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The Dark One Rising chapter 8 . 1/18
That was a neat little read. When Divination comes up, things always get interesting.
The Dark One Rising chapter 7 . 1/18
This Neville is just sad. He is so very different from canon, on the surface. Yet, his fears and doubts are similar. Except, this time, he ocassipnally basks in the simpering and syncopation nature of those around him. He is different from canon Harry, who was raised an orphan by neglectful relatives. This Neville has living parents who sheltered him. This Nevillenisnt even particularly skilled at Defense, unlike Harry. I'm not even sure if this Neville has his Herbology talent going for him.
The Dark One Rising chapter 6 . 1/18
I am a bit perplexed. Yes, the ports are blocked. However, that shouldn't be a cause for a food shortage. It's true that you cannot conjure food. However, you can enlarge or make copies or existing food. It might taste off or bland, but it's food. Why should there ever be a shortage? I suppose there might be a limit on how large you can make something or how many times you can copy it. If you can get zero access to something, I understand why there would be no bacon to make copies of. However, if food exits there should be no problem.

This does raise questions, though. Why would anyone ever go hungry? Why are the Weasleys so poor? Food bills are one of the most draining expenses, next to taxes. They likely have many taxes, but they wouldn't have to deal with electricity bills or all that much water bills, if they copied their water.
The Dark One Rising chapter 5 . 1/18
Yes, you did get the grading system wrong. From worst to best, grades are: Troll, Dreadful, Poor, Acceptable, Exceeds Expectations and Oustanding. Anything from Acceptable and beyond merits a pass. When counting O.W.L. and N.E.W.T. subjects, one tallies the number of subjects which received a passing grade.

This is what you wrote:

Defence against the Dark ArtsOutstanding




Ancient RunesExceeds Expectations

AstronomyExceeds Expectations

Muggle StudiesOutstanding


Care of Magical CreaturesExceeds Expectations

Total: 14 Newts."

Harry passed all nine of the tests he took, giving him nine N.E.W.T.s. I'm not sure how you got 14. If you assigned the lowest passing grade a number of one and the highest a threre, he would have 22. How did you get 14?
The Dark One Rising chapter 4 . 1/18
I didn't actually see mention of James. That's a bit worrying. Lily seems to be alive, at least. In a lab? Potions or experimental charms, maybe? I would love it if she was an Unspeakable and had to interrogate her dimension-traveling son.
The Dark One Rising chapter 3 . 1/18
It's the little things that tell people this was written pre-DH.

Not even the lack of horcruxes. Some people today still write things that ignore the soul containers. Rather, Figg being a witch and not a Squib. I'm not sure what happened with Marchbanks. I don't remember when it was made clear that she was a female. Figg, though, is interesting. I thought OotP had something about her being a Squib.
The Dark One Rising chapter 2 . 1/18
Let's see what I can find.
-Harry Visits Gringotts: Check
-Harry is the Heir to Houses Thought Dead: Check
-Harry Inherits Lots of Money: Technical Check. Not worth much, anymore. Still more than regular people have.
-Goblin has Name Combination of Verb Noun: Not Checked
-Goblin Actually Helpful: Check
-Giblin Has Extremely Powerful Magic: Check
-Goblin Dislikes Most Humans: Check
-Most Humans Rude Towards Goblins: Not Enough Information
-Harry Knows Old Goblin Customs: Check
-Hoblins Treat Harry Respectfully: Check
The Dark One Rising chapter 1 . 1/18
If Harry is 19 and it's been a year since the war ended, then he was from 1999. If he went to an alternate universe four years behind his own, is he in 1995? Was what happened with Neville a different version of the battle at the Department of Mysteries?
Guest chapter 8 . 1/14
I'm sad to see this fic abandoned; I quite like it. I don't think I've ever seen a fic where Harry takes up the mantle of the Divination Professor before. I adore the way you write. I've just read all the posted chapters of 'A Necessary Gift' and I couldn't bear the thought of not being able to read more of your writing. I knew from the beginning this work has been discontinued. It didn't stop me from reading it. Yet now that I've read every chapter, every line... I'm not certain if I regret reading 'Magic Knows No Boundaries' or not. I loved it; there's no question about that. As a lover of good literature I've sworn to myself to never regret reading something I like. Yet the knowledge that such a wonderful story may never continue again... It breaks my heart. It fill my soul with despair and tears it apart. I truly wish, hope that once 'A Necessary Gift' has finished you turn your gaze upon 'Magic Knows No Boundaries' once more. Your style of writing has changed and grown with you over the years; I'm sure you could transform this work into something even more incredible should you choose to try. You will have atleast one reader eagerly waiting for more. While I wait I'll enjoy 'A Necessary Gift' to my heart's content.
Fic's Sly Lover chapter 8 . 12/30/2015
Thank You!
This story is written pretty well, and I must say that it's a shame that you have discontinued it. Don't you think it's about time that you came back to it? Just declaring that it's been discontinued doesn't mean that you can hide from from us vampires who drink stories :3
Thanks for writing and sharing this story.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Yours Truly,
PaC chapter 8 . 12/26/2015
I care more about finding better than mediocre stories to read than finding completed stories to read as my best guess is there are a LOT more good chapters of WiP, hiatus, and abandoned stories than good completed stories. A year or so after starting to read fanfiction, THAT was my attitude, not letting fics that go unfinished bother me much.

