Reviews for A new trooper
littlelunaeve chapter 14 . 1/26/2007
::please ingor my last post::

sweet an update

i do like this story being one of the few Carl based ones

i do think you could clean it up a bit

but all in all good
littlelunaeve chapter 13 . 1/26/2007
transfer from the old fourm hu?

all and all nice i do love the fact that this is one of the few carl based fics

so is this all for you or could we postible see more stories?
Silverblacktears chapter 13 . 2/23/2003
Ok I know everyone does it but . YOU HAVE A SKINNIE USE HIM AS YOU SHOULD! T'Phai is an asset in my eyes and his skills get so glossed over!

*Wraithy looks shocked, well as shocked a Ringwraith can!*

I mean he's smart fellow, he was a good damn colonel!

Good story
RetardGirl1 chapter 1 . 5/18/2002
Why do you review your own stories about 15 times?
Kurayami Kifuji chapter 8 . 5/14/2002
You're fanifcs are wwwaaayyyy CONFUSING! You use EXCLAMATION marks in unecessary sentences.

For Example...

He whispered," Rest well, Brandy!"

[Don't you mean "Rest well, Brandy."?]

You missy have to get your english right.

~*Princess Saturn de Dosei*~
Vandesdelca chapter 13 . 9/15/2001
Is it over? Aw man!
Vandesdelca chapter 12 . 8/10/2001
Ooo! Its over. WAHHH!
Sonar chapter 12 . 7/26/2001
not bad but seemed sappy.
Sonar chapter 9 . 7/10/2001
May have it be a Carl/Brandy pairing
Sonar chapter 6 . 6/16/2001
It's suppose to be down not done.
Sonar chapter 4 . 6/14/2001
Higgins: You like him don't ya author?"

Author: It's Sonar! Yes, you and Carl are my favorite characters

Higgins said," Really?"

Carl said," Hey brandy!"
Sonar chapter 2 . 6/10/2001
Dizzy2 chapter 1 . 6/9/2001
very nice
Sonar chapter 1 . 6/9/2001