Reviews for Camping Trip
FlareKnight chapter 3 . 7/29/2007
Surprised this one doesn't have more reviews already. Pretty nice story you've got going so far.

Something about Nana and Kouta is nice so reading this one has been good. They might as well get together since they are already giving off quite the impression :). Should be fun to see how they get closer out in the wilderness. Look forward to the next chapter.
Mesara chapter 3 . 7/18/2007
The story concept is great! Although you said you weren't, I like the NanaxKouta pairing. However, I'd like to point out another thing: how can they be at Lake Marian (in New Zealand) if they take a car from somewhere in Japan? Otherwise, everything is all good!

Jayme F. Midorikawa chapter 3 . 6/12/2007
This is awesome. I myself can't stand camping. I hope you'll update soon. But I thought you said you weren't going to pair Nana and Kouta. I'm sorry to disagree, but I don't see that ever happening. Other than that, this is so cool.
Kiyoshi Nobuyuki chapter 3 . 6/12/2007
wow intresting nanaxkouta hm i think she to young but eh a fanfic is that a fiction thing so go with it if you want im not complaining although i prefer lucyxkouta

great story none the less keep it up
Black Robed One chapter 3 . 6/9/2007
Wow, I can hardly believe you have updated at least, Chris-san! (To be honest, I have already kinda written your story off as “lost”, and my PM was a last desperate measure I didn’t really expect to work _; )

Needless to say, I liked the newest chapter of this story of yours very much, especially the Nana/Kouta scenes, which were very sweet indeed (and I guess, the pairing is already set in stone, ne?). I am just dying to read about how things will develop between them, especially considering that Kouta already has Yuka and Nyu out to get him!

I do, however, have one semi-critical critical comment about the brief “firewood” scene. In a few parts of Elfen Lied, it is indicated that Nana is able to manipulate her “new” arms and legs with a lot of strength (which makes sense, considering that she is manipulating them with her vectors, and thus – with the same degree of strength her vectors are capable of); for example, in Elfen Lied Special Nana accidentally breaks through the window simply by rubbing it too hard, and in episode 12, Nana effortlessly throws Kouta several meters away to get him out of Mariko’s reach. So, I doubt that Nana will have any trouble with carrying as much firewood as she can comfortably hold in her arms, let along get her arms yanked off by its weight.

Oh, and by the way (in case you still didn’t get to see the second part of Elfen Lied, or if you simply don’t remember the last episodes very well), as things stand by the end of the series, Kouta has a somewhat vague idea about Nana’s artificial limbs (he saw Nana reattach her leg at one point, but situation didn’t allow for much pondering on this subject) and what she is capable of vector-wise (having witnessed the final part of Nana’s fight with Mariko, and he also remembers some of the things Lucy has done). Yuka knows nothing about either (although it depends on how much Kouta has told her upon returning home, but I doubt that he has told her much).

However, if you set your story before Nana went to face Mariko on the bridge and all related events (including Nyu/Lucy’s uncertain fate in the end of the anime, though most fans seem to believe that she somehow survived), then Mayu is the only one in Kaede Sou (naturally, except for Nyu when she is in her “Lucy” personality) who is aware of Nana’s vectors and artificial limbs… Which, I believe, could potentially make for a cute and hilarious scene when/if they are finally discovered by Kouta and Yuka.

- Black Robed One

P.S. (sort of reply to your PM)

You are most welcome, Chris-san! And in return, thank you very much for updating this story of yours!

As about “quality”, keep in mind, that it is a somewhat relative measure, which depends on exactly what the reader is looking for. For me, your story features my absolutely favorite anime character – Nana, a never-seen-before yet believable pairing, and has many cute and funny scenes, which makes it a top quality story in my book. (You know, I don’t put stories on my favorites list without a reason _~ )

And congratulations on your trip to Hawaii, Chris-san! I will be looking forward to the next chapter of this story of yours, even if I have to wait for it!
the black kitty chapter 1 . 3/8/2007
hey the pink kitty here

love you're story with hole my heart...

this Is a little preview for the following episodes...

the come this little dyclonius nuber 35 with more then 20 arms and a reach of 11m and is send to kill nana and lucy.

a few big fights and stuff and we came to know that lucy killed kouta's father and sister and that they knew each other when they were kids but in the last episode kouta forgives here because she only endured life so she could say she's sorry...

number 35 almost kills lucy (lucy lost a horn her) but is afther destroyed by the exploces in her body when she finished her task (ooh jah number 35 is the actual daughter of that guy that calls nana his daughter; don't know his name)

then lucy kills the guy that wants to kill nana and she says to nana to go home and life the life she can't and goes of to kill herself

we see her standing on the bridge, a lot of shots and the ther horn off and thats all

and on the last kouta, yuka, nana,maya earing saumen and the bell rings. when he is standing in the hall, he sees a thin figure standing behind the paper wall and grandfather's clock working ... that the end

otherwise you can watch the episode on

lots of kisses the pink kitty
Dude Nukem chapter 2 . 2/12/2007
Lol, I vote also for the KoutaXNana couple for a change! Another pairing could be YukaXGrizzlybear:P The story is awesome!
Black Robed One chapter 2 . 1/7/2007
An absolutely adorable story, Chris-san! I particularly like the scene with Kouta and Nana shopping, it was so cute, and totally in Nana’s style! And I just love how Nana called Kouta “Kouta-niichan” too!

As you can guess, I am all for Kouta/Nana pairing: not only it will be very interesting to read about (among all those Kouta/Lucy stories and few Kouta/Yuka stories), but I also think that Kouta and Nana will make a very cute couple too (and the scenes at the grocery store and the crepe stand prove that)! Plus, it helps that Nana is my absolutely favorite character ever!

In short, I am really looking forward to the next chapter of this story of yours, Chris-san! I just hope you haven’t forsaken it for the sake of your other stories…
Afrohawk chapter 2 . 12/3/2006
Nice chapter, plz continue. It's awesome.
GuiltyXX-Profile chapter 1 . 12/1/2006
I like this story.
The Glorious Executioner chapter 2 . 11/16/2006
Another sweet ass chapter! Can't wait for more!
The Glorious Executioner chapter 1 . 11/16/2006
Even though I really don't know much about this anime, this looks to be another promising fanfic. Can't wait for more!
XBlue-PhoenixX chapter 1 . 9/10/2006
Nice one. I think you have a very good idea here for the camping thing. MAYU NANA YURI!
Cobrakai chapter 1 . 9/6/2006
aye, the pairings here are out of the ordinary, but its a rare thing to see anything kouta/nana related, its different I like it its quite amusing seeing them together D keep writing, i'll keep reading :
Halamee2559 chapter 1 . 8/27/2006
LOL! This has kawaii written all over it! The part where the associate at the grocery store says: "Hey man. Nice catch, but... don't you think she's too young?" That was priceless!

As far as pairings go, I'm up for the KoutaXNana pairing, it would offset the incredulous amounts of KoutaXLucy that are springing up here.

Nice job! Keep up the good work!