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N chapter 9 . 5/31
O god dangit, why do i keep reading awesome but incomplete stories that were updated eons ago. And it was starting to get real good. It is unlikely to work but (in singing tenore voice) ~pleeease updaaaAAAaaaateeee~ you know you waaant to don't leave us hanging when its bangiiiing~!

anyhow just in case, good writing would like to see more.
kostigan chapter 1 . 4/30
I just recently watched the show and your characterization of Rei, Shinji and their relatioship is just beautiful. It's been awhile but I hope you'll return to this one day.
xxxrae97xxx chapter 9 . 4/14
Holy fucking shit. How is this soo good, this last fight was just absolutely fucking insane and amazingly written. Holy fuck I need more of this fic.
Grz chapter 9 . 2/16
brilliant story, It feels very grounded, and none of the characters seem OC, hope that you choose to continue the story
Screaming With Your Mouth Shut chapter 9 . 2/10
This is an absolute gem. How did I not discover this sooner?
g6-music chapter 9 . 2/7
Phenomenal storyline. EXCELLENT writing. I'm LOVING this! Although...I wouldn't mind an ending ;)
The Last Rising Of The Phoenix chapter 9 . 7/23/2014
Uraharaisgod chapter 9 . 3/26/2014
Surprisingly VERY good, I wasn't expecting much when the title was "Godchild", I assumed his little change would make him some Gary Stu super powered *I can use AT Fields* b.s, but the title is incredibly misleading as Shinji is nowhere even near being *God*-like.

Instead, I'm truly surprised to find an intrinsic look into the idea of what really could have happened in canon, real interaction and reaction, from Asuka's seeming mental breakdown to Shinji's sheer misery at the way he fcked everything up and his fear of abandonment and loneliness, coping with the changes his at first seemingly simple palate swap brought onto him.

The only thing I'm slightly surprised by is Shinji's sudden change in resolve, desperately throwing aside his desire to run and actually doing his (rather pitiful) best to try and correct what he screwed up. But it's a very welcome change, and handled really well. Rather than just a complete change to the aforementioned Stu persona, he still has his fear and indecisiveness, and is struggling just to have people believe in the sincerity of his wish to change.

Would have seriously looked forward to reading more on this!
Halamee2559 chapter 9 . 12/20/2013
Well, I must say that this is the most impressive story that I had come across in a long time. The pacing is absolutely flawless, and one of the key strengths that you have nailed down pat, is the characters.

Yes, we know that Shinji's transformation is the main plot, but the best part of all is how you focus on the characters. Getting to see from Misato and Asuka's perspectives during Shinji's absence has a much more profound impact than simply letting the only cat out of the bag right from the get-go.

Not only that, but you also have a particularly strong grasp on introspective for Shinji himself. As he attempts to reintegrate with the world around him, after his very own identity has been stripped down to nothing, seeing him face the prejudice of strangers - not to mention loved ones - was something that is akin to how real society reflects towards people of different race, creed, religion.

To top it all off, everything in this story feels REAL. As in, if this fictional world and characters actually happened to exist, you made them believable. I've seen many a fanfic that can stray into the bounds of AU and fantasy a bit at times, but GodChild remains firmly rooted in the Evangelion universe.

Also, this entire last chapter is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Considering how the majority of the story is character-driven dialogue(which the show is too), seeing you write out a full length action sequence like this is rather mind-blowing, to say the absolute least.

So, in short - to say that this is the most pleasant "what if" story I have read in the longest time would be a woeful understatement. Hopefully, if you're out there reading this now, you will return here, someday.

As for me, I think I finally found the inspiration I needed to get writing again.
Thank you, so much.
Ky chapter 9 . 10/11/2013
I couldn't speak for two hours after reading this. WOW. We need to put you in the fanfiction hall of fame.
ezmegaz chapter 9 . 9/6/2013
Cool story. One of the few where Asuka manages to be a total bitch but with some pretty valid reasons. Too bad you ended it on a cliffhanger. Please continue.
redkama chapter 7 . 7/10/2013
everything but the spelling in grammar is complete shit
astrum agito chapter 9 . 7/2/2013
Great. I'd have to say, the scenario has changed ever since Eva refused to return Ikari Jr. Apparently, that caused the angel to become more active and attack more than just Asuka.

