Reviews for Superman Returns II: Men of Steel
AliciaRoseFantasy chapter 3 . 11/21/2016
Wow! That was something. Excellent job! Took me on quite a rollercoaster :) Thanks for writing this and sharing!
AliciaRoseFantasy chapter 1 . 11/20/2016
THIS IS AMAZING! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! All I can do is scream at you, it's just so fantastic (fangirl moment). Eeeepp! :D
Obsidian The Ghost Faced chapter 4 . 5/2/2013
Holy hotcakes! This is some top-notch writing my friend! The entire story was exciting, emotional, heart-wrenching, and just plain excellent to read...This would make a fantastic movie...
Hypersensitivity chapter 4 . 6/19/2012
Wow, I think this has to be one of my all-time favorite Superman fanfics! The whole thing is entirely brilliant! You're writing style is so engaging that I found myself whispering aloud to myself, relishing in the richness and cadence of the language. I know that sounds incredibly corny, but words have always been my weakness. :) Anyway, the plot is genius, and you're portrayal of the characters is artful and perfect. I will most certainly add your book to my Amazon wishlist! Keep writing- I'm looking forward to more of your work!
Albion North chapter 1 . 6/3/2012
(Incidentally, this review is for the whole story and not just Chapter 1...)

Really, a quality piece of work. I wasn't sure about the script formatting initially- so many authors use it to just be lazy. However, I found it to be a pleasant change of pace. After all, we've seen the movie and know what Metropolis and the Fortress and the Planet look like, so it's very little of a stretch for us to use our imaginations to fill in the gaps. It also showcases your skill with dialogue :) Story-wise, it's a solid plot, good characterization, and a nicely realistic resolution to the Clark-Superman-Lois-Richard love quadrangle. I have to say I didn't see the final twist coming, and I'll be intrigued to see how this works itself out (if it does) in the Supes/Bats crossover. Dare I hope for some World's Finest moments? That would be such fun... At any rate, it was a good story, and definitely a fave. Thanks for writing.
Lmb111514 chapter 3 . 7/15/2011
This was absolutely one hundred percent amazing, by far one of my most favorite stories on here! Please keep writing great stories like this!
anemix chapter 3 . 11/7/2010
This was very interesting, and the screenplay-format was really cool, and probably could actually be made into a movie. I hope you keep writing these!


( . .)


smiles chapter 3 . 3/29/2010
one word


you must submit a copy to the current director of the superman movies franchise. it is a perfect superman movie script.

i could actually see the movie in my mind's eye.

you must copyright this.

i read your profile, you're right, they don't visit fan . that's a pro, actually, since you have marked this as fan fiction. it is not, if you are able to sell it as a movie, it becomes the next superman movie script.

my advice, if you want it, is to take this off the site for a month or so, while you show this script to the respective parties who are scouting for something like this.

if yes, wow.

if no, at least you know you gave it your all, and you can put it back up on the site.

wishing you the best of luck.

M chapter 3 . 1/18/2010
I liked it. A lot. In fact, I spent about 3 hours sitting here reading the whole thing from beginning to end.

On some places for improvement:

I don't really like the script format, although it is certainly unique. It took away sometimes from the overall story though.

I am not very familiar with all the Superman people, so Zod and Eradicator totally confused me. Unless you made them up?

Finally, "sceptically" is "skeptically" I believe. ;]

other than that, fine job with this. very believable. thanks!
Teddy R. Lupin chapter 3 . 11/10/2009
Great script, can't wait for more.
Marcus S. Lazarus chapter 3 . 10/15/2009

Not bad, really.

The script format is a BIT of a question-mark, I admit- the style kind of detracts from the emotional scale of some of the events taking place for me a we don’t get as keen an insight into what the characters are THINKING-, but the plot you’ve created is DEFINITELY effective.

From the moment when the psychiatric appointment encourages Clark to assert himself more as CLARK- rather than exclusively expressing himself as Superman-, you created a storyline with definite potential, and your new take on Metallo only clinched it (Although I was a bit unclear on one detail; did Luthor actually BELIEVE that crap about Superman being the leader of a Kryptonian invasion force, or did he just go along with Vale’s beliefs because he needed the other guy’s help?).

The robot you used initially might have been tough, but your idea about Metallo’s ‘real’ identity in THIS version of events...

Definitely added that chilling extra touch to the storyline, I have to admit; not only does Clark have to fight a guy capable of weakening him just by BEING there, but he’s got to fight him when he knows he isn’t totally in control of himself (At least with John Corben it’s possible to really ‘let rip’ because we know he knows what he’s doing and WANTS to do it).

Of course, even the minor scenes in this story work out surprisingly well; the part where Martha told Luthor why Superman would always be more human than him was particularly effective, and the conclusion to the ‘identity exposure’ crisis- while a bit straightforward; I wouldn’t have minded more people voicing their thoughts on WHY Lex would have made up that lie in the first place-, particularly the part with WHO Clark chose to be for that scene, worked out rather well.

And as for what you’ve left us with for the conclusion...

To say Superman’s going to have some trouble is a SERIOUS understatement.

Keep up the great work!
cinafran chapter 3 . 7/11/2009
Brilliant! Oh, I loved it! I almost didn't read it when I saw it was a screenplay, but now I know not to make that mistake again. It was like watching a movie and reading a book, all at the same time! My two favorites combined. I absolutely loved the plot and how you brought the characters to life. I'm totally going to go read your sequel now. And, if I come across any movie moguls, you've got my vote as the writer of the next Superman movie. (-)
Vgerland chapter 3 . 7/11/2009
This was an excellent story. I really got hooked with the first chapter and the shifts back and forth between Lois, Clark and Dr Reed, very funny and quite entertaining.

The plot was great and so well thought out building and building. Oh and the ending I never saw it coming.

I could so see this as a movie perhaps two since there is so much goodness that it would be hard to not include it in the story.

Again Great job. On to the next.
maraudergurl2010 chapter 3 . 7/9/2009
Ho-ly shi-yat.

What a story.

quiltingdiva chapter 3 . 7/7/2009
Bravo! Love it!
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