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Scripturient16 chapter 3 . 12/2
That was positively priceless! Brilliant! I've almost never, I think, seen ooc-ness with the characters so in character... Like, wow! And Ik I'm reading this in 2017.. (u know Harry potter's never getting old) and u probably aren't going to see this, but u really made my day.. loved it
flames and roses chapter 3 . 11/2
Amazing story! I haven't much liked Minerva-centred stories before, but I think I now like humor-related ones. This was actually incredible. Poor Minerva, though, so much in one day. At least she enjoyed it!

Anyway, happy writing! I'll be sure to check out more of your work.
—flames and roses
AncientOak chapter 3 . 10/22
This is absolutely hilarious. Brilliant.
Azzurrolunali chapter 3 . 10/13
Look this is just brilliant and that is all I can say, I really totally LOVE Minerva and the other teachers are done so well that I’m wondering if by chance you might be JKR writing in Pseudonym?
finx chapter 3 . 10/7
I'm pretty sure this is the best hp fic in existence. I am speechless with delight.
ErRose chapter 3 . 10/7
Aw, now I am intensely curious as to the entirety of Driscoll's day...

Thank for this marvelous fic.
Guest chapter 2 . 10/7
I love this, I love this so much, when she started speculating about whether Death Eaters were available for rent I laughed so hard I had to take a few minutes to get my breath back. I love Minerva so much, you've written her into such a badass but such a ibelievable/i badass, you've given her so much depth and so much life, god this story is so great.
finx chapter 1 . 10/6
This is the most delightful hp fic I have ever seen! I have cackled aloud multiple times. The scene with Hermione is ifabulous,/i and the one with Lee in the Hospital Ward was hilarious. Peeves, too, almost saluting her! And the way the whole staff are united in their hatred of Umbridge – that staff meeting was such a fun scene to read.

The way she and Snape talk about the Slytherin students and their bullying is pretty interesting, too. They're both altogether too willing to just let it all continue. Sure, she wants to "keep an eye on" Daphne, but if years of bullying and alienation from everyone in her age group isn't enough to warrant stepping in, what good will that eye do Daphne, really? Similarly, Minerva's willingness to threaten Malfoy with a fate worse than the ferret incident, as well as how quickly she used magic on him that both affected his body and humiliated him in front of his friends, speaks to an attitude toward the magic version of corporeal punishment that's frankly kind of worrying. (Not that I think the hair thing was really that bad, on the scale of things that happen to Hogwarts students while they're in class. Also the fact that girly hair is humiliating to him eliminates whatever little sympathy I might have had for him. The Inquisitorial Squad badge had already gotten rid of most of it anyway.) It's a really interesting aspect of how different Hogwarts is from our modern Muggle education system, bc I think that modern school administrators (and angry parents) wouldn't stand for that sort of thing.

But the best part about this fic, hands down, is Minerva's internal monologue. Every second thought she has makes me laugh out loud. Her reactions to Umbridge's very existence in her presence are hilarious. Her attitude towards students is fantastic, the way she cares about all of them and expects great things from them and mostly just wants them to behave themselves and learn something.
missgsmith51 chapter 3 . 10/4
I can't believe I haven't read your fanfic before ... unless I've just forgotten. That isn't meant to be insulting, btw; I've just read A LOT of fanfic since I retired, and sometimes I simply forget. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed "Random Tuesday." You have the marvelous ability to make this reader, at least, feel frustrated and a bit insane, right along with Minerva. (I spent 27 years as a teacher of adolescent children, not to mention dealing with administrators; perhaps that helped.)

I thank you for the laughter, as I'm certain my blood pressure dropped several points as I was reading your story. I'm very sorry to read that you will not be writing anymore fanfic, but I am eager to read your remaining stories.

I'm sorry to hear about that nasty case of "Real-Life-itis." It does seem to flare up at the most inopportune times, doesn't it? Best of luck in getting it under control.
KnightMysterio chapter 3 . 9/16
Ah, Umbridge schadenfreude. Plus, your Minerva is spot on. Well done~! A most enjoyable story.
HermyLovegood chapter 3 . 8/5
Sequel? GOF? That would involve the Triwizard Tournament which would be nice and chaotic. Heart emoji!
HermyLovegood chapter 2 . 8/4
I love it.
DrEaMLiN chapter 1 . 8/3
great fanfiction! love all the funny things! just one thing to note, harry is banned from qudditich during umbridge's regime so he shouldn't be at qudditich practice in the morning when ron and hermione faces off umbridge in the great hall at breakfast.
kore12345 chapter 3 . 7/21
This was most delightful. Terribly funny without it being forced or over the top, quite brilliant indeed. I had a lovely time reding this and I thank you.
Narnian Dreams chapter 3 . 7/2
wow! This is just so Wow! wonderful! It took me almost 4 hours to read, nonetheless I really enjoyed reading. Love it! 3
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