Reviews for Burning Uncertainty
LuckyandStars chapter 1 . 5/28/2010
Great story! Its one of my favorites.
scribblemyname chapter 1 . 6/14/2009
First off, I've always loved this fic. Second, I'm going to pass along the love I just got in the form of a review rant. :grins:

It wasn’t a surprise to anyone that – despite having been caught twice with a punishment to clean both the boys’ and girls’ bathrooms for a week – Jamie Madrox (aka Multiple Man) decided to throw his biggest drinking party yet around New Year’s Eve their senior year.-What is it with these gluttons for punishment? Only guys. Girls are way smarter than that.

(“But look here, Scott. Young Mr. Madrox certainly has selected an exquisite bottle of vodka, hasn’t he? At the very least he knows his good drink from his bad one.”

“You aren’t helping, Hank.”)-Hilarious. Rip-roaring, ROTFL hilarious. I love Hank.

something about Mr. Summers toasting every wineglass with his optic blasts and using the melted mess to make new rearview mirrors for his motorcycle-That is the scariest thing I've heard in a while. But I love it.

She couldn’t help feeling a little exposed in the dark teal dress that came barely any lower than mid-thigh and barely any higher than the gentle swell of her breasts. It was off-the-shoulder and thankfully had three-quarter length sleeves, so at least it was only her legs that had nearly frozen off walking back to the shed from the manor. The entire dress had a sheen of glitter that threw sparkles over her face in the poor lighting. It was a pretty thing that even Kitty had to admit was sexy, but she’d had the damnedest time getting it on. She’d had to phase her arm through her rib cage just to zip it up.-Beautiful AND funny. I have a dress just like that. (Well, not very exposing, but you get it.) You really need to be able to phase to get into it, but it fits just right once you finally do. Needless to say, not being Shadowcat I eventually ripped the sleeve.

Kitty loved it mainly because she knew that her father would hate it.-Ouch. :winces:

The sound of his voice always did one of two things for her: inevitably catch her interest or immediately annoy the hell out of her. -LOL That sounds about right.

There was a smile – a smirk, really – on his face that made Kitty want to reach inside him and gave a good tug on his hipbone. That’d send that arrogant look running. She knew from experience that nothing could creep John out more than being phased through.-That's one of my favorite things about their relationship. Never mind the power. Never mind the cold. The only mutation that really throws John is hers. She's so perfect for him. I mean, what other girl can get him completely off his cool (fire aside)?

All the smoke keeps clouding up your head.”-Bravo. Call it like it is. (I'm inclined to think she's right. LOL)

“No,” she corrected automatically, “you’re supposed to kiss someone.” -boy, did she walk into that one!

His eyes were on her jewelry-bare throat as it flashed. “If you weren’t so hot right now, I’d shove that cup down your smart little neck.”-I'm sensing a slightly predatory gleam, the way he's eyeing her up and talking about hurting her at the same time. But he can't help himself. She IS hot. (Both ways if you know what I mean.)

He completely missed the stunned look that crossed the X-woman’s face-He is seriously oblivious to all the signs that she actually cares. Good thing he has his liquid courage on hand. Guys. :rolls eyes: I'd be stunned too if I were her. She doesn't strike me as the kind who gets those off-handed, accidental compliments from resident bad boys too often.

She could hear Jubilee screaming above all the rest, trying to get noticed – trying to get anything.-Sad. Especially since I love Jubilee.

“Kiss someone, right, Kitty?”-She really should have seen this coming.

It felt like fire straight from his blood was coming in through his fingers to burn through the flesh that her dress left naked. But she couldn’t feel any pain that might have accompanied the burning because he had lowered and tilted his head to seize her lips with his own.-Love this. :sighs: Love the fire, love the heat, love the way he finally makes his move. (Took him long enough.)

Her fingers eventually curled into his hair and found it was a lot softer than she’d imagined it would be (she had imagined the feel of John Allerdyce’s hair?).-One of my favorite Kyro lines ever. She's been oblivious to her own crush.

Kitty only understood that she was letting him lead the way to his room and feeling his hand tighten on hers whenever she phased them through a door or wall to make the trip go faster.-I'm enjoying all the pell mell rush into something that's probably a horribly bad idea wrapped up in a terribly wonderful one that it took all that drinking to unlock for them. And the visual of them just phasing through whatever to get there (esp. as he hates phasing) is just awesome. Love it.

Then John turned back to take off everything else. -Another fav line. It says a whole lot in a whole little.

