Reviews for The New Mamodo Battle
zatch chapter 1 . 9/23/2019
super but
Anonymous chapter 1 . 6/27/2019
It's a good start and could be followed on in real anime too ...hope so
Great work
Guest chapter 10 . 11/23/2014
this episode's story was really spellbound for me an i was shocked when i knew that zane's parents died and their reason of death and their letter. Ithink that this is to gonna increase zane's power in the coming mamodo battles. i can't wait to read further.
Guest chapter 9 . 11/23/2014
this episode was really fantastic and i was fully surprised when i came to know that the rabbit is a mamodo and the scene where the spell was used was really funny. Well i am happy that i read this episode, it's really interesting.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/5/2014
awesome.. please ask the authorities to publish it
Guest chapter 1 . 8/22/2014
That shit was GAAAAAAY!
Cortez chapter 7 . 4/6/2014
Mamodo name kroner
Cortez chapter 4 . 4/6/2014
These are nice! Keep going!
chris chapter 1 . 12/7/2013
Well if you seen the end his book was golden, not red anymore Zatch unlocked his true power. he was fighting brago at end but didn't show a winner of battle. you should of started with that point. Then made a story of zatch fighting in the mamodo/demon world. people not liking the kind king, thinking zatch is to soft. zatch discovers a way to bring the humans to mamodo world only a few though then all the mamod who liked the humans will want them there. i have some other ideals but to much to write it this is just the begining so... yeah. i would like to see another story of zatch chapter 1 . 12/6/2013
there is a 14 year old boy and his name is rick and he have a mamodo name is blank he have pawor of absorb he can absorb pawor of aponent and his colour of book is white and his spell is bankoko from these spell blank absorb the pawor of aponent and his second spell is bakaro from these spell he can absorb any think and from 3 spell he can invisible and from 4 spell he can loking like that what he absorb and his 5 spell is he can going in anyone body and control it that body is not have pawor to break that spell and blank real looking like a boy chapter 1 . 12/2/2013
i thing that colour of book is white and the modo name is zodo and partner name is rick his power is power of absobtion
Wowza48 chapter 1 . 7/17/2013
heheheh, a current zatch bell fic accepting ocs instead of a future one? Estu and I can shine on then! ah, you haven't updated recently, hopefully that changes soon :D


Name: Estugen

Age: (5 to 20 years old) in this fic, he would be 15 or 16, but he looks 11 or 12

Appearance: (looks and clothing) Pink hair, turquoise cloak over other clothes, green eyes with spots of orange

Personality: Is kind to others, but shares his sister's temper management problems, is overprotective of Tia.

Book Color: Sapphire

Spell Theme: Explosions

Spell List: (minimum of 5 spells, can reuse spells from the anime/manga) (you can re-order them if you want. I plan on doing so myself)
1- Asplosion (attack) an explosive comes out of his hand and he throws it at something or someone, normally at the enemy

2- Reviem (heal) heals/revives someone/something with a bright shaphire light, if used on the ash of a mamodo's book it will bring both the book and the mamodo back to the human world, if used on a mamodo, Estugen can access any spell that mamodo has, even if they don't have a book or they have yet to unlock the spell themselves, Prolonged use of this attack will cause pain to act up from users heart if they haven't fully mastered it's power.

3- Gigantusplosion (attack) summons a giant glowing explosive, and throws it, it is equal or greater power to a ultimate class spell

4- Asplo Numuros (attack) sends out many 'Asplosions' out at once as a stream, equal to a mid class spell

5- Gigano Reviem (heal, defense) gigano class version of 'reviem', has a larger range and can be used on more then one person/object, limit is five, can also be used as defence from an attack that is mid class or lower. Prolonged use of this attack will cause pain to act up from users heart if they haven't fully mastered it's power.

6- Asplo barrier/shield (defense) creates Estugen's version of Tia's spells, 'Seioshi' and a 'Ma se shield' respectively, that reflects attacks with an added saphire explosive shockwave energy added to it, the barrier/'seioshi' protects from all sides and is a mid-class defensive spell that can block all mid class attacks or lower, the shield only blocks on one side and can block up to a dioga class spell depending on how much energy is put into it

7- Faou Gigantus (attack) weaker form: a deformed giant made from explosions is either shot out of Estugen's hands, or forms in an explosion/explosions that include Estugen's explosion aura in it, Ultimate level spell in; Once mastered: A mini Faudo made from explosions is either shot out of Estugen's hands, or forms in an explosion/explosions that include Estugen's explosion aura in it, can be as strong as Dioga or shin level spells depending on energy put into the attack.

