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Jeri252 chapter 23 . 5/20/2015
love it
Glamagirl chapter 3 . 10/22/2010
They are both stubborn. Marriage seems complicated but at the end if the day it's just a paper, it wont make them love each other more so one of them needs to cooperate with the cause and give in.

Breaking up was stupid because if you take away the marriage subject they seemed to have a solid relationship, yeah maybe Chris didn't see a future with Steph in a sense that they were living the moment, but then the kiddo came and he changed his mind

If he would have wanted to escape her he would have done so years ago, but he didn't!

Let's hope Shane gets into this mess and finds a way to get them back together
Glamagirl chapter 2 . 10/20/2010
I knew it! She does want him and loves him more thatn anything, but she's scared of pushing him away? I see and dont see her point. It's like she wants to give him an open road to escape and getting married will only make it harder for him, but what she doesnt see is that he doesn't want to escape, if he wants to get married it's because he wants their union to formalize the right way.

I think this is a matter of Steph not opening up completely to the man she loves, it's almost a misunderstanding and if she wouldnt be so stubborn she would see it ;)

Love the little boy here!
Glamagirl chapter 1 . 10/20/2010
Damn, I don't want to believe that Stephanie doesn't want to marry Chris, I mean they've been together for so many years and they have a son. If she didn't want things with him she probably would have ended things long ago... but then again, what if she just stick around for the boy?

I feel bad for Chris, the woman he loves and the mother of his child refuses to marry him, and when he calls her out a out it and says he will leave she acts so cold hmmm

Like I said, I don't want to believe she doesn't want to be with him or that she doesn't love him, some people are not made for marriage and maybe she's one of those. I don't see the big deal since they are or were living the 'married' life without the papers but since he's so set in doing it she should at least consider things, because who wouldnt want to marry that man lol

This is a nice angsty start. Chris doesnt think Steph cares enough to get married and Steph thinks Chris doesn't care enough to stick around! I'll be reading more of this soon :)
CULater chapter 23 . 10/20/2010
What a story. Loving someone so much that you inadvertently hurt them...

So Stephanie carried around years of guilt and shame believing that the only thing that tethered Chris to her was their son and that the unplanned pregnancy someone stole his freedom. I understand why she would think that, they were two kids having their fun and then the weight of the world dropped down on them and its game over to being kids.

Chris of course doest get this and feels that after 6 years and a baby, she is still not that serious. He has everything with her, the house, the kid, the vacations...everything but that one irrevocable absolute that ties them together. In witholding marriage she feels like shes offering him his freedom.

I really wanted to cry at a few points. Chris, deciding that it was his fault, he never gave her the 'right' proposal. He wants that yes so badly hes devising problems that dont even exist to justify his determination. If he can just 'fix' what hes doing wrong then he can have what he wants.

They need each other. After so long they are so ingrained in each others nuances ( the restuarant thing with her) that no one else could what makes Steph so frustrating, she wants to give him that easy out if he ever wants it but on the same hand after so long,their customized to each others lives. Its a heavy weight go around thinking that you not only held back someone but that they could be gone in an instant.

I cant believe it took that long to have it out but once the words were said, Stephanie admitting that she felt Chris would leave if he could, he finally had the chance to convince her, yea ok, maybe it started out one way but we re different now. Thats the thing I got from this story, just because a relationship/love doesnt begin ideally or has its bumps that both parties have to face doesnt mean it is any less real or deeply meaningful. Yes she might have tied him down but he wanted it, wanted to be more tied down if shed just said yes sooner.

So anyway Im loopy tired, this was wonderful and Im rambling off in all directions but you did a bang up job and it deserve my punch drunk praise
Drew chapter 23 . 7/28/2010
I really liked this story and I'm sad to see it come to an end. It was a fun read and very realistic, especially the kid Finnegan. Thanks for writing it and the rest of your stories too.
startingline722 chapter 23 . 10/5/2008
I started reading this a couple weeks ago and I just got down to the last chapter now and I have to say that... I LOVED LOVED LOVED this story. It was amazing. I think I have said that about all your stories, but I really do love this one. I loved Finnegan. I also loved how by reading it I could tell that Stephanie and Chris were so in love with each other, but they couldn't.

Anyway one more time, I LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS STORY.

Sequel maybe? :D
Daniella Consuela chapter 23 . 8/18/2008
My god! I never knew my emotions could truly be all over the place in this story. First I was sad, then even more sad, happy a little, then I was back to being sad again. How do you do that? You made me feel like I could never just stick with one emotion and I had to live out Chris and Stephanie's feelings. This was a wonderful, wonderful piece of work. I truly applaud you on a perfect, perfect piece. I look forward to the sequel. Especially for a little Shane pairing and whatnot. Maybe another little Irvine..who knows. I really can't go into detail about how I feel about this story because it'll just come out sounding quite stupid. Just know this was a piece that should be considered for a prize (Whatever writing prizes there are out)..maybe even some publishing. -Smiles.
triplehstephmcmahonfan chapter 23 . 8/18/2008
Over the past five days, I have continued to read this story, any free time I had, I was reading. I am a huge Steph/H fan but after reading this story, I can say that I am a HUGE fan of your Steph/Chris pairing. I have read a few different authors on fanfiction and after a little persuading from a friend, I have become one myself...but, not a one, not even my own, compares to your writings. I like to read a story by one and then read another by someone else, basically to keep with the variety of talented writings, and with that being said, I will always look foward to reading one of yours. Thanks for this story so much, it was one of the best I have ever read and look forward to many many more.
Daddy's LiL HeartBreaker chapter 23 . 5/3/2007
Aww wow! That was...awesome. Yeah..I'm way late on reviewing but I just finished reading this now. Better late than never lol. Aww...they're being normal married people...and yet still being Chris and Steph at the same time. Cute. This was an awesome story and I loved how you portrayed them so real to life. You are truly a talented writer. A sequel huh? I'll definitely have to check that out. I'm guessing its going to involve a lot of Shane? Sweet..I love Shane O Mac...especially in this fic.
Shayne chapter 23 . 3/27/2007
Glad to hear there's going to be a sequel. I really liked this story, it was really good, and sweet, and I'm glad it worked out for pretty much everyone.
KazzaXTreme chapter 23 . 3/27/2007
Its over? I hope there is some sort of sequal!
the-real-goods chapter 22 . 3/11/2007
I finally got around to reading this entire story tonight in one sitting, and it was well worth it. I don't have any smartass or witty comment to make, so I'm just going to be honest and skip the "this is so well-written" compliment section because your writing skills are damn good. My standards are low for a lot of writers on this site but they're significantly high for you, and you always surpass even that.

But I just wanted to say that this has now become a favorite story of mine. The emotion you caught in it with Chris was dead-on, and I could relate more than I cared to. It was a very good read, the whole thing. Congratulations on such a great story, this site needs more writers like you around.
Shayne chapter 22 . 2/6/2007
Sweet, what more can you say about this? It was really sweet and I really liked it, and this whole story has been a journey to this point and I really think it was worth it to them. I liked that they thought of the past six year as getting them ready for this. Finn was just adorable and so excited, and I loved that they included him and Stephanie walked him down the aisle, just brilliant.
LeavnonaJetPlane chapter 21 . 1/31/2007
Sweet! They're getting married! Yay! I loved how neither one would back down with their proposal, they both wanted the other to say yes, and then they chose Finn to make their decision, sweet!
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