Reviews for His Day's Work
Danny Barefoot chapter 1 . 9/7/2006
Stand-alones are pretty nice, and I'm sure the character are fine with some peace and quiet. That said...another story? It's certainty worth doing, I'll be facinated to see what you come up with.

This'd be interesting from Arthur's point of veiw as well; he seems to understand a lot more about Chris than visa-versa, but still ends up realising some things. But Chris and Jemina is great, you can feel it all the way through. The great things is, Chris seems to change in what he does, rather than changing so much inside. That kind of story's good to dedicate to your son.

The song's good too; just the kind thing you'd think of if you're old and haven't been finished off by some disaster, whether the sort that might have fallen on Chris, or the stuff that fairly nearly did kill Arthur.

Good luck with the next story.