Reviews for Lifetime Worth of Memories
pangaeus chapter 12 . 4/19/2014
It was sappy, but sweet.
SciFiSiren2 chapter 12 . 4/26/2012
Excelllent! This was a great collection of memories from their life together and I loved each installment! I laughed out loud when Kali brought the boy she would later marry home for the first time and Deanna said to Will through their bond, "Be kind Will, I can feel his fear from here." LOL! This was like being right there with Will and Deanna through it all, thank you for the beautiful journey! :) This is one for my favorites!
rikey chapter 11 . 2/20/2010
this chapeter made me cry!
dispatcher652 chapter 12 . 8/31/2008
Wow! What a great story. This is how Deanna and will should have ended up before nemesis.I hope you write more about them.
k chapter 12 . 2/12/2007
wow that story was great!