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Milla Mathis-Maxwell chapter 325 . 9/22
Continue pls?!
airnaruto45 chapter 27 . 9/20
might want to change Ino's fruit from Soul Soul to Mind Mind
Cure Leo AKA AshK1980 chapter 325 . 9/4
Excellent update as always!
Milla Mathis-Maxwell chapter 325 . 8/30
Keep going with this pls?! I love both of the anime that ur using! I look forward to seeing more?!
Splawheel chapter 2 . 8/21
I really like the premise, but am having to stop reading. The spelling errors and grammar mistakes are so bad and so frequent that I find your story unreadable. If you ever get a beta to edit this I'll give it another shot.
xdrake24 chapter 281 . 8/4
Its been a while hasn't it? Its good to move on from Water 7, even though I was looking forward to Ace and Blackbeard fight...but I am glad to be at Thriller Bark! I've been waiting to see Brook for ages, and the Thriller Bark antics really are paying off! I forget who Fu is in Naruto, but this does seem interesting!
Nihatclodra chapter 2 . 7/18
... surprisingly I'm already bored of this... I just don't like how you merged the 2 universes...
Guest chapter 40 . 7/17
I feel like the gentle fist should consist of chi/Haki blocking not jut internal damage.
Flowerbelle chapter 31 . 7/17
Maybe you could pin Sakura's strength on uncontrolled Haki.
Flowerbelle chapter 29 . 7/17
Your fic is amazing. But you are constantly misspelling or using the wrong words. I now you don't want a beta reader but you really need one. You said you don't want one because your writing everyday. But the fact of the matter is your not posting everyday, so getting a beta reader should be fine. The other reason you didn't want a beta reader was because you didn't like the idea of the people reading your work, but I am and so are many others anyways. Your fic is great so at the very least I suggest going through all of you old chapters and making sure everything is spelled correctly and don't have any typos. I personally suggest you use grammarly because it also helps you with commas and is smarter than you average spell check. Also maybe you should change chi to Haki. Like a 4th type of Haki which is found more frequently than conquerors, but not everyone has. Clone or maybe Kage or even Mimicors/Mimicing Haki could give you the ability to create clones. Remember these are only suggestions and I am not trying to over step my bounds. Your fanfic is truly funny and wonderful.
Ombraura chapter 116 . 7/17
Yosh the battle is over and I agree it would have been quite useless to show luffy's fights unless there was an other character with him to make it a little bit different :) !

But come on even if Neji is not feeling weak like Tashigi, after all he's supposed to be Naruto's Smoker (while being different of course), he could had a nicer reason to spare Straw hats than his pride . Well maybe Naruto and Neji really can't stand each other in the end... well we'll see. At least he has some honor unlike Akainu or any other cruel or corrupt navy :p.
Ombraura chapter 103 . 7/17
Hey it's me again ! So it's just to say I'm relieved that you have an explanation for Zoro's victory against Kimimaro and not be able to cut Mr.1 as easily. However I thought it would have been better if you gave, for an instant, Zoro "the power to cut steel" without him being aware of how he did it but anyway it's just how I thought it would happened. See you next time !
Ombraura chapter 89 . 7/16
Okay it's me again but I just wanted to say it's too bad that the moment with Smoker being saved by Strawhats was kind of wasted by this random Sakura rant (seriously okay they're in hurry but kt came out of nowhere '). At least Smoker had still his lines and maybe it's the same with Nejj (even if I wonder if he still has animosity at least towards Strawhats).

Anyway I look forward the last part !
Ombraura chapter 85 . 7/16
Noooo... Why once again there is a characters saying thing about vilain's speech T_T... Oh well like I said (I think) if you hate being too serious I understand but there's enough normal jokes and funny moments '...

Honnestly even if it's a fanfiction reading this story it's like seeing comments under OP video you know ? Like pointed out the unrealistic things (well it's fine if it's for joke) and plot tools (By against even as a joke it kind of annoyed me).

Now other than that it was cool though since the last review ! I liked the Chidori Scroll arc and as always I liked the way Naruto characters are adapted :). By against even if maybe it will be explained later making the 5 of the Sound having natural powers is wierd. Does that mean Orochimaru can creates powers by making experiments on body in the same way /SPOILER ALERT (just in case you haven't seen Punk Hazard yet) / Ceasar creates Devil Fruits /END OF SPOILER ALERT/ ? Or maybe you'll invent sth like the mushroom of Jango ? Well I'll see because honnestly like I just said it was wierd that they didn't get their power by Clones or Fruit Devil. By the way it was clearly not your fault it should have been hard to invent a Devil Fruit for Shika -.

Anyway I'll read the next chapter later because it's going to be intense... Well I hope because I don't think you'll stop with the joked and all "...
Ombraura chapter 30 . 7/15
Hey I really like this crossover so far ! Personnally I'm not really a fan of stories that break the fourth wall too many times especially with universe like OP. So I don't really like some of Kyubi's comment especially about Johnny/Yosaku's type of character. It's still funny but I don't know... I think that break the mood you've set (I think anti-climatic is the right word but I'm french so I prefer to take no risks :p).

Also I found your Kiba irritating (towards Ussop I mean) because once again it's funny but once again sometimes it's too much (for me at least).

Other than that it's pretty cool because you're using the Naruto characters well and the Naruto powers/concept are well adapted too if you ask me :). For example I think you clearly understands the difference between Naruto and OP characters in the scene Naruto is shouting at Sanji when he says he would die to repay his debt to Zeff. Luffy is like that too but he's less talking and do more actions (which is not better or worse). Same thing with Sasuke which is not an other Zoro.

Not many crossover can do that and also, it's just my feeling when I read your fic, but you manage to keep Naruto characters being Naruto characters (same with OP but they're in their universe so it doesn't count :p) but they're not too much "strangers". I mean except if you know them you could maybe be fooled by thinking they're OP characters. Well maybe it's the humor or the "childish" comraship (because Naruto is kind of more serious than One Piece) and maybe it's unintentional but I like that because otherwise it would be wierd since it's not a story with characters coming out of an other universe but characters born in this universe.

Anyway sorry for this long comment. Overall I like this fic (just Kyubi being a very little problem sometimes) ! I look forward to read the next chapters.

PS: By the way I send you a mp because I wanted to make a french translation of this fic but I got stolen and I had others problem '... So when I get an other computer and that I feel less busy for a while I hope you still agree !
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