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Okay, so I REALLY loved the story, but ive read a few of your stories, not all of them but a couple, and i've noticed that within your stories, Hiei always gets mushy, like, giving Kurama petnanes, i know that he actually does call Kurama Fox, but it's just, Hiei is usually has a heart as warm as a block of ice(Which I laugh at that because he's a fire demon) and he does stuff for himself.

And I know he would have a soft spot for Kurama, but I just can't see him as the type to have all these petnames, and stuff. I see as the type of guy to be kind of uncorfotable saying "I love you" and stuff, because stuff like that could be the very thing to get you killed in the demon world.

Oh, this NOT a flame, I honestly LOVE your work. You are an amazing author. I just was wondering if you could do something like that, oh and like I said, I haven't read all of your stories, so I might of missed one where you did just that. Sorry, if I did. Anyways, amazing story, I really liked it :)

Keep on writing!

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Favorited, of course.

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I read the title of this and my first thought was, "OMG SHIORI'S A DEMON!" and I guess you proved me wrong. Oh, well, I like an author who keeps me guessing. ;)
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