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erica.phoenix16 chapter 5 . 1/22
Please update soon.
Foxsky Harem Emperor 2015 chapter 15 . 12/30/2016

A/N: Yahoo! 84 reviews... it's surpassed Quest of Kings! Any ways last chapter of the Kuro Arc...
Chapter 15: Kaya's Thank You…
The crew were eating lunch in the restaurant after resting up from their fight… correction, Luffy was resting up from his fight, Naruto thanks to the fact that he has healing powers from the Kyubi (why he never healed the scars on his cheeks was beyond him) and the fact that most everyone else… did nothing… did help a bit right before the others showed up but other than the others did nothing…
"So… what do you think of… my guest?" asked Naruto.
The other members thought for a moment.
"Well I was expecting something… a little more evil…" said Sasuke.
The others except for Luffy nodded in agreement.
"If he's so evil then why did he fight Kuro?" asked Inner Sakura.
"And you were right… he is a pervert…" said Nami.
"Well he has mellowed out over the years… he was a lot worse when I was a kid…" said Naruto.
"Says you!" yelled Kyubi.
Naruto sighed… as Luffy swallowed the meat he was eating, "Why did he say all those things about me?" he asked.
"Because he's an idiot and I don't like idiots…" said Kyubi.
"I'm pretty sure his rant explained it all…" said Naruto, "And he also said you were a good person…"
"I guess your right…" said Luffy.
"Oh there you are…" said a voice.
The voice belonged to Kaya.
"Miss Kaya… what are you doing out of bed?" asked Sakura.
"Well… I'm feeling a lot better… my sickness was caused by the shock of my parents death and thanks to Usopp I'm a lot better… is it true that your still looking for a boat?" asked Kaya.
"Yeah…" said Luffy.
Meanwhile else where in town Usopp had called a meeting for his pirate crew.
"I have an announcement to make…" said Usopp.
"Your finally going to ask out Kaya…" asked all 4 boys.
"For the last time I don't like her like that!" said Usopp.
"Riiiight…" said Pepper.
"Now as I was saying…" said Usopp, "I have decided to go to sea alone..."
"Why?" asked Konohamaru.
"I want to fallow my dream of being a real pirate…" said Usopp, "4 years ago we formed our pirate brotherhood… and since all of us had such great adventures… but now it time for me to have real adventures… those 6 inspired me to fallow my dream…"
The wind blew almost dramatically. All 5 of them began to cry…
"Now what are your dreams?" said Usopp.
"I want to be to be novelist…" said Onion.
"I want to be tavern owner…" said Carrot.
"I want to be a carpenter…" said Pepper.
"I want to be a Kage… like my grandfather…" said Konohamaru.
"All of them are good dreams… keep them alive" said Usopp, "Now I declare the Usopp pirates disband…"
Usopp quickly headed for his house and began to pack, then he noticed Kiba was packing.
"Hey who said you were coming?" asked Usopp.
"I have to… because 1. You might meet dad, 2. You're the only family I have here and 3. If don't come I'm sure you'll come running back… I mean you are a scaredy cat…" said Kiba.
Usopp sighed with a sweat drop.
"Are you going say goodbye to Kaya soon?" asked Kiba.
"I might…" said Usopp.
"With a kiss…" said Kiba.
"Don't push your luck…" said Usopp.
And so both of them packed… when they were done Kiba and Akamaru stared at Usopp's backpack…
"Don't you think you over packed?" asked Kiba.
"No why?" responded Usopp.
Usopp had packed everything in that house that Kiba didn't find necessary to pack himself and Akamaru… the back pack he had on was the size of boulder… it was doubtful tat it would get it outside the house…
"200 Berries say you'll get stuck in the doorway." said Kiba.
"You're on!" said Usopp leaving the house… sadly he now owed his younger brother 200 Berries…
"Need help?" asked Kiba.
"That would be appreciated…" said Usopp on the other side of the door.
Kiba used his Man Beast Clone on Akamaru and both began to push the huge back… they managed to get it though at the cost of breaking the doorway, but… the backpack began to roll down the hill…
"Oh man…" said Kiba, as he and Akamaru fallowed his brother…
Meanwhile at the slope… Kaya and her butler Merry were showing the crew something
"You're really giving this to us!" said Luffy and Naruto.
A ship was docked there… it small when compared to most ships, but it was just enough, the figurehead was ram and it was caravel.
"I designed it myself… this is the Going Merry…" said Merry… who kind of looked like a ram himself.
"I can see where the design for the figure head came from…" said Kyubi snickering a bit.
"The way to steer this…" said Merry to Luffy.
"Um… maybe you should tell me…" said Nami with a sweat drop.
"I also stocked it with supplies…" said Kaya.
"Wow Kaya you added insult to injury…" said Luffy.
"Try "adding icing to cake"…" said Sasuke.
"That too…" said Luffy.
Just then, Usopp still attached to his backpack came tumbling in.
"Usopp…" said Kaya.
"Right before he could crash into the Going Merry, Luffy and Zoro managed to stop him by kicking him in the face… they did mean to kick him in face… it just ended up that way.
"Fanks…" said Usopp because their feet were in his face.
"Hey!" came Kiba's voice fallowed by Akamaru once again a dog, then saw Luffy and Zoro managed to stop Usopp.
After moving all that needed to moved onto the Going Merry, Kaya and Usopp and said their goodbyes.
"So you're really going…" said Kaya.
"Yes… I'm going to fallow in the foot steps of my father… and become a pirate…" said Usopp.
"Oh…" said Kaya who seemed a little sad.
"But I promise I will return… and when I do I will many more stories but this time for real!" said Usopp.
Kaya gave a smile.
"Unless he somehow warps them into a strange lie…" said Kiba.
Usopp sweat drop… why would he need to warp his stories into strange lies.
"Oh yea bro… are you going to kiss her good bye…" said Kiba.
"Hey I said don't like her in that way!" yelled Usopp.
"Yeah right you're in denial…" said Kiba.
Kaya blushed slightly… he also giggled for a bit.
"I will miss both of you…" said Kaya.
Akamaru barked, "I'll miss you too Akamaru…" said Kaya.
Usopp turned to the crew who hadn't left yet. "You know… Luffy… maybe we'll cross paths one day…"
"What do you mean?" asked Luffy.
"You guys are coming with us, right?" asked Naruto.
Usopp didn't know how to react, he jumped happily while Kiba smiled…
"Just call me captain!" yelled Usopp.
"Hey I'm the captain!" yelled Luffy.
Kiba could help but to anime fall… "You'll never change…"he said.
And so they sailed away now with a ship and two crew members (three if you count Akamaru)… heading towards adventure and hopefully the Grand Line… but they needed one more thing first…
Next Time: After choosing a name for their crew (along with a cool nickname for Naruto), and an awkward reunion with Jonny and Yosaku, old bounty hunting buddies of Sasuke and Zoro they realize something... no one in the crew... knows how to cook very well... but with help from the bounty hunting duo they are sent on the right path...
A/N: Time for the speculation to get serious... time to speculate who the last joining member (other than Hinata will be)... will the person joining with Sanji will be Shikamaru, Ino, Choji or Shino? Also who will be the Kage who will appear... begin your speculation now!

