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RejectedTrendoids chapter 2 . 9/6/2006
ah...Tres Cool. Tres Cool. ...that's French. Update soon!
LunaCatt chapter 2 . 9/6/2006
Good chapter! The part about Ginny's sculpture was really neat, a good way to explain her personality a bit more. I also liked the fact that Petunia does care somewhat for Harry... it makes her seem much more real.
PiperPaigePhoebe01 chapter 2 . 9/6/2006
Well, the site has stopped being so messed up, so now I can review your story! Yay!

Yes! They're having a shared dream. It's too bad they can't call Sirius. It's too bad. He deserves to have one night of peace, after all. Away from stinky purebloods.

*laughs* Ah, Harry and Draco messing around. The best of the best, ain't it? At first when I read this part, it reminded me a bit of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Voldemort. Odd, isn't it?

Oh, poor Luna. I feel really bad for her. The Seeing. Oh, and before I forget, it was not very smart to put the last paragraph in your author's note, missy. Draco and Luna's talk...Luna said that she was going to talk to the person who goes over to the dark side (if I remember it correctly) the day after (or something like that).

Uh-oh. CapsLock!Harry. Wait. I actually like CapsLock!Harry, for some odd reason.

Oh...a fight between the two alphas. *starts a chant* FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

*sighs* Harry, you are very, very stupid! Hermione started out being alpha because she was the first person of in the Pride (I think) and then she proved herself worthy, didn't she?

And...the first round goes to Hermione! GO NEENIE! By the way, how did you think of that nickname anyway? Just just occured to me.

And...the second round goes to Harry! YAY! GO HARRY! And, as Harry just said, "Whose side am I on?"

And...the third, and final, round goes to HERMIONE! WH00T! GO HERMIONE! She deserves her spot as an alpha.

I'm glad you did this duel, so we know that they actually have to work on their positions as alphas. They're not just "placeholders."

*reaches in the screen and strangles Harry* Harry, you are so stupid! Cho would NOT be good as an alpha! NO NO NO NO NO! Ginny, on the other hand...

Okay. There's something more to Sirius going to live with the purebloods. There has to be. Why would the purebloods willingly take Sirius back? He IS a traitor.



SHE JUMPED HIM! I can't believe it! Elladora jumped him! That's it. She's going down. *jumps through the screen and strangles Elladora*

*giggles* That picture of Snow Fox pointing a paw at himself was pretty darn funny! I so wish I could have been there...And when Harry dumped Snow Fox in the faucet and turned it on cold water...that was classic.

I don't think that blood-bonding with Remus would be a very good idea. I mean, in a way it would be, but in a way it wouldn't. I think that the cons outweigh the pros, but I could be wrong. Whatever you do, it'll be suspenseful and interesting etiher way.

*gasps loudly* NO WAY! Pe - Petunia is actually human! It's - it's a miracle! I never would have thunk it.

Aw, I like Ginny's clay making. I really liked her self-analysis. I think it fits her, to go over her life when nobody's around and wonder about what'll happen. I'm glad that it's her. I wonder if it'll be important in the future.

So, to end this horrendously long review, I would say "Update soon" but I'm going to say "Take your time and make Chapter Three the best it can be. Don't rush."
Alannacrow chapter 2 . 9/6/2006
I'm not sure if my other review went through or not. So again. I really don't like the way Hermiones character is developing. She's book smart and good with staffs. Thats great, but the alpha fight, i think was a bit much. She's suppose to balance Harry. I don't think it very credible her beating him. Specially in front of the pride and pack. They are both pwerful yes. But somehow, that bothers me a bit. The rest was wonderful as usual. I wonder what Letha will do when she finds out girls are literally throwing themselves AND kissing her husband! I'd hate to them.
fire and napalm chapter 2 . 9/6/2006
Well, school and life make things difficult, so this will be short.

I love having such a nice story to come back to for relief from the world. I hope everything continues going as well, or better than it has before, and thank you again for posting this for us to enjoy. I only hope I can ever do as well as you have in keeping up with everything.

