Reviews for I Will Remember You
space case x827x chapter 1 . 10/3/2006
again, with the sad! loving the angst!

rock on!
heraldtaliar chapter 1 . 8/30/2006
Such heartbreaking angst! I love it! And I love that you did Jack right. I hate it when authors try to make him all noble when really, he's kind of a selfish jerk. I mean, he sent Will to "settle his debt" after all on DMC. Don't get me wrong-I love Jack-how can you not?-but that doesn't make him a particularly good person. Will really is one of the only truly honorable people in the whole POTC universe who does thing for others rather than himself. I like seeing Jack and Will slashed even though I know Will deserves better. (At least Jack is honest about being a scoundrel, unlike that skank Elizabeth who I liked in the first movie but not in the 2nd.) This may not have been one of the happier slash stories I've read of them, but it is certainly the most honest.

Anyway, sorry for rambling. This story is so good. I know it's a one shot, but I'm putting this on my story alert list just in case... _