She knew right away and without any shock that she was in John’s room because she had dreamed of this year ago, months after she had first met him. -And she didn't know she'd imagined what his hair felt like? :shakes head: Kitty, Kitty, don't you KNOW when there's something more.

A slow smile crossed Kitty’s face. She bet he sprayed it in here when it starting smelling really bad.-ROTFL Hilarious. And probably so true. :sighs:

He shrugged, glanced back at her once and looked away again. “Kitty, I’m sorry.”-Guys are idiots. Now is NOT the time to apologize.

She thought her vocal chords snapped but found them to still be functioning after a silent moment. He must have been working on figure out how to physically form those words all damn morning. “What?”-Her reaction, however, is priceless.

“Are you cold?” He turned now and watched her. She wondered if her eyes were as wide as his. “I have more blankets in my closet. Are you—”-It's confirmed. Guys are idiots. Even if we desperately want them around. LOL

“John!” Kitty didn’t know if he fell silent before of her tone of voice or because he feared she would get too loud and wake up a teacher, but she appreciated his shutting up, whatever the reason. -I loved this for some reason. She sort of came to and just set him straight.

“I don’t want you to be sorry, John. Please.” Her voice had softened, and he came back to her.-Makes me think this would be the perfect line to write around returning post-X3. But for this story, it's perfect too. And I love it.

John had to have been a virgin with that kind of morning-after reaction, and the idea made her glad. It took inexperience to cope with inexperience.-It also helped her not have to deal with it in the same way. She could focus on him and be stronger than she probably would have been without it. In fact, she probably would have been in shock without it.

She turned her face into his neck as delayed embarrassment swamped her. “That wasn’t the best of ways to kick off a relationship, maybe.”-See? LOL I just love this.

Her glittering dress looked silly on her now, but she noted the appreciation of the high hemline in John’s eyes.-At least he knew he was into her. :giggles and smiles:

The girl dubbed Shadowcat grinned down at him, wearing the same type of mischief he sported daily. “What, you never knew? John…my room’s right above yours.” She would remember the completely shocked look on his face as she reached up and let her hands slight like a ghost through the ceiling. She set the jacket and shoes on the floor above her, then hauled herself up afterwards. She poked her head through the floor to give a parting remark:

“Take care of my earrings. I’ll be back for them.” She caught the fleeting smile on John’s face as she disappeared from sight.-delightul. I love the entire image of this moment and peeking through and telling him she'd be back. I have a sense that ceiling's going to get a lot of use. :grins:

You wrote a wonderful fic and I've enjoyed it (many, many times) thoroughly. And I intend to continue to enjoy it (many, many times) again.
Miss DnG chapter 1 . 11/29/2008
Great story!
Tanya Lilac chapter 1 . 12/27/2007
I love Kitty but I'm not too much of a fan of Pyro. How can you make them look so amazing together? I don't get it! -whinges- Seriously, I love the way you portray their relationship. It's just... -shrug- balanced, I guess.
wenurstange chapter 1 . 9/25/2006
Great dtory, I really enjoyed your writing style.
wellthatdepends chapter 1 . 9/25/2006
hehe, cute.

i found this on the lj masterlist for kyro.

I enjoyed this. Great job XD
AliceInSomewhereland chapter 1 . 9/23/2006
hahaha that was so cute! it's amazing how bad people can get when they're drunk. Not that I would know... ;-D lol j/k j/k. I really really liked it. I liked John's reaction and Kitty's, and I liked how you wrote "She’d had to phase her arm through her rib cage just to zip it up." it was funny. It was really well written, and I like how you write a Kyro. You should write more Kyros. lol. again, great job!

somekindafreaky chapter 1 . 9/22/2006
That. That was amazing. It's so hard to find new and refreshing kyros, there aren't enough. And it was beautifully written. I can't believe I took so long finding it!
summerrrain chapter 1 . 9/9/2006
This was really good...I liked it a lot. I really like how you wrote their characters...Great job!
arliddian chapter 1 . 8/31/2006
Vi directed me here through her lj, and I'm so glad she did.

This is just brilliant. I love it.
Violet Fairychild chapter 1 . 8/30/2006
OMGILOVEYOUSO. I had the biggest grin on my face the whole time I was reading this! It's just so dang cute, and flustered!John is freakin' adorable. XD I love how you wrote Kitty in this. A little uptight, but not totally naive. :)

I've got to go squee about this now.