gamelover41592 chapter 324 . 12/19/2016
awesome work on this fic update soon
Doodling Shadows chapter 1 . 10/30/2016
Honestly, the concept of there being a 'demon devil fruit' or a Biju Biju fruit is very interesting, however the way you went about it feels very awkward. Having both Bijuus and Biju fruits exist is too much at once. If Naruto were instead a normal boy who maybe, per say, was the only survivor of a small village, and people feared him because of that, instead of having the Kyuubi in him with a very awkward slapstick, copied from the series, backstory. I am all for having all the characters like Jiraiya and Zabuza appear, but give them their own personal back stories and reasons for being pirates/bandits/marines instead of forcing the Shinobi nations into the One Piece lore like you did. Having Naruto be a lonely survivor who gathered a companion in the form on the Kyuubi when he ate the fruit would have more impact than the naruto as we know him just being slapped into an existing story with little to no thought. Also, placing him in Fuuchia and being Luffy's brother just adds to the awkwardness, especially when you hardly explain how they met or why they consider themselves brothers. This review is in no way a flame, and I hope you do not take it that way. This story has a lot of potential, but it definitely needs a lot more fleshing out and world building than just a hashmash of Naruto character pieces being roughly forced into One Piece Lore. Happy Writing!Doodling Shadows
Sl4p chapter 6 . 10/10/2016
Plot-wise not bad, but the chapters so far could really use a rewrite.
Foxsky Harem Emperor 2015 chapter 89 . 9/27/2016
thank Guy for the nightmare
Hexabyss chapter 2 . 9/12/2016
OH MY GOD! Dwarf Planet BAHAHAHAHA! That's the best thing I've heard all day! I'm gonna refer to her as that whenever I see her pre-devil fruit state!
fenixrojo36 chapter 324 . 9/6/2016
Excelente capítulo
AshK1980 chapter 324 . 8/30/2016
Great work!
erica.phoenix16 chapter 324 . 8/25/2016
Thanks for updating. :)
Leaf Ranger chapter 324 . 8/25/2016
Lol, that ad there at the end. Very awesome and well done. *nods* Nice one.

As for the chapter, Awww yeah, Star hat crew busting in BA style. Nice. Hopefully Nami's okay. *nods*

keep up the awesome work!
StrongGuy159 chapter 324 . 8/25/2016
Awesome chapter continue please.
AshK1980 chapter 323 . 8/14/2016
Excellent work on this update! My prayers are with you and your Mom. Keep up the great work! Sorry to hear about your dad, but he's not hurting anymore. Keep that in mind. I lost my Aunt Cindy in January to Lung Cancer. I miss her dearly.
37320 chapter 9 . 8/14/2016
I can't wait to see the seven year jump skip
erica.phoenix16 chapter 323 . 8/10/2016
Thanks for updating. :)
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