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Revamped Persona chapter 1 . 1/3
I LOVE this story!
Rockster chapter 33 . 2/13/2016
Ok, I know I reach the limit of my review but I still will continue from where I stop.
...I don't know, this robot timeline is so confusing compare to the Network timeline and I only know that humans and robots had a better relationship in the Megaman Legend series, which only happened after many HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of years). Great, I'm going off topic again...anyway and for every damn fight, it looks like only Sora can change the fate of the battle or in other words, without Sora, they will lost, it is still an OK from me but sometimes you make like when she's in CF Rouge form, she’s invincible or overpowered(Rouge got lots of fancy armors there and I know that the syncho chip version 2.0 had a Supra-Force metal to absorb any attacks and turn it into a healing force or something like that). Personally, I really think that you can make a chapter focus on Rockman(mostly) and Axl. A different character focus would be nice. 3. Crazy time paradox! Again with Dr. Light and Axl that I had stated earlier before and it is a wonder why X never recognised Axl 100 years before the Reploidian current time, guess that he had no memory bank at that time. P. Rouge and Seto still a NO! Why in the hell that Seto is Sora's 1000years son!? Ok, if Seto is Sora's great-great...grandson, Ok still acceptable despite it being weird and almost impossible. Not to mention that Seto still looks so young to be Sora's son, and Sora, knowing she had a freaking son in the future can change the timeline. Sorry, but even the Axl's time paradox can't save you for this. 4. Overkill crossover. OK, to be clear, I don't mind the crossover, even though I don't know anything about the series being crossover, it is still fun to read. But, Yugi-Oh just crosses the line. I don't mind Yugi-Oh is in this story at all and I'm OK with it...until the virus part happened. Jou's knowledge about a Mettaur virus(Mettool is from Reploidian) is still not explained, still saying NO to Seto and P. Rouge nonsense, and the fight with Grezar. Rockman, somehow appear in the real world without any explanation and oh boy the cards... this go specifically to Axl and Rockman. Axl can't materialise data in the real world except his (immune)system, but for some reason the cards had a special power/monster that can appear in real world and morph with Axl. Rockmnan for some reason able to materialise in the real world without a copybot and Dimensional Area, and using the PET as a body, again the cards morph with Rockman. Sorry but that just too weird and kinda impossible to happen. Even I know nothing about Yugi-Oh, I think that it is impossible to happen at all even the EXE logic is implied here. if Yugi-Oh did have it, then I take back that card morphing only. And NO, I am not hype for Enzan crossover chapter, no thanks. 5. Some of the even did not make much sense(not including the 'Hikari Enzan' part and to me anyway). Rouge somehow have a beast out form(specifically, Falzar Beast Out form) even though Trill's relationship with Rockman is higher than anyone else(I know Rouge is create by Tadashi Hikari from Cybertronic himself) and ability to use Soul Unison(Rockman can use it due to a bug/ error/ extra data was created in his body when Netto and Rockman first crossfused)

(Sorry for the repetitiveness) Anyway, let me say it to you. I like the story, having a crossover mainly the X series and EXE series is really new and interesting. The conflict between the human and the reploid in the X series compare to the harmony bonds between humans and NetNavis is a nice contrast, having the triplet to bring balance to Reploidian and increase the bond between humans and reploid is a really nice plot. if they succeed it, the future of the X series is change without the chaotic stuff happened after Megaman X series which is Zero, ZX and the Legend series(the stuff in those can return, don't worry, they are just appear in a different way). Sora as the sister of the triplet and Rouge as her navi is a nice addition to the story, plus having triplets instead of usually twins is nice even though it is weird and unfamiliar at the same time. I'm sad that this story is discontinued, there are lots of potential, a lot of funny humour that I really enjoyed, awesome battle scenes(just sometime too overkill from CF Rouge herself) like Redips and Lumine(Axl/Netto in his old CF form), the mood always change from happy to sad or anger or anything emotional in a good way, interesting plots, nice and funny interaction between the triplets. Many people who read this story really want this continue and I really want to read more something like this, heck I'm even read this incomplete story TWICE and certain chapters more than 3 times. Even though I know that you might not read this BLOODY LONG review, or you might not wanna even update the story or you even wanna touch this story anymore and it is on forever hiatus(or you actually forgot the story even exist). Thanks for those who manage to read this LONG review and congrats to those who do that. i will always be ready to read this again for the next chapter or as a reboot, I had the patience for it even it might take a long time to update it.
