Reviews for The Biju Biju Fruit
Leaf Ranger chapter 380 . 5/13
So they arrived..but will it change things?" Or will things proceed as they do in canon (from what I've heard)? Guess we'll see.

Good work, keep it up.
Power of Magic chapter 380 . 5/12
That was quite a chapter, and I look forward to the next one. It'll be interesting who the scared marine Vice Admiral is (though I have a hunch) and lets hope that Naruto and Luffy don't piss off Whiteboard too much
Yugioash chapter 380 . 5/11
Garp really was a bad parent/guardian for Dragon Luffy and Ace to turn against World Government. I'm thinking Dragon only allowed Garp to look after Luffy because he knew Luffy be safer with his grandfather than with the revolutionary army, especially considering Garp took in Ace who was son of Gol D. Rogers, since as proven when Dragon took in Sabo, he could have gotten Luffy any time.
warhawk talons chapter 380 . 5/11
Nice chapter. Also is Neji not part of the war? I mean hes an apprentice of Smoker. Also are you going to reveal Minato as Naruto's father?
Gamelover41592 chapter 380 . 5/11
epic job on this chapter
StrongGuy159 chapter 380 . 5/11
Cool chapter continue please.
rocde chapter 379 . 5/8
While incredible to see your dedication to this work of fiction I think you absolutely should feel free to take a break to not keep writing this. You're not obligated to do so, and while I have fun reading it I believe the health and happiness of an author is more important than the work in any case.
Monster King chapter 380 . 5/7
Awesome work
erica.phoenix16 chapter 379 . 3/22
Thanks for updating. :)
Leaf Ranger chapter 379 . 3/16
Well the fight has begun, it looks to be going somewhat badly for the pirates. Guess we'll see what happens when Luffy's group arrives.
Monster King chapter 379 . 3/11
Power of Magic chapter 379 . 3/10
Looking forward to how things will go, when everyone from Impel Down arrive to help fight against the Marines (and it'll be interesting how Naruto'll be able to help)
StrongGuy159 chapter 379 . 3/10
Cool chapter continue please.
Gamelover41592 chapter 379 . 3/10
excellent work on this chapter
KumaNoIkari chapter 378 . 3/10
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