has wonder what Sakura will do and the next test should be fun
YeagerMeister31 chapter 15 . 6/5/2017
well this was nice love NaruSaku can't beat a good lemon if he dies he dies still it will totally suck if he dies it would be good for him to find out he's gonna be a dad or something but that would be even more sadder
YeagerMeister31 chapter 14 . 6/5/2017
seriously Naruto's awesome but he's also a total wanker he cares about everyone but himself makes him the most caring person even but the biggest wanker also he's trying to push the one girl he's always loved away and making Sasgay start over and now the girl likes him back he pushes her away such a dick head still great story can't wait for more the answer to a lemon is hell yea as long as it's NaruSaku of course
YeagerMeister31 chapter 13 . 6/5/2017
well this sure was interesting that was a great fight can't wait for more
YeagerMeister31 chapter 12 . 6/5/2017
well that was interesting so now Iruka knows man this sux
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