Fire and Napalm
Mandy chapter 2 . 9/6/2006
Great chapter. I'm glad Letha and Harry had that talk. Nice to see Petunia is human after all.

I'm gonna go now 'cause I'm in school and not really supposed to be playing on the 'Net. Thanks for keeping me from getting bored stiff :-) Looking forward to next chapter.
lolamadrid chapter 2 . 9/6/2006
i've finally been able to read the update and i really, really liked it. this story already feels very different from the rest, more mature, mysterious, scary and definitely dreamlike. i like it.

i feel like there was a lot of foreshadowing here...or at least little hints at what's to come, but maybe i'm wrong.

i'm really concerned about Harry's bonding with someone. i know there would be some benefits to that, but lupus? doesn't sound like a very good trade. big decision for sure.

i LOVE Ginny sculpting. What was that song she was singing? She is definitely growing into her own and this was a wonderful scene to show it off.

The Hermione/Harry..alpha fight was interesting. They both voiced some things i had been thinking. Hermione certainly proved herself a fighter. She's quick and smart. I feel like i'll definitely have to see Ginny in action before i can really believe she could replace Hermione, but i do want Ginny to be the alpha female. she has to be... hm, now im a little confused. im sure you have something wonderful planned.

What is Sirius doing? it feels a kind of pointless, but i'm sure we're not seeing everything...

do we get harry home next chapter? soon?
Jam-jackson chapter 2 . 9/5/2006
Great chapter! I can't wait to hear the talk between Draco and Luna, I'm really worried about her.

Oh, and I always knew that Petunia was human.
futurePOTUS chapter 2 . 9/5/2006
aww, its her. thats so sweet. LOVE THIS CHAPPIE! PLEASE UPDATE!
Hebi R chapter 2 . 9/5/2006
I personaly agree with Letha, and would like to add an additional concern. Since Harry is also a wolf animagus, he would not be able to attack with teeth unless he was planning on killing, or else everyone would find out, and Danger would probably be revealed as well.
Flamata chapter 2 . 9/5/2006
M, another lovely chapter. You had me cringing at the fight between Harry and Hermione.

Yay, Draco and Luna finished their transformation finally? Who are we waiting for now?

btw, I didn't catch the rude word. What was it?
TheFox101 chapter 2 . 9/5/2006
I almost had a heart attack when I saw this was up. And then I almost had a heart attack when wouldn't let me read it...

Anywho! Keeping up with my mission to review every chapter of Facing Danger:

Aww, Sirius doesn't get to come to dream den-night. That stinks.

Ha! Harry and Draco horsing around is always so much fun.

Heh, Danger's like my mom sometimes. In matters of sweet revenge, as long as it's worthy, she is both blind and deaf to the actions.

I could totally see everyone answering him at once.

Oh boy, CapsLock!Harry is sprouting his ugly head a little. I can sort of understand why Harry is upset, but not why he's THAT upset.

:gasp!: Oh no he didn't. He did not just insult Hermione like that. :southern accent: Boy don't make me bring out my whoopin' stick!

Phew. For a second there I thought she was going to hurl the dagger at him or something.

Duel! Duel! Duel!

:ding ding ding: Round one goes to the Neenienator!

:ding ding ding: Round two goes to the Wolfinator!

:loud thunderous applause: Harry is knocked, shocked, and dropped! Good!

I hate to say it, but Harry needed that. I felt like reaching in and slapping him for his "high and mighty" attitude. Except for isolated incidents he's a good alpha though.

:actually reaches in and smacks him: Cho would do horrible as an Alpha. Get the thought out of your mind. However a certain fiery redhead seems like a good candidate...

And back to Sirius...

:sits in shock for five full minutes: Elladora just...Elladora just JUMPED HIM! Thats...I liked her but now I think she's psychotic. Just...just psychotic.

:falls off bed laughing: Just the image of Snow Fox pointing a paw at himself is one of the funniest things ever.

Heh, I love Letha.