8- Asploruk (body enhancement) an aura made up of saphire colored explosion-like energy that boosts speed and strength, only can be used with other body enhancement spells like 'Asplo sordo' and 'Asplo wingo' and only when they are used before this one

9- Asplo sordo (body enhancement, assist, attack) sword made from same energy as 'asploruk', other spells can be used with it

10- Asplo wingo (body enhancement, assist) gains wings made of the same energy as 'asploruk', other spells can be used with it

11- Dioga la reviem (heal, defense) dioga class version of 'reviem', has a larger range and can be used on more then one person/object, limit is 20 objects/people for those yet to master it, anything in for those who have, can also be used as defense from an attack weaker than dioga class. When being used for defense, it can be canceled out if hit by dioga class spell or higher. Using this spell at full potential proves mastery of Raviem, thus prevents any further heart trauma caused by use of “Reviem” spells.

12- Shin ra Fauruk (body enhancement, assist) Body enhancement version of Shin ra Faudo zoudica. He gains energy claws, and a demonic aura. He also gets a demonic left eye replacing his normal left eye.

13- Shin la reviemuruk (body enhancement, assist, heal) Body enhancement version of Shin ga Reviela togoniem. He gains angel wings made out of Reviem's energy, and his right eye glows the same color, blocking sight of his eye.

14- Shin ga Reviela togoniem (heal, defense, attack) strongest spell, not strongest attack though. Can only gain this spell by fully mastering Dioga la Reviem. A giant angelic being is created by the same energy as all previous Reviem spells. Healing powers are strong enough to push back the destruction of time/space, hard to control without intense concentration.

15- Shin ra Faudo zoudica (attack) most powerful attack, and the 2nd strongest spell. It looks like Faudo, can be any size, but attack power is the same. Is the same class of power as Zatch's Shin Beruwan Bao Zakeruga. Like the 7th spell, Estugen can control the spell both mentally and physically. It also can move on it's own, if Estugen is too busy to concentrate on it. It also enchances his concentration abilities to the point that, if he uses this spell first, can use Shin ga Reviela togoniem at the same time.

Abilities: (anything outside of spells)
Teleportation, limited “reviem” ability without use of spellbook (in human world) which causes severe pain to shoot through his heart if he has yet to master it.

Morality: (Good, Neutral, Evil) Good

Relationship with Partner: They share a close friendship. They have each others backs and will protect one another. occasionally argue.

History: (brief life story) At a young age, Estugen trained for the battle to become king. While training to control an ancient revival spell, Reviem, his sister, Tia, was fatally wounded. In response, Estugen used the Reviem spell on her to heal her, as well as bring her back from nearly dying. But, because he had yet to finish his training at the time, it caused damage to his heart. Estugen continued to train harder then before, no longer taking time to visit his little sister, who quickly nearly forgot about him. He will do anything to protect those he cares for. During the battle for king 5 years prior, he and his human partner trained hard, never trying to burn their opponents' books, and they only burnt one book. He also fought against Zeno and Brago some time during the battle. He also went on a time traveling adventure to one of the possible mamodo battles of 1000 years in the future. He also spent time watching over Tia. His book was burnt by Clear Note, but before it was burnt, he declared that Zatch Bell would become the next king. Estugen worked as both a medic and a guard at the mamodo castle.

Human Partner:

Name: Jordan Naozumi

Age: (5 to 99 years old) physically 16 (due to time travel, reality warping, and immortality)

Appearance: (Looks and clothing) Dark Brown, almost black hair, Hazel with traces of blue, green and brown in them, blue opened zip up sleeveless jacket vest with a midnight blue long sleeve shirt under it, wearing also blue jeans, glasses [link]

Personality: Outgoing and friendly, but lazy and tire due to never getting enough sleep. Scary when angered or serious. Likes to keep a calm head, and trick people into thinking he's an annoying idiot.

Morality: (Good, Neutral, Evil) Good

History: (brief life story) Jordan's family and friends were killed by a demonic army, not that it matters, it happened in another universe! Jordan is a reality warper and leader of a group called the "Guardians of Existence", who don't matter right now because they won't show up and rarely be referenced to!, however due to his own restraints, refuses to use his reality warping powers during a fight in the battle for king unless absolutely necessary, or if he is bored, whichever comes first. He normally fights by manipulating light energy or creating explosions. He can absorb explosions and the damage they cause (thus, reversing the damage) if his is caught in the blast. It also gives him more energy, meaning if he needs more power for Estugen's spells, he'll have Estugen use the first spell on him to power up. He sometimes wants to fight against the mamodo without Estugen's help, but rarely does so because of his own restraints. Meaning he doesn't want to seem overpowered to anyone. He has more powers and abilities, but they don't matter because he isn't going to use most of them during an actual “mamodo battle for king fight” anyway!
Isaiah chapter 1 . 6/6/2013
southwaytrinity chapter 5 . 2/10/2013
linnoa {LIEENOA] girl kind marigold book purple eyes black hair dress long pink high sneakers partner serly girl purple dress short pink boots golden hair
Guest chapter 10 . 9/14/2012
I like this website and i have a mamodo idea. He s a boy around the age of fourteen and is zanes brother that controls ice he nas blue hair white eyes and a a black jacket jeans and a white shirt. His partner is 6.1 and is kojls dad weres a hawain shirt swim trunks and is extremly buff
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