Reviews for Legendary
Tropicallight chapter 1 . 4/24/2016
This was kind of bittersweet XD
sonryz chapter 1 . 1/23/2008
Short, but meaningful. The last line is what captures it, and pulls it all together (and wraps it up in sorrow~)

Nicely put.

kirayasha aka kira chapter 1 . 12/17/2007
Awe... Poor Sessh... Cute & sad, what an interesting combuination. I liek it very much!
GLeaf chapter 1 . 11/9/2006
kind of angsty...But I always did think Inu no Taisho was a bit mean to give Inuyasha such a cool sword and sesshomaru a dumb one.
Umineko-san chapter 1 . 10/3/2006
Inutaisho exists but he doesnt exist and sesshy can smell him therefore he exists but in reality he doesnt exist? *author scratches head* I hate feeling stupid but i like this chappie. I probably didnt read it properly but i promise i will. I actually smirked when i read that sesshy fluff butt fell off his futon. So funny. aah. - Yes i am weird today, not everyday though... (crowd of people raise eyebrows at author) FINE I AM A FREAK. HAPPY!

Nice chappie though. hehe.
issues09 chapter 1 . 9/17/2006
Very Good
dimonyo-anghel chapter 1 . 9/8/2006
Poor Sesshy! Stupid Inu no Taisho!
TurquoisePanda chapter 1 . 9/2/2006
aw! sad! that's just too sad! TT
AcrylicDisaster chapter 1 . 9/1/2006
Poor, poor Lord Sesshomaru
Anime WarriorSkye chapter 1 . 8/29/2006
Hey, sorry my reviewing was delayed. I'm gonna review your other stuff now.
Midnight Promise chapter 1 . 8/26/2006

Long time no see. *_*

I enjoyed reading this fic, few mistakes, a little OOC (but who really cares?), and I hope there is more! (Hint, hint, HINT!)


Never Surrender chapter 1 . 8/25/2006

(stands up and claps)
Princess of the Queens chapter 1 . 8/25/2006
omg! that was soo sad!
Darth Squishy chapter 1 . 8/25/2006
slightly confusing, but sweet on the whole. i like!
InuGoddess715 chapter 1 . 8/24/2006
Another nice one-shot. I'm sure some of Sessh's actions do stem from his damaged relatioship with his father. Yet another good illustration.