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undoingtech chapter 10 . 8/31/2013
This is so overdone but still very creative. I wonder if this was created on a bet to see how many you could come up with.

Continuing to make more and more restrictions to BB has lost its humor to me. Still, I would be lying if I said I did not enjoy reading this. Sheer creativity makes me happy. :)

I wish that some of the stories between the restrictions were longer. It would definitely have added some substance to this craziness. I realize that doing so would have made this chapter much longer, but I still wish.
undoingtech chapter 9 . 8/31/2013
The Catnip Incident: Very humorous and yet serious at the same time. Well done. I think it took a little too long to get to the juicy content. NITPICK I liked it.

Catharsis: I do not know what catharsis means. This is a very well put together short story. Well written, too. It is not ingenious nor is it bad. It simply has a higher quality than many of the other stories do. I suppose that your understanding of the titans really shows here. It has shown in many other stories of yours as well, but this one is so calm, yet intense almost. This one has character interaction. While many other stories of yours showed your understanding of the titans, I am not sure I remember one that had character interaction. Anyway, well done!

Catalyst: Geez Robin is paranoid. The moment he was throwing away his own belongings should have been emphasized a little more in my opinion. Even so, this shows a great transition that never happened on the TV screen. This is yet another moment that I wish had been in the TV series. Awesome! Even more awesome and disturbing at the same time is that Robin felt good after giving in to his paranoia. It is disturbing, but necessary for the transition. Very well written. :)

Promises: Darn your stories that fit so well into the titans universe! Even though this fits well, I do not see it happening, ever. I am not sure why. I can relate to BB because I too take promises very seriously. I do not know what thermals are, so I am not sure whether or not riding them would qualify well as keeping BB 'young'.
I suppose this story should make me feel sad, but it does not. It does make me mildly confused. I just do not understand this story well other than BB's sadness and regret. Actually, I think the emotion that was conveyed the best was determination.
I suppose the reason why I do not see this ever happening in the titans universe is because I do not know what thermals are. BB seems determined to ride the thermals and not grow up, but I do not know what that is or if it works. Sorry about that.

Sorry my review became a little... hectic at the end. When I am confused by something, it is soooo much harder to review. Nonetheless, I shall read more!
undoingtech chapter 8 . 8/31/2013
Beacon: Sad. Just sad.

Death and Endings: These convinced me that BB has a problem. Also, I do not think that Cyborg would randomly bring death up; there must have been a cause.

Ghost: Also sad. And ironic. The poor guy destined to be a superhero was stealing.

Holiday: Yay! Something other than the catnip came back! I really liked Holiday, but I am unsure why. It seems realistic. No action, not much dialogue. Not much of anything really. I suppose it must be because of Refuge. Perhaps I like it because it shows that Raven genuinely cares about BB's well-being in a way that the TV show did not. That must be it. Good job!

Kindness: This is also a sad one to me. It is logical that Raven would seek a place in which she does not feel creepy. While it is sad that Raven - er... Raven's behavior rather - is generally not accepted by many people. Ironically, this story made me happy because there is a place Raven can go where she feels normal. It is strange that she does not feel normal in the tower with other superheros.

Secrets: I REALLY like this one. I am not even sure that it makes sense in terms of Robin's character. I know many people label Raven as the most mysterious character, but I think it is Robin. Actually, now that I think of The Apprentice, this does make sense. "It was a thrill, wasn't it? ... You're going to keep stealing, Robin, and you're going to keep getting that thrill." It all makes sense now, but that does not make it less disturbing.

Wild: A nice addition.

I apologize for not reviewing all of them. Some of them are just too short for me to review, and some of them, I do not want to review simply because there are soooo many.
Many of these stories make me incredibly happy just because they fit well within the Teen Titans universe. I am frustrated because I cannot make very good reviews of stories/moments/raw information that are so short. I am so used to reviewing longer stories that usually have action and/or character emphasis and a select few times character development.

While some of the content in these shorts falls flat, the writing is wonderful. Your writing style, other than short, works for me. :)
undoingtech chapter 7 . 8/31/2013
Speechless: That was a rather interesting detail to add. If this ever came up in the TV series, I did not notice it. Actually, I am not sure that I can think of a time when BB completely stopped talking because he was at a loss for words. There were times when he would not finish his thoughts, such as in Nevermore. Oh well. 'Tis a very nice detail. :)

War Games: I would not consider this a 'classic' BB and Raven moment, but it definitely is a moment for them. Having these characters think about the possibility of death is ... uh, well I am not sure. I suppose it is dark, but that is obvious. Unfortunately, there is not much emotion shown here other than a hug, and Raven's thoughts are not enough to show how this possibility of death affects or would affect her or BB. So instead of some deeply emotional conversation, I found this story to be a little bland. Darns. It is still a good topic, and I do not think it came up in the TV show. I guess that is why it is here!
undoingtech chapter 6 . 8/31/2013
Herbal Tea: Very humorous indeed! There is not much that I can say about this one. Why did Raven have that kind of tea? Oh well. The characters are written well, as always. :)

The Beast Boy List: Sheer creativity. I love it. I actually feel for BB in this one; Raven and the other titans are kind of shooting him down. I actually believe that you could come up with 237 things to put on the list!

