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ronweasleyismyking chapter 3 . 9/9/2006
its late but i want, no need to reveiw!

im glad luna let draco see her vision, its better to share. but im praying danger's right and it doesn't happen like luna saw it.

so is corona good then? she seems like it, i hope so. sirius thought she wanted him to 'take her home with him', ha! that made me laugh.

But something is happeneing/has happened to Hagrid, oh no.

i cant remember all what i wanted to say, hmm. im sleepy, forgive me.

yes, yay for chat, hope to catch you on it sometime soon.
The Evil Percussionist chapter 3 . 9/9/2006
Oh, no! Sirius, you idiot! She's probably a spy or something looking for a foothold in the Order, or a way to get close to the Pack and Pride... *cough* Excuse me there. I really hope that she's for real, because even if he did Legilimens her (did he? I didn't know Dangerverse Sirius was a Legilimens. That'd be cool!), she could have been faking those thoughts, or "to fight for what I believe in" could have been actually meaning that she believes in infiltration or whatever...

I loved it how Hermione's basically in the Order now. And I hope that she makes it very clear through how good she is at doing it that she's not a little kid. Anyone who knows her or, haha, reads her, can see that.
emikae chapter 3 . 9/9/2006
lovely chapter...

you have no clue how happy you made me..

you spelled whining right. it was so beautiful. so many people spell it whinging, or soemthign like that, and that's not that way it's been spelled.

i'm happy that you're still wriging, i've been reading ever since the first chapter of living with danger came out.. and i love your stories and the world that you've created.

best wishes!
Mara Roberts chapter 3 . 9/9/2006
I read Luna's vision and two alternate interpretations sprung instantly to mind, one bad, one good:

One: Draco is dead and Malfoy put Luna under Imperious to get revenge on his dead son by taking what Draco loves most for himself.

Two: The Pride faked Draco's death and Luna is somehow spying on the DE's. Maybe she told Malfoy she had a vision of LV's vistory and wants to be on the winning side, that's why she jumped ship.

I'm afraid for Hagrid and Corona, that something will happen to her while packing or as she's leaving or something. So much tension!

Excellent addition to Dangerverse.
Silver Warrior chapter 3 . 9/9/2006
yay! Sirius made one new ally for the Order. It's too bad a large majority (try all with a black sheep or two) are bigoted assholes (pardon my language). So, the date for the Pride to be together is set. Good! And that was a dark vision Luna had. But it may be a powerful advantage if she learns to control it.
WhiteTwitch chapter 3 . 9/9/2006
o I like this Corona character- and a spy- wow, the plot bunnies are hopping!
connieewing chapter 3 . 9/9/2006
wow keep it up please!
Songs of Angry Jelly Babies chapter 3 . 9/9/2006
BYOT indeed. I already had a major break down, please don't write it so that I could have yet another one.

So we're now (officially) finding out what happened in Luna's vision... :sniff: :cry:

Poor Draco! He did nothing wrong yet he got all the fire. :sobs:

Where did I heard the story of the rose and briar again? I couldn't remember for the life of me. :tears at her hair:

This vision is undescribably sad and morbidly beautiful... Beautiful like fallen flower petals and dead bodies frozen in ice... :sobs:

Did Lucius exercise some kind of mind contrrol over Luna? That's what the phantom did to Christine, or so it seems like in the musical, I tried to read the book but couldn't get through. And Draco beinging in Luna's memory makes me think "that's what Draco would be doing if he is dead and could see what's happening from the other side, the same helplessness and frustration". Yes, this has shocked me into a morbid mode. I blame you Anne. (but I don't hate you. For now)

Gosh this is getting more and more morbid, and my thoughts too... :groans:

Oh, oh, oh! Did the circumstance of Draco's death made Luna lose purpose in everything? That's the impression I'm getting. She doesn't care anymore... Or she doesn't want to admit that she cares.

NO! (yes, I know the word "no" only have two letters, and no, I don't care how many Os I typed, this is my sweet little revenge for you every letting something like this enter your head and take root, Anne. and no, I'm not obliviated, I still remember what you revealed in the chatroom before I read that.)

I have a vague suspicion that what Luna would do to prevent the vision from coming true will back fire in the worse way possible.

I love what Draco said. They are really growing up! :feels very much like an aunt of eight teenagers in a war:

The twins really need to grow up. Favorite characters or not, they are starting to get on my nerves. Actually I never liked Dangerverse!Fred and George. Intentional? Or not?

"Just as long as that doesn’t mean the vision still comes true, but you’re all buried there too”? I don't get this. at all.