Aww, Remus really wants to make Harry his son. And what exactly ARE the reasons why Dumbledore won't blood-bond with Harry?

Yay, now I understand the blood-bond thing. Well, at least better than I did before.

Aunt Petunia and Harry confrontation at last.

Petunia...Petunia is actually a decent person? Who'da thunk it?

Ginny and clay. Oh the possibilites. Great now I'm going to be attacked by Ginny throwing clay at the twins until I write it down into some kind of story...

I love her self-analysis for some reason. And the way she projected it into the clay.

Draco and Luna's talk? Am I missing something?

:sticks sticky note on forehead: Memo to self. Go into the group at least once a day. Obviously I'm behind on something.

Another extremely long review for your viewing pleasure (or possibly just to bug you).


Emuerz chapter 2 . 9/5/2006
Hm... elaboration on the Remus Harry bond; that was very intriguing. You seriously must have the most complex imagination to come up with all these ideas... They're fascinating. All the details, about everything.

That Ginny thing was cool. though I noticed in the description that Harry was never all.

"Music, stories, acting, cooking, hunting, Quidditch, and now sculpting. Charms and Care of Magical Creatures. Mum and Dad, and all my crazy brothers from Bill to Ron... Neville, Meghan, Luna, Hermione, Draco..."

There's no Harry there. The rest of the Pride is mentioned. Maybe it's just a mistake... but maybe she wouldn't be thinking about him with them because their relationship is much deeper...t han either knows. Ah ha. Maybe I'm over-thinkin.
Eirwen chapter 2 . 9/5/2006
Finally able to read this... Yay! Evil decided to be mean to me and wouldn't let me get in, so here I am! Hopefully it wouldn't take all of my lunch period, or I'll have to wait through US history class and chem. lab. Oh the horror...

OK, back on topic. It's so nice to see light heartedness again, I guess I'll have to savor them while I can. What Draco did was mean, but boys will be boys.

Ah, I'm worried about Luna too. It's curious that Hermione has such a strong reaction to it, maybe she saw or heard something on the Hogwarts Express? That would explain why she was crying.

Oh, no, that's not good. I could see Harry's point though, I might do the same if I'm in his situation. But it's not Hermione's fault that it has to be this shouldn't have said "why shouldn't it be" though, it just added more oil to Harry's fire.

What was that? it seems like Harry had forgotten everything. This is not good, not good at all...


The bell rang just then, so I have to pause right there and wait until right now.

WHAT? Harry lost? Does that mean Hermione is the alpha now? Well, she was alpha before this, but does that mean Ron got to be alpha when Hermione and Ron got together, and Harry can only be alpha until he get together with Ginny? This is not right, not at all! Oh, nevermind, I spoke too fast. It's infuriationg to see Harry still thinking about Cho though, she's not even pride! By the way, this episode remind me of what you said about the "time to change", as you put it, Anne, is it going to be remotely like this? If it's like this, is it safe to assume that there will be another fight between Hermione and Harry to settle who get to keep alpha title? I feel like there would be, but I couldn't be sure.

Oh gosh, I knew this would happen! Women, can't live with them or without them...(don't know if it's relevent or not, it just came to me) I thought Ravenclaws are supposed to be the smart ones, yet here she is, misinterpreting signs and making a fool of herself.

I'm not really sure about the blood bone between Remus and Harry idea. On one hand, it helps Harry fight off Voldemort, but at the same time it would make Harry sick. And I don't think I want to see Harry with lupus, from what I heard about it from my friend with lupus.

Ah, so she found out. Her reaction is acutually milder than I imagined, but that's good. Not that it's a complete surprise or anything, Petunia has have some positive feelings toward Lily, somewhere deep down.

The Ginny part is so cute! I wonder if it'll be important somehow...
batty chapter 1 . 9/5/2006
you updated! i love u! usually i dont review cuz im really bad at feedback, and i havent even read it yet(im really hyper today). but this review goes for all past and future chapters/stories. you are an amazing writer!
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