Reviews for Selfishness
rosie chapter 3 . 7/13/2015
iTs been years since you have updated and of your stories. I've seen you leave a couple of comments on thestories that I have read which means you're still active are you going to update soon?
Niki Bffl chapter 3 . 4/20/2014
Ahh! Cliff hanger!? Why? This is jut getting interesting. Please write more ASAP!
Guest chapter 3 . 7/29/2013
please update
Cora chapter 3 . 6/27/2013
Please make more!
featherpen-princess chapter 3 . 1/4/2013
UPDAtE :) it's cool... I must read GaaHina :P
tk04 chapter 3 . 12/24/2012
No freaken way. U got to stop at the best part. I hope u come back to finish the story.
snowkatl chapter 3 . 11/3/2012
Plzzzzzz when are you going to update!
Guest chapter 3 . 10/30/2012
updaaateee! :c
Syd monster12 chapter 3 . 7/3/2011
Waaaaahhh? Ohhhmmmmmmgggg! Poor hinata I hope she dosent get hurt! Lol your story is amazing best I have read so far! Thank you and please keep updateing!:)
shynata96 chapter 3 . 2/19/2011
cool! please continue this story!
hinata-fan2 chapter 3 . 11/21/2010
i like yous story

update soooooooooon
nwyd chapter 3 . 10/13/2009
ohmygod whats going to happen? urg. i actually LIKE sasuke. and hes so horrible in this fic...eek. ah well, hope you continue and update soon! 3sasuhina anyway...
098765ew3456776r890 chapter 3 . 7/4/2009
animelover00094 chapter 3 . 4/28/2009
continue please
pyromaniacal fish chapter 3 . 1/28/2009
You, know this is a really good story

i have written one with three chapters though, and although i am planning another chapter.

you have so many more reviews

you should really update

keep working on it
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