Reviews for The Biju Biju Fruit
Radio Driver chapter 319 . 11/20
Good goin, Emma. Keep on keepin on.
archsage328 chapter 319 . 11/16
I remember that bit with Brook and the ants! That was awesome!
archsage328 chapter 318 . 11/16
And thus Strong World begins! Must admit that if I had to choose a Devil Fruit, it would either be Shiki's or Robin's.
AshK1980 chapter 319 . 11/12
Great work on this terrific update. Looking forward to more great updates from you!
DarkDragonWolf117 chapter 319 . 11/11
Cant wait for more chapters
Leaf Ranger chapter 319 . 11/11
So on a freaky island, stuck in different groups. Interesting. very interesting. And poor Brook. x.x

And next time, Nami escapes. Let's hope she's successful.

Keep up the good work!
erica.phoenix16 chapter 319 . 11/10
Thanks for updating. :)
StrongGuy159 chapter 319 . 11/10
Cool chapter continue please.
Sir Thames chapter 318 . 11/6
Nice writing, love. Carry on.
nawara.abasee chapter 318 . 11/5
That's was so Cooooool :D
ZZASD chapter 318 . 11/4
Your story is not very original. It is one of the most generic of this crossover. A generic crossover is where one character replaces the other or he tags along from the beginning. How would he become a kage by going to sea. The leader would not abandon his entire village just because his "brother" wants to be pirate king. You made him a freaking reflection on luffy.
AshK1980 chapter 318 . 11/2
Excellent update as always! Keep up the terrific work with this terrific story!
AshK1980 chapter 317 . 11/2
Excellent update as always! Keep up the great work!
megabassEXE chapter 318 . 11/1
Hey that is a good movie that u picked and I gotta say not bad. But I have just one question. Is naruto going to help luffy fight shiki or does he have his own opponent to fight. I was just a little curious.
erica.phoenix16 chapter 318 . 10/30
Thanks for updating. :)
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