Reviews for Wayward Son
Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 77 . 8/1
I wasn't expecting to see Priscilla! I liked this added almost support. It was nice to see your take on an interaction between them

Damn, I loved Bartre and Karla. No one writes about Karla (Makes me sad). But they're such an unlikely (And funny) pair. Excellent work, mate. Best of these 'seekers' this chapter

Oh, Canas. I'm glad you got a bit more out of Renault than you did in game. I'm heartbroken that you had to die. I knew it would happen, but I'm still sad

Isadora was quite fascinating. I don't know much about her, but I liked your take on her. As well as Renault's response at the end.

"Nothing in particular brought Renault to Illia during the harsh winter of 987."
Ilia only has one L

I figured Lucius would get his own chapter. He's important enough to do that.

You made me fall in love with FE7 all over again. I'd forgotten how much I just NEED these characters. Oh, what would I do without fanfiction

How many more chapters do you expect? Two? Three?
Hammershlag chapter 76 . 7/7
This was a nice end to the FE7 arc. Since it was mostly Renault's perspective on the events of the game, I don't really have much to say on the story.

I wasn't overly fond of Rosamia (the tactician, not the Etrurian from Book 1… her I had no quarrel with). Based on the ranking system of the game, as well as the protagonists' attitudes toward the tactician, I always figured him/her to be a kind-hearted figure who would do his/her best to lead his/her troops to victory with as few casualties as possible, and that she felt no-one was expendable. The tactician here kind of felt like Khyron before you developed him.

Renault's reactions toward Wallace and the others he knew were realistic enough, but I felt there should have been more between them, and it would have been nice to have more dialogue between him and Canas, as well as between him and Lucius.

The revelations at the end sound familiar. The brown-haired man with the large axe sounds like Bartre, the purple-haired man devoured by a snowstorm sounds like Canas, and the blonde-haired man almost sounds like Lucius, but I'm not sure. Am I close?

If it ended next chapter or in one hundred, I would follow this story to the very end. Without a doubt, this is one of the best works of fiction I've ever read.
Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 39 . 7/5
Ah, this is the best example of FE endings I've seen. So let's talk about them in order

Serapino. Great guy. I really liked him in this story, but I'm sad he never had a chance to meet Dougram again. He deserved it.

Dougram. Poor guy. I like justice motivated characters. It's a pity what happened to him. But you wrote that ending in true FE style.

Meris. I'm satisfied with her ending. I wouldn't have minded if she lost her head, but we kinda need Canas :D

Etruria. The change between the old Etruria and the one we've seen birthed through this fic is highly visible. Excellent work doing that.

Jerid. He was such a good guy. Every story just needs that side character that's a strong good man. Jerid fills that role very well, and added an excellent character to the story.

Khyron. Ah, what a guy. He did so many good things after the war. I'm really pleased with how he turned out. I'm also excited to see him in The Last Red Shoulder! He really was a man who honored those who helped him, and I respect him for that

Apolli. Not my favorite character, but that doesn't mean I hate him. On the contrary, I struggle to find characters I dislike except for those purposely written that way (Which I intend as a compliment to your skills as a writer). But Apolli's ending gives me a smile. He's a good guy, and I enjoyed seeing him change from bumpkin to badass.

Lisse. I was honestly shocked when I saw the art you had of her. She was OLD looking XD Never the less, I enjoyed her ending and the fact that Merlinus is her descendent pleases me to no end

Harvery. Funny, funny guy. I loved him. Though the fact that he fell down some stairs made me sad. And chuckle a bit ;)

Gafgarion. I loved that exchange between him and Khyron. It was honestly moving, and captured both of their characters excellently

(The idea of the rest of the group making up the battle in Braddock's absence was such a funny little bit in there)

Rosamia. THE FEELS. So sad. I'm so sad she didn't get her happy ending. Gah! I wanted things to turn out for her so well!

Braddock. Such. A. Good. Guy. Seriously, he's a work of art. He's the good person in the story (Like Jerid), but he's got plenty of blood in his past and on his hands to make him grim with the good. But if I got into a scrap, he's the guy I'd want at my back.

Renault. The man of the hour. I know other people have talked about how dark he is, but I enjoyed every minute of it. He and Braddock balanced each other out. Plus, I love revenge. It makes reading the second book less fulfilling, but I championed his revenge.

