Reviews for The Kiss
Guest chapter 13 . 5/16/2016
Please continue
YaleAceBella12 chapter 13 . 5/16/2011
Please write more...

THE-REAL-IGRAYNE chapter 13 . 8/1/2007
please write more!
A. Mulholland chapter 12 . 12/14/2006

eagleraych chapter 13 . 12/5/2006
Ha ha- I loved that episode too! (side note: did you know that "'allo" is french for hi when beginning a phone conversation- i just took a french test with that on it. lol) Great chapter too, as long as it stays rogan, I'm happy. Update soon~
EmptyHallway chapter 13 . 12/4/2006
Hooray! wait... no! NOT HOORAY! LOGAN SLEPT WITH CHARLIE! and while it was well written, it was still MEAN :P! so make rory find out and forgive logan and if Charlie is pregnant with Logan's child i will be very very very sad! Update soon, good chapter! :P
A. Mulholland chapter 13 . 12/2/2006
You should really think about going back and proofreading your work, there are some things that spell check does not pick up, such as correctly spelled words that are used incorrectly, such as plutonic. I'm pretty sure you meant "platonic" as plutonic means of deep igneous or magmatic origin. There are also some places where Thanksgiving isn't capitalized.

Other than that, pretty good. I look forward to more from you!
AlwaysHoldingOn chapter 13 . 11/28/2006
Seriously I was like literally hating you OMG THANK GOD it was a dream and don't put any of those thoughts in Logan's head that'd be like AWFUL and seriously I can't take it. you're doinga good fic so keep on with the good work. congrats!
lala chapter 13 . 11/28/2006
ohmygod. please update!
gg-ghgrl775 chapter 13 . 11/28/2006
So, if that was your favorite episode, does that mean we will have a very uncomfortable dinner, with "sex talk"? That would be funny. Anyways, great Rogan stuff, not sure about the whole Logan and Chalie stuff :( Really good chapter anyways though, I hope Finn and Chalie get back together, and I can't wait for your next chapter. Please update as soon as possible! STASAP!
cathyrock chapter 13 . 11/28/2006
Hehehe, tricky situation, will Rory ever know that Logan and Charlie kissed again? I can't wait to read more, it was really great.
Rebecca chapter 13 . 11/28/2006
Thank god it was a dream and ther reacord is set straight with rory adn logan as adorable as ever! BRAVO! Oh and happy belated thanksgiving. Sorry abtou getting mad earlier I just am a very strong Rogan fan when it comes to this story so forgive me for being a bitch heh. Anyway great job! keep it up I love your story its awesome!
mrmp chapter 13 . 11/28/2006
'... you'll have to buy the next guy a sweater" LOL Loved it too!

Great chapter, but you are mean leaving it there. Can't wait for Dinner with the Hun's!LOL
Hopes2High chapter 13 . 11/28/2006
Cute chapter! Update soon!
obsessornews56 chapter 13 . 11/28/2006
Yay! Charlie and logan aren't together! This was a great chapter! Charlie and finn seem soo good together and so do rory and logan! Update soon!
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