In Brainthief's 0800 hero fic, THIS fic should have been recommended over the copy s 5277232 .
Shame on me for NOT coming HERE to read it but reading the copy.
After reading the copy, skimming this fics' first and last chapter, A LOT seems pretty verbatum. And as for "...This story was originally written bycosette-aimee, who has kindly allowed me to continue her story, so please do not send me flames or negative reviews accusing me..."
Well, In my experience, 18 if not 19 out of 20 "adopted" fics, end up with small changes from "edits" to "make the "adopted" story their own", by the "adopter" who usually "loves" the fic and of course has decided to continue it and complete it. Almost always, progress or outright abandonment follow SOON after the original is copied or a slightly edited version of the original is posted. That's the usual SOP though sometimes the "adopted" fic ends up abandoned before the adopter even gets the original copied down and reposted.
REALLY, IMO, 95 percent of such fics could be posted by merely LINKING to the orginal and a few A/N's summarize the so called "edits" and "differences" the adopter claims to be making.
Then 5 percent if not less, of such fics, would HAVE close to NO wordcount, since so few ACTUALLY continue the adopted fic or add much change or add much new content.

If I had to bet on one or the other, I'd have to bet necromancy happens to this dead fic before the copy put up by 1562061celillia.

I didn't compare but skimming a paragraph here and there of the first and last chapters, but the word count is pretty close, and what I just skimmed seems verbatum, having just read all the chapters of the "copy".

Unregistered guest reviews are either slow to be approved or disabled so I can't copy my review I posted for the copy of this fic, 5277232/ posted by 1562061celillia ... which was, among several that Brainthief had recommended in A/N, this was among the FEW I thought were well written fanfics.
Haitus or DOA abandoned forever, thanks for an interesting read.
For this being " I wrote 'Magic Knows No Boundaries' when I was a teenager, and honestly I think both the plot and the quality of the writing reflect that. ", IMO makes this fic even more impressive, unless I'm mistaken and what I read, the COPY posted as/by improved on the work here and isn't mostly just a copy of it, then it's impressive you were a teen when writing it, more so if it was mid or early teens and not in your final teen years.
MissLuciusNightwings chapter 1 . 11/28/2015
nice. plz continue!
Luke Dragneel chapter 8 . 11/24/2015
The problem I am seeing is that the Canon Harry was very much a teacher while yours isn't.
Besides the fact I am one of the opinion that the Art of Divination is an Information Gathering Branch of Magic(such as Scrying, revealing/diagnostic spells, tracking charms, wit sharpening potions) alongside the future telling aspect, which would still be a type of information gathering magic. Arithmancy would actually count as a Divination technique as it uses numbers to predict the future in Canon, though most combine it with Runes to form spell creation and enchanting branches of magic instead.

That the medium of Divination can range from a flat bowl of water to a deck of tarrot cards simply shows that different foci are better at certain things(tarrot cards are better at finding out major events and personality traits while while the bowl would allow to see certain areas for Scrying and tracking. Thinks like that tend to help).
Luke Dragneel chapter 2 . 11/24/2015
Actually it doesn't, seeing as in this Harry's rather substantial amount of money is currently much less than it really would be due to the war. I also like that you made Harry inherit less than the full amount of what he potentially could have. It does beg the question of what Harry will be doing, will he meet the Potters or Death Eaters first?
OriksGaming chapter 8 . 11/20/2015
Damn. I find a good dimension traveling Harry fanfiction, and it's discontinued right at the point where it starts to get good...
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