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writers-block-Bgone chapter 18 . 11/4/2014
Phew! It's been a while since I had a really good long read like this! Their relationship was beautiful, and Sakura's celebration of freedom towards the end had me cheering inside. What a wonderful feeling that must have been. Great action, great friendships. Lots of guy time and girl time. The point where Sasuke got slapped had me reeling, I could imagine the look on his face! Drama, humor, action and cuteness: all the good stuff. :)

And now off to read "Love and in War," cheers and thanks for such a great read!

love IMRV chapter 1 . 11/2/2014
This is awesome...keep it up :3
Pikakaru chapter 18 . 10/22/2014
NOOOOOOO! WHERE IS IT?! WHERE ARE YOU HIDING THE LEMON?! DX ME WANT IT! XD Lol! Your writing is exceptional! Please try to incorporate a *ahem* steamy scene ;)

Monki-Neko chapter 2 . 10/11/2014
I wonder if she has thought about killing herself or if she will get to that point?
Wolfspirit44 chapter 18 . 9/22/2014
Gahh, I just found this, and it was soo good! I loved it, it was amazing!
taylor.vickers.104 chapter 1 . 9/17/2014
Oh my...I'm stunned. Holy crow..great job !
river of the sand chapter 18 . 8/29/2014
Forgot to review this ages ago. I had this whole "ooh, I loved this part" and "fuck yeah SasuSaku!" speech planned out... got lost. That's what I get for getting distracted and totally forgetting, lol. Well, let's see. From what I can remember, my favourite moments would have to be with Sasuke rescuing Sakura. It's a damsel in distress thing - which I normally loathe - but it worked really awesome. She wasn't weak. And that arsehole (forget his name) got his in the end. Bastard. :)

I think it was chapter 9, where you mentioned that thing about Christmas - it's everywhere. Just wanted to say. In England (or one of those islands) there was some movement to prevent children from sitting on Santa's lap. Ridiculous. Every country seemed to have done something just as silly, but it's Australia that got focused on, which was rude. Anyhoo. Loved your story at least. :)
animeroyalty chapter 18 . 8/27/2014
Anonymous chapter 8 . 8/23/2014
Ah! So Sasuke has a reason... Still... Plans, Sasuke? Plans? Lets just say you're killing me with that 'reason' of yours.
Oh, and nice inclusion of Kakashi! SO much better than Sasuke!
Although, one if the main things that makes us such fabs is our horrible reasoning of 'Sakura likes Sasuke. Kakashi is like Sasuke, only better! So, Sakura likes Kakashi?'
Oh, and you should SEE what Silvershine did to that place! Who, in case you don't know wrote that amazing MinaKushi fic, which ended up on the front page, when you order tgese things by favs! That person was awesome! And then there was that other awesome person. Who died. Of Pneumonia... Yeah. I was trying to see what had happened to her to cause her to stop updating... Very big let down, there. Her family left the message on the authors page...
Thanks for writing!
Anonymous chapter 6 . 8/23/2014
So, Sakura gets a night to herself, and isn't caught! A dream come true for me!
One thing, though; Alex? Seriously? I mean, it's not that I don't like the name (actually, I'm not sure if it's the name I like, or my cousin who really is to handsome for his own good... What's that? What do you mean you can't date you're cousin?.. Incest? Darn it!) demo... Japanese animeJapanese names, see?
Annndddd... Bye!
Anonymous chapter 5 . 8/23/2014
Now, the only flaw with this plan?
He's going to find out... Crap!
Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it!
Oh, and another thing? Can we kill Sasuke? I mean, I know, that Tsunade said no killing other Konoha nin, demo! she really couldn't hate us that much...
Then again, the guys growing on me... Na! Let's kill him and have Kakashi realize his dream-girl, and- I'm going to be doing this the entire story, aren't I? That is, IF I finish it...
Anonymous chapter 4 . 8/23/2014
Apparently, I lied.
But this is soooo good!
I've fallen in love with this entire concept, and, apparently, the KakaSaku writers kind of skew around Sasuke... Sort off. Well, not really, but he's really killable when he doesn't get the girl!
Now, here's to hoping Tsunade won't find out!
Anonymous chapter 1 . 8/23/2014
I hate him. Let's kill him. Through him into a ditch of blazing hot lava and cheer as he screams in agony. Yea!..
Yeah... I'll probably quit this story soon. Not that you're writing's bad (well, duh!), but really, because I'm trying to get converted over from KakaSaku (and, no, it's NOT sick!), and, really... This just wants to make me KILL the freaking traitor even more. Now, if this were KAKASHI... But, like I said, I'm trying to move AWAY from that obsession, no matter how wonderful the fics are, since, apparently, he has the slight problem with being her former teacher, being 14 years older than her, and probably (look at the evidence; you never know what that guys thinking!), PROBABLY, has no romantic interest in her. Besides, Tsunade would kill him! Unless it's true that she's in a coma right now? Then again, that story was started 5 years ago..
Such is the fate of a fanfic reading anime watcher!
Who started her venture into Naruto fanfiction with the 2009 Itachi revelation. Which continuously got skewed up (Itachi was framed! No, Itachi killed his clan. No, here it says he's good! So, wait, Itachi killed the entire Uchiha clan indiscriminately, but at the same time is good, but is really...? What the FUCK is going on with him?) Yeah... Took me awhile to get that one straight. Now, here's to hoping I will eventually actually get caught up with that anime so I don't have go through that torture again! (You have no idea what it was like reading the bell challenge when you're still don't know their ninja.) Chuunin Exam Days (it should be near the top result when you order all the fics by favourites) helped me figure a lot of that stuff out. Then, I had to quit it because the entire believability of that story went down several notches, and Naruto was burning up Sasuke's photo's of his family because he was under the impression that Sasuke was a moody bastard whom he hated and that Sasuke only looked at the photos to get his revenge-hype back up, and I, as someone who personally knows what it's like to no longer have (read, lose) something that you attribute to someone whom your close to who has died... Couldn't stand Naruto. And taking Kakashi's sharingan, who is innocently sitting at a grave, just about killed me.
So, because this review has ended up so horribly off topic from it's original purpose (ie, coming up with creative, Akimichi-inspired ways to roast Sasuke until he is good and crispy, then feeding him off to the pigs, becauase no one, not even an Akimichi, would dare place such a disgusting specimen within 6-feet off their mouth-and I'm SO sorry, Sakura! I can just FEEL what he's going to make you do, and it really, really must suck to be you right now!) I'll be ending it... 'scrolls back to the top... Sweat drops' Jeez! How long have I been WRITING this?
sweetangelicprincess chapter 6 . 8/16/2014
I just started reading this story and by far... Its AMAZING! I love how there is no much fluff and u r taking things slow. It can get really awkward if it had too much fluff.
I read your A/N, you must have been frustrated. I am really thankful you update and even thought of uploading this amazing story ( and I am sure many others think the same way )
...Well then, I have to continue reading.
KickTheDragon1 chapter 18 . 8/15/2014
Oh god this fanfic was perfecttttt. I wish they were still bonded though...
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