P.S. a Sonic the Hedgehog crossover sound pretty nice too! ...and I take 1/3 part of the "NO SENSE WHY REPLOID WEAPONS CAN'T HURT DATA STUFF" back as only some stuff make a bit sense like Renegade can still be damaged a bit by throwing a car at it and distract it by spraying water to it, but still some part somehow still have no explanation...Axl and Rockman can still able to crossfuse if use correctly, as Axl still has his human part(immune system I guess? I know he still had his soul, mind and heart), he has a bit of data(shown in Chapter 3, and his programming is made of data right?), plus high synchro rate from both of them…I know they can crossfused without go Maverick(or hay-wired). Also, why the triplet had a very long name? Hikari Saito, Hikari Netto and Hikari Sora would be enough tho.
Rockster chapter 33 . 2/10/2016
OK, as I was saying...Reploid/Human made weapons can't damage the Renegade kinda make no sense. Sure, maybe human weapons like guns can't damage the Renegade's armor, but for example, if I shoot a fast bullet directly to the Renegade's Navi Crest, it will damage them badly or being deleted. Or I use X's Mega Buster Charged Shot(which I heard is 3 times stronger than Mega Man Classic's Mega Buster) to damage the Renegade, even tho it's only half the power they will receive or 1/3 power, instead of in your story which is almost ZERO damage at all. I will state other problems that I found in this entire fanfic, but let's continue to other first. In this part, anyone who grew up with the Rockman EXE anime(mostly) or Megaman Battle Network game series, able to imagine more clearly as we are familiar with the series. This part is pretty nice as most of the character are spotted on except a few, like Meiru(I know...she is bad in here and crazy) For me, the scene is much clearer which I really enjoyed and easier to imagine than the second part(don't get me wrong, I grew up with the anime but I don't know much about the X series so I had to refer the image from google). Axl get a weapon that can damage the Renegade(again WHY?), Rouge was upgarded without gender changed. Also, I'm not sure anyone noticed that the story Enzan was having mental breakdown, is actually came from other fanfic called 'Hikari Enzan' by Atreyu452, those who still wanna read the original version where there is no Sora or Rouge involve in the story at all can still be found in Rockman exe Online. Having the triplet back is a bit nice, there are minor problems that bug me but again I will state it later. Also, did I mention the time paradox in the chapter where the triplets are singing to Dr. Light and Tadashi Hikari? Axl...why do realise that if Axl appear infront of Dr. Light, then who the freaking hell create the design of Axl's body?!
Oh boy...the fourth part...the chaotic part and my least favorite part... Ok, I believe it is exactly where the triplet, Enzan and Laika in a Left4Dead2 game.(I don't remember much as it is so confusing like hell). For this moment, it is pretty acceptable as we are not crossing the world yet, and really it is Ok from my view. Somehow X and Zero met an old man and the man let them enter a mansion where Axl and Sora were found, singing(mostly), murdering and torturing X and Zero who then later found out that is a stupid dream, which is not cool at all, but funny and also creepy. Parallel tournament... I had to say, this world where characters from their own universe meet with the triplet(maybe except Megaman Volnutt gang as they are from Axl's universe in the future, but still different universe than Cybertronic so I don't know anymore...) is pretty enjoyable even though I know nothing about most of the characters except a bit of Megaman Volnutt and his gang, and a bit Street Fighter characters like Ryu(because I seen in my cousin's Gameboy and Super Smash Brothers for WiiU and N3Ds) and Chun Li(again Gameboy). I like this mini arc the most(in the 4th part only) as it had some good character development from Axl/Netto himself and it is pretty acceptable crossover. Plus, Megaman Volnutt is a pretty nice addition to the story as it is bloody relatable even tho the Legend gang came from the future of the Reploidian universe, which again very nice and I don't mind at all. The Liberius part... really make me say, "What the hell? Who the heck are you? Is this becoming something like The Legend of Zelda as we need to collect gems so that the world is save from some evil lady that just using Sigma as a slave?" Now...this is where my rant about the next mini arc of this part, Yugi-Oh do I really start... Let us start on the summary shall we? After all the whole Liberius and tournement part, when testing the entire Dimensional Suit, the triplet were sucked again to another universe but they land separately. Ok, I get that, later they meet up though the stupid viruses, Life Virus(Dream Virus in Japanese) and Dream Virus R appear in the city. Somehow you forgot to explain why the hell Jou know about a Mettool, while actually the virus' name is called Mettaur but in Axl's universe, there were still had Mettools(robotic ones) but that is not the point. Suddenly, the bom just drop on our faces like Seto is Sora's son!? What the fudge!? Excuss me?! And somehow her son somehow is so young despite more than 1000 YEARS, P. Rouge still had a PET even though Netto(if we are following the game) make the basic of using ElectoMagnetic(EM) waves in next two hundred years and don't tell me that it did not exist at all in the future. If you said that Seto is a bionic human, also bullsh*t as it is still does not make sense! And for some shitty unknown reason, if Seto is Sora's bloody 1000 years son, how in the bloody world and why is Seto is in a universe where there is no Internet server, with bad and not so advanced technology world or why the hell is he not his own universe in the 30XX? Sorry, but that is just too bad and make no sense in any sort of way, and this bullsh*t also have a time paradox!