Hmm... I do sympathize with the twins, they seems to be the only ones out of the loop on the order thing, everybody else gets at least some sort of information, including Harry. And they seems to be the only ones in the Weasley *not* involved in the order. I would do something drastic if I were them. But I hope they wouldn't. I want to see everyone safe, and on the good side.

:laugh heartily at Hermione's comment about Dursley:

"Most of these people probably still think children should be seen and not heard." That reminds me of the Crucible. In Act I, at the very beginning, in the stage directions, what Arthur Miller said about Parris's opinion on children. Wow, it's such a backward world.

Is there's particular reason why Harry root for Ballycatle Bats? Wait, don't tell, that the team Sirius likes? Oh, I bet he's just lying to cover up the fact that he knows he's going to the Headquaters.

“You were hot, so you went running?” His aunt’s voice rose shrilly. “Are you stupid or ignorant? Running makes you hotter, with all that sweat and that nasty smell coming off you... you go and get a shower before you get near my good dishes.” Did I read that right? Does Aunt Petunia care for Harry for a change? I have go pack my valubles then, it seems like the sky is falling down...

Wait, that's not right, everyone would be together in the annual birthday party at the Founders'! Oh yeah, you mean physically. nevermind.

Ah, I'm impressed. She might be worthy of Eowyn's qoute yet. I think I'm starting to like her.

And I pray that the vision would not come true after all. Because I heard in the chatroom that the vision would indeed come true.

Yes, yay for chat! And triple yay for Josh! Quadruple yay for Anne, our awesome author!
Wolf's scream chapter 3 . 9/9/2006
Oh, I'm taking Danger's caution in mind quite thoroughly - and trusting that she (through you) gave it for good reason. :-)

Seems that the adult members of the Order who were present got a bit of a wake-up call when Hermione pointed out the overlap. Heh! :-)

Hm... not good that Tom knows about the pendants. :-( Though Harry's quite right, that there's no use being upset about it now.

Hm... Corona claims to want to help, and Hagrid's in trouble... Speaking of the latter, I can't help but suspect that Hagrid's distress may be related to Norbert's current antisocial behavior.

Excellent, as usual & expected! :-)
Orion in the Sky chapter 3 . 9/9/2006
Luna's vision *freaked me out* a lot. (But, I think that now that it has been shared it won't actually come to pass... Right?)
Valandar chapter 3 . 9/9/2006
My first thought about the vision is that it's a ploy - the grave ws well-grown, but the headstone fresh, implying no real body. And if Luna pulls one over on Lucius, so much the better :)
rwcr chapter 3 . 9/9/2006

That vision is so, so, so scary. I really hope it doesn't happen, but I have a feeling it will... grr! And I'm glad Draco didn't run away from Luna before she could explain. He does have a bit of a temper problem.

I definitely like the solidarity of Pack and Pride. They stick up for one another, and they *let each other know* that. It's comforting to read about.

Gred and Forge starting to grow up... fun, fun.

Nice one, wrt Hermione noticing that anomaly. She *is* an asset to the Order - they all are, to tell the truth. I hope the others get in on the meetings soon...

Oh, Dudley is still a bully...

Harry learning from his Animagus form - cool.

And I definitely like the "reenactment in the park". Nostalgia time!

I hope Danger shows up to get Harry too. I'd *love* to see that confrontation. And Petunia definitely deserves it.

The Apparation disrupter is scary, putting everyone on high alert.. argh! Why couldn't a Portkey work?

Norbert causing problems... somehow, I always expected that to happen. Surprised it didn't in canon.

Is Snape the bad spy in the Order?

Yay, another ally! I like Corona a lot. At first I rather cynically thought her a double agent of some sort, but seeing her thoughts has cleared that right up. The Order *needs* allies. Brian Li for the werewolves, Corona Gamp for the purebloods, ... should be good.

Great job!

- Josh
Illyra chapter 2 . 9/8/2006
Absolutely great chapter. Poor pureblood women, not more then brood mares to the community. I loved the duel, but I loved Dracos visit at the Dursleys more. Interesting piece with Petunia. I think you got Ginnys thoughts and feelings absolutely right. I must say one thing about the books, I always thought, a girl with SIX brothers cant be so shy and withdrawn. Especially with twin brothers like Fred and George.
wormhannah chapter 2 . 9/7/2006
I am finally able to review. Yeah! Loved the alpha fight and all. Crap! The bell just rang so I will have to cut this short. Update soon.
truffletruffle01 chapter 2 . 9/6/2006
o0o. Clay art. Nice.
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