Reviews for Through The Looking Glass
missmeow1968 chapter 10 . 9/5/2016
thank you for a great story hope you write another one,
one day in the near future.
Hoganfan chapter 10 . 4/13/2013
Not bad at all. I am a little disappointed, though. It might have been interesting to see the Dukes of Hazzard on another planet. After all, Bo did say nobody could drive there.
Lazarus.357 chapter 10 . 2/4/2012
DURN! Well, I was really prepared for an ugly cross-over. Instead, I got a nicely written and thoughtful story that is extremely plausible, inside the constraints of this scenario.

Bravo! or, should I say, more appropriately, Sierra Hotel!
H Max Marius chapter 10 . 12/8/2011

I really wanted to see Bo take Jack... No! Better yet Teal'c for a 'Hazzard Spin' in the General!

OR... Maybourne could have shown up and been taken for a Spin in the General with Jack and Bo... down one of those roads where the narrator would make comments like "I thought dip meant down"...

hajimebassaidai chapter 9 . 1/30/2010
Things in Hazzard always were over complicated weren't they!
Tara Prustat chapter 10 . 10/30/2009
That was really well written. I don't know how many times I cried, very touching.
joseph chapter 10 . 7/11/2009
not bad...a sequel perhaps?
Wild320 chapter 10 . 2/17/2008
I loved this story. I was just looking for crossovers when i came upon it and thought interesting show to cross with. I love Dukes and SG-1. I couldn't stop reading it. Good Job!
FORD B chapter 10 . 12/19/2006
A very good story, but there should have been more of the General Lee in it. Maybe a sequal or something.
spacemonkey1129 chapter 10 . 10/15/2006
I loved it!I love stargate &DoH but never read a x-over of the two .It was well writen &the characters were also written like they were in BOTH shows.I LOVED the part where cooter went after Kinsey(the snake)that was too funny! You do relize that Jack &Cuttor together is like fire &gasoline ,the only trouble is which one is which LOL?
I'mcalledZorro chapter 10 . 9/26/2006
Great sotry, ended well. I knew ole' Roscoe was up to soemthing.
HazzardHusker chapter 10 . 9/26/2006
Great story vins! I wasn't a SG1 fan prior to this, but I'm considering converting:)

I really loved that scene with Rosco in this chapter. I also enjoyed how you had Cooter mature into his role as Senator. It's a scary thought, but maybe we'd get more done in Washington, if we had more Cooters:)

I'd say I'm looking forward to your next one, but you've already got three going. A fourth one possible?

Take care,
America50 chapter 10 . 9/26/2006
good chapter and great story! I really liked it.
Elenhin chapter 10 . 9/26/2006
Hey, do you mean to tell me this is over now, aw chucks, thats no fun...

I loved it, that was awsome, they sure did prove they knew how the place worked, especially with calling home. See, I told you that would work.

Gotta love knowing them so well, and the poor boy there thoughtthey had all gone crazy what with setting up Bo's old bed.

Ah, meditating in the room of many cnadles, well, that should work and I sure am happy that it allowed him to talk with Uncle Jesse again. Get some things cleared out. See Bo, yer a dang good little sprout and you did the best you could.

I really loved this, take care now, hugs, Elenhin
SamwiseAtHeart chapter 10 . 9/25/2006
Now that was really an amazing story. I laughed out loud with Rosco's joke of cuffing and stuffing, and I love how thy got the word out that Bo was alive. Pure Hazzard style... that's what it was. Pure style. That really was a special moment when Bo was meditating. I had no idea that you'd bring Uncle Jesse back into this and have him speak with Bo. I'm glad that Bo will be okay, and with a family like his, he will definitely be alright. I can imagine that soon the regular sort of Hazzardous adventures will begin once again for the Duke boys who are finally reunited.
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