Ok, let me get this straight and flat out say my opinions to you. The concept of having crossover between EXE anime series and X game series is really new and even though I know almost nothing about the X series, it is still so fun to read. I admit, you are the first one (if my memory serve right) to make me take a small interest to know a bit of the X series and your fanfic is the first one I read is about X series, the reason I read is I was searching about Rockman EXE fanfic related to Netto 'die'(I know...I was really bored that time and I just recently getting back to Rockman EXE anime as I just finished watched almost all the anime episode plus the movie again in English subbed, Japanese dubbed[when I was very young, this show is dubbed into my national laguage which is not English] few years ago, as I'm also searching for random stuff, and I managed to find some good ones like 'A Navi Named Lightman' and there is more but I will not list here.) So, yeah, oh god this one is pretty good and I wondered why you choose Axl as Netto until I searched in the Megaman Wiki, oh yeah that Axl is so 'Netto' all right, and I do know that the link between Netto and Rockman(and Sora in this story) is popular in the Megaman Battle Network series fanfic which influence by the twin bonds or the full syncho. Now, having Sora as the triplet, and Rouge as the netnavi counterpart of X is still OK, just again some plot holes can be spotted here and there but it is not too obvious, and I don't know why you choose the name 'Sora' for the sister, not that I am complaining as it sound nice but really if you pay attention to the origin of the name 'Netto' and 'Saito', which is 'Net' and 'Site' respectively and it is related to Internet stuff, the word 'Sora' is actually meant 'sky' in Japanese which is not related to Internet or technology stuff at all... I really like the interactions between the reploids, especially Axl and Sora in the second part of the story(where they are still reploidian) and where Axl reveal his secret identity to Sora(especially) and other members in the jail. Personally, after you start introducting what Rouge can do with her A.M.R.O.R. system, due to I can't remember all of the designs look like again, which left me hanging a bit and her old design is hard to remember after so many changes but that is OK, it is not the worst part yet for me. Also, I do miss your bloopers a lot where once Axl and Rockman had to delete other X series gang's memory which make me laugh like crazy and really, all of them are enjoyable, why you stopped it, I really like it a lot. Lots of humour is in the story if you didn't include the bloopers and still you are able to darken the mood easily like Axl's confusion of hurting human might make him a Maverick but he had a right to judge the humanity with his authorities as a human/Reploid/Data hybrid really bring hype to the story for the future chapters. There are a few lagging points that I will state later and suggestions that you can used. For now, let us take a look that what problems that bug me like hell: 1. Spelling error or minor facts are wrong sometimes make me confused for while or bugged me but that is just a minor mistake so I let it go. 2. Inbalanced character development, which mostly go to Rockman himself. Rockman still didn't have much character developments compared to Sora, and you sometimes focus too much about her(I'm stating that this happened after the portal suck Sigma, Axl and Sora to the Cybertronic, and after the revelation of Axl's true identitiy). Sora for whatever the hell reason had the most character development like she had sooo many odd side jobs, she is a bloody genius, afraid of cockroaches, horror story lover, love robotics, hate doing housework, and sometimes she had a similar personality as Axl/Netto himself. Sure, it is a GOOD thing as we can know more about her, but sometimes some of the chapter in the third part of this story (Cybertronic universe's story)too focus on her, that we see less interaction from Rockman. And before you say anything that you do balanced Rockman in the story, it only happened where everytime Axl and Rockman are alone(especially in Yugi-Oh). Axl's character development can be clearly seen in the parallel tournament which I had stated early that he has the authorities to judge and change the relationship with the Reploid and the humans(not including all Zero series, ZX series because it is so bad that Capcom still had story for it and still did the relationship between humans and reploid getting better? I don't know, this robot
Rockster chapter 33 . 2/8/2016
Ok, let me get this straight. This entire story is based on the Rockman EXE anime and Megaman X game series right, plus some in game Battle Network brotherly relationship with Netto(or Axl) and Rockman as a twin in different world(but in here is triplet, I know...) Plus your OCs, Sora as their secret triplet sister oppose to just had twin(Netto and Rockman) and a NetNavi, Rouge which is a counterpart of Megaman X. The first part is that Netto was being 'killed' from Dark Blues, using a sword attack that send almost dead Netto to another parallel universe when had high advance robotics and technology with suck Internet, he was saved by Roll the robot and become a robot/new gen reploid by Dr. Light himself, somehow the reploid body was created with Netto's human immunity still intact in the body...his name is changed to Axl to cover up his identity as a human that had come from other universe. Ok, I get that, Sora 'replaced' Netto's role in the anime until the end with some changes here and there but it is still OK at this point, just some really bad plot holes that I can find like why Rouge had a Beast Out mode as Thrill loves Rockman more than everyone else as Thrill is programmed by Beyondard Tadashi Hikari that had almost the same program as Rockman, plus there is like one chapter where time paradoxes is written all over it(I'm talking about you, Axl) and maybe there is more but for now I will get to the second part where Sora and Rouge being in Reploidian universe.