Homesick: This one is not very interesting to me. The ending was good. Did you really have to draw out the Rob/Star that much? Geez, implications much! Still, I have to admit that the drawn-out Rob/Star implication was funny as hell.
undoingtech chapter 5 . 8/31/2013
We Are One: Well that was uh... different. And yes, it was cheesy, but have to admit that the song and the titans match well. Raven's line was dark yet inquisitive. Loved it.

Wish Granted: Who was BB talking to? Starfire? Terra? I really liked the wished, but I liked the comebacks for the wished even more! Clever, clever, clever.

Waking Life: I suppose it makes sense, a little. Hell, this is fanfiction. I do not know if this matches the Teen Titans universe and characters, so I will just assume that it does. I have no major problem with this one.

I really enjoy your writing. It is actually quite refreshing to read short stories since I have been reading very long ones lately. The biggest problem that I have with short stories is that they can usually only show character, rather than develop it. The other problem that I can think of currently is that these stories do not really connect to each other, other than they all have the teen titans in them. Oh well. Every medium has restrictions.
undoingtech chapter 4 . 8/31/2013
009, 012, and 014 are unrealistic to me. They are all nice stories, but those three kind of don't work for me.

No typos! You have no idea how happy that makes me. :)

I think 007 and 011 were the most interesting to me. It really amazes me how much information is conveyed through these short moments. They really get the message to sick in.

007: Well done. Soooo well done. I like how you showed the similarities and the differences between the titans simply by examining their hands. I really like it, but I am unsure why. I cannot explain in any other way why this is good to me. Oh well.

011: I can totally see that happening. I actually wish that scene was in the Teen Titans TV series. The only problem I have with it is you did not explain how Raven knew Terra remembered. How does Raven know? Oh well. Even without that explanation, I would still like to have that scene in Teen Titans.
undoingtech chapter 3 . 8/31/2013
Hooray for action! Clever action at that! This is fairly simple. Not much character emphasis. I really like the birthday ideas, especially laser tag! The use of powers just makes it even more exciting!

This was very fun to read. AND NO TYPOS! YYAYAYAYAYAY!

Well done.
undoingtech chapter 2 . 8/31/2013
Wow. These are like the short shorts of short stories!

002 Shows your understanding of at least part of Robin and BB's characters.

003 I did not really get it. There I am not so good with such little content. It is just my preference.

004 HHAHAHHA. Cyborg was right. Other than the Titan's rooms, they do not have much privacy.

005 Sweet. Not like the awesome sweet, but more like you-just-did-something-really-nice sweet.

I am really having a hard time review these short ones. I still enjoy reading them though. It is cool to see what could have happened between the scenes. :)
undoingtech chapter 1 . 8/31/2013
I certainly have never read a fanfiction quite like this, and I am not sure what to think of it. I suppose that the idea behind these "short stories" or "implied scenes" is similar to the great and epic Stories Never Told. However this story is quite different.

For example, there is no action in this story. The closest thing to action in this story is Raven and BB fighting. This is really more of a nitpick rather than a huge flaw. In my opinion, having any amount of action brings the story to life a bit more. NITPICK

The fact that BB was living in the park is believable. That fact that Raven let him stay in her apartment so long is not very believable.

Both characters seem to be written fairly well. I cannot stand to read stories in which the characters are written poorly or are not in character at all.

All in all, this story just seems like a lot of fluff. I suppose that is what it should be... eh maybe. I wish there was more interaction shown between Raven and BB. This short story could have been better, but it also could have been soooo utterly bad!

I am neutral towards this story. I do not deem it amazing nor horrible.
Ashen Author chapter 25 . 5/7/2013
123. This was not what I expected was about what happened after the Titans were taken, right? That's a really neat idea.
A few BB suggestions:
Beast boy is not allowed to imitate King Kong. Or a giant preying mantis. Or Cthulu.
Frankenstein is permissable, though.
BB may not repay grudges by turning into mosquitos, lice, fleas, or ticks.
BB may not turn into a parrotfish...on second thought, he can do it if he can live with switching gender.
Ashen Author chapter 3 . 5/7/2013
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis chapter 32 . 4/26/2013

Wait. That's it?

Awwww... I was truly enjoying this piece of work. It was loving, funny, carefully written, and it felt as if you poured your heart and soul in it.

Well, I thank you. It was wonderful, the entire time.
Ved17 chapter 1 . 4/3/2013
Cool Story!
Ren O'neil chapter 32 . 2/24/2013
why did you stop updating? You are good at writing and you are an amazing teen titan story creator. please continue.
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