Great story, please update.
KendrixTermina chapter 9 . 6/15/2013
I'd like to tell you that this fanfiction is POSITIVELY AWESOME in many, many and that I dearly hope that it will be updated one day.

First of all, anything R/S always gets a few extra-brownie points with me, particularly the serious, plot-heavy variant.

Secondly, point of particular awesome-itude were:

- Just the way you handled Asuka's slow downfall, not just a simple downward line, but a dynamic procerss with spikes and... well, one could tell that you were willing to give her a differentiated potential and devote time to her
All interactions between Shinji and Asuka could be straight out of EoE.

- Good storytelling. The use of flashbacks/perspective cuts/ perspective flips on the same situation mirrors the gemuis use of such elements in the original, as did your use of PoV. You also managed to have Shinji be awesome in his usual Shinji way/without turning him into a gary stu. i found his maturation process was done quite nice, esp. since you still mantained tension/setbacks.

- You have quite a good way of mantaining tension - I must especially applaud a few of the "lab/techo-babble" scenes, that few people can give proper substance... I think it were your slow, elaborate depictions that did the trick; Your mind is ready to skip to the next event, but the amount of text forces it to follow the speed at which one can read - and if it worked even on a fast reader like me...

- The final chapter. (so far) Full stop. It just topped everything that came before a thousand times. The Rei mindrape reminded me of a certain Berserk scene. All pilots got their badass moments to overcome their personal weaknesses/show that, despite their flaws, all of them are ultimately made of pretty damn hard stuff. The description of Misato's inner monologue/ Shinji's marvelling at terminal Dogma.
The surprisingly differentiated portrayal of Gendo. Asuka taking a page from her EoE self and getting payback on Arael.
The sheer epicness of things leaving their fixed series-orbits (I freaked out when arael actually MOVED), EVA 01's epic spear action/fall out of the sky...
I was at the edge of my seat the whole time, following every twist... It pulled on my nerves... it dragged out a bit, but you used it to your advantage. It's like a good portion of sex (excuse the silly metaphor, but it's appropiate) just when things get painful and make you long for the end, there is another wave of awesome and you want it to go on, or it is the awesomeness and pain at the same time...

DAMN, that was a POSITIVELY EPIC chapter. That was GOD TIER writing just there!

...I feel kinda silly because i have, for a long time, have had my own plans to have Shinji use the LoL in my on-going long-term project , before I read this, even before Q (In a context where Arael is defeated without the lance, by Asuka, leaving the LoL available for the Armisael situation...) but now I feel sorta discouraged because my idea wasn't half as epic as yours...

Still, I won't leave without a little constructive criticism:
- The classmates. The reaction was kinda cliched, considering that while they considered Rei a wierdo, they seemed to just ignore her without any bullying or stares, and that Shinji was pretty much their hero before (see eps 4 and 5); I don't think Hikari would tolerate such actions, either.
- Kensuke seems kinda forgotten about; Considering the degree of differentiated insight/understanding he displays in eps 4, or 14, for example, (his crazyness about em EVAs nonwithstanding) I had the impression that he was a bit "dumbed down" oversimplified in this.

Either way, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
The aftermath of all this will not be pretty. Will we see Shinji III next?
...Still, it would seem inconsistent with the series if Yui didn't intervene, like, briefly make EVA 01 reactivate to partially buffer the fall with an AT-Fiel or something, at least to a degree where Shinji ends up barely alive.
If you DO have him die within EVA 01, what about a "miscarriage"-kind of motif?
A theme that I expect will be that of "No matter how much they can crudely reconstruct the bodies of the pilots, the same can't be said for their minds" or the like; In any case, they'll all AT LEAST have to pay a visit to the ICU, and Misato will have alot of moral supporting to do... (if she doesn't totally sink herself in her investigation, that is)
Ah, well. Whatever you do, I trust you to surpass yourself again.
LeoXiao chapter 9 . 6/9/2013
This story is very good. Its portrayal of Rei is FAR better than any I have read in quite a while. She acts and talks like Rei did in the series, even as the developments you give her are affecting major shifts in her character. Even though Asuka is definitely getting the short end of things here, it's sadly all-too believable from extroplation of the canon.

The battle with the 15th Angel was mindblowing. While the scene where Rei uses the Lance is one of my favorite in the series, you took the engagement and made it truly apocalyptic.

It's been six years since you updated, so I don't expect a restart, but even as it is now it's really a great piece.
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