Now, the second part, pretty nice pace as Sora had a Syncho Chip 2.0(if I'm not mistaken the name)that can allowed her to crossfuse in the real world without Dimensional Area, Sora and Rouge first being confused by everything in Reploidian and the epic trolls by Duo EXE, meeting Reploids like X, Zero and Axl, save the reploidian world again with the help of Sora and Rouge, Sora and Axl(or Netto) reunited again in an awkward/funny and emotional way[My favorite mini part/scene in the entire story and I'm not joking], Sora's joining the Maverick Hunter squat, somehow Mavericks turned into a Netnavi, and to be honest, I really want to read this part again as this is my favorite part despite that I'm not familiar with the X series. And this part really make me want more something like these, Maverick-Netnavi hybrid is a verly new concept that it is so much fun to read it, the scene where Axl is being overprotective to his big sis is so cute and awesome scenes that make me pumped for more, epic battles from every Mavericks even though I know almost nothing about them except the basic info which they are Reploid that gone crazy by a virus or self aware enough to make them attack the humans and other reploids. Anyone who read until the part where Axl reveal to his sister that he is actually his deceased brother, Netto, most of them will say that their heart pumped like crazy and maybe read the same part over and over again as it is so good and I will state it again, it is the best part of the entire story IMO.
The third part (after the confession by Axl), Sigma, the new Dr. Wily(Classic series) for the nth time in the X series, returns as a Netnavi, and Dr. Hikari able to create a Dimentional Break(but someone had to interfered a bit), bringing Axl, Sora, Rouge and stupid Sigma into Cybertronic universe. Then, Axl go jail, being interrogated by his family and the Netsaviour members, really that chapter also makes me crack like non stop as it is too funny to the point where I can't stop to laugh. Axl's human identity really shocked everyone, especially when the interrogation of Axl is just too funny to pass by. Now, somehow Meiru is a psycho and work with Sigma(crossfused with Vile as well), just to kill Sora and get Netto to love her? Ok then...Yes, I agree that Netnavi/maverick hybrid is new and fun, at first I accept the concept of reploid normal weapons can't even damage them, but after I read someone's comment about it, yeah that did not make much sense at all. Ok, it make small sense if they are ElectroMagnetic(EM) wave beings as they can change frequency but it was 20XX, not 22XX, or they are holograms but how in the world they damaged X and Zero, or they are like Astroid Navis but it is still did not explain the no damage thing. Much more to it like
NavigatorPalette chapter 16 . 3/11/2015
OMG OMG .. If you translate my name from arabic to japanese it will mean the same .. Light & hikari .
TheReviewTravele chapter 1 . 1/15/2015
Asutorido chapter 18 . 3/3/2014
Meiru is so mean T.T
Asutorido chapter 17 . 3/3/2014
So happy :3
Asutorido chapter 15 . 3/3/2014
Axl she going to find out your netto
Asutorido chapter 7 . 3/3/2014
Dont reveal the secret yet stupid axl
Asutorido chapter 6 . 3/3/2014
I feel for netto i hate cockroaches they get into the precious food
Asutorido chapter 5 . 3/2/2014
Pffft haha man i love your bloopers
Asutorido chapter 4 . 3/2/2014
This is so cool gotta read more
Asutorido chapter 3 . 3/2/2014
Good comercial :D
jordy crusano chapter 15 . 1/9/2014
Please don make axls girl pallete at least give him cinnamon thats way better
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