I wish I had entered the fanfiction community before this chapter. I would have liked to make the credits XD I'll make the next batch though. I want to mention that I like how you formulated them, and I mimic it when I finish fics.

What a fic. Seriously, I've talked about this fanfic as my favorite adventure story, completely considering it worthy of the title of published book. I used you and this fic as a reason why fanfiction isn't all shitty in a paper for my Creative Writing class. I won't get into tons of all the mushy stuff, because that's for the end of a fic. I will say this: This story has changed a lot of things about me, from how I want to write or how I view religion. I want you to know that this is the kind of story I'm likely to remember for the rest of my life.
Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 38 . 7/4
When I think about it, the amount of effort you poured into this fight was incredible. I know what it feels like to write tons of action in one go, and it's draining. There's only one word for this chapter: Epic. I think only the first battle with Henken in it is better

Ah, chapter 40. I had thought Book I ended before that event. I think I mistakenly thought it was in chapter 42, and I said something about it in a previous review XD

I'm not sure I'll read chapter 40. I don't want to break my feels again. Plus, I need somewhere to review after later rereads. So I'll do chapter 39, and then go to The Last Red Shoulder! For some reason, I stopped reading it during its update process. But now I can give you better reviews with my reactions! :D
Shadow's Nocturne chapter 76 . 7/3
I actually saved all my stat boosters and dumped them on Renault XD...Aureola FTW
Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 76 . 7/2
I agree, it was anticlimatic. But you made a good case, so I forgive you for that.

Though I wish Renault had spent some more time with the army. At least, let us see his interactions with another character or two.

That being said, it seems you'll follow through though. Renault saw Lucius and Canas in that vision, and someone else I'm mad I can't place. So I forgive you for that too.

You handled Wallace's bit excellently. Though that makes me feel Renault will never get the chance to tell him the truth, which makes me sad :(

As a side note, I always bring Renault along to that final chapter. I had him kill Nergal once too XD

I agree with you on Kishuna. I wrote my Renault fic with him being his friend because what I find the most exciting about Renault fics, is how every one is different. Each person has their own view point, and each fic is a writer's own decision on that matter. I didn't have 1m words to make that theory believable, so I copped out and made him Renault's friend. I'd like to one day write another Renault fic

The last few Linear Notes! Gasp! Makes me sad :') I can't believe I've been here for so long, since chapter 46 I believe. Do you still plan on leaving the fandom completely after this?
Fimbu1vetr chapter 76 . 7/2
Haha very cool take of the last few FE7 chapters and integrating in Renault. I WAS really hoping he'd be able to fight Nergal 1v 1 and crit OHKO hahaha. Oh well! I like the Wallace bit tho; makes a lot of sense and helps tie the story together. Thought this would be the last chapter for a bit while reading but guess not lols
Dark Lord Ereshkigal chapter 76 . 7/1
In my humble opinion...

You handled Renault's contribution EXCELLENTLY. I loved how he was able to realistically guide Eliwood's army to victory against the General morphs and his brief confrontation with Nergal, and I do agree with everything you said regarding his acceptance of his weakness.

Guess he and Bramimond ultimately parted on good terms, eh? I noticed just how much Bramimond's mirror-Renault personality has changed ever since his initial condemnation all those years ago, which just goes to show how much Renault himself has changed.
Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 37 . 6/15

But before that, I need to talk about Khyron. I mean hell, he is so well written. Gunlord, he is my favorite character of part one besides Renault. You wrote his character arc so damn subtle that it's taken me until the third read through to appreciate it. But at the same time, everything he said at the beginning is so believable! Khyron got me pumped so high for killing Paptimus and the future of Etruria.

Well done, mate

But Keith...
No one should go like that. I was so much more broken up about her than Kelitha. Kelitha was just more mentally mature for war, and Keith was more like a kid. She shouldn't have had to die.
Especially like that.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/14
Awesome story, cannot wait to see the conclusion. More of what Renault does after the conclusion of the Blazing Sword. Or does it just end there...!?

Anyhow, I think a zoomed in face from [chopped up link below] might fit better for the "story image"

Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 36 . 6/12
This chapter really hits where it hurts. Kelitha is one thing (So sad) but Henken too? Damn, this is like watching Game of Thrones.

But at least Henken took a bit of Paptimus with him! That bastard needs to do some burning in hell
Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 75 . 6/1
The divine tome! The light rune! The Fortify staff! All three of his items!

So you chose Priscilla, eh? Any reason behind that?

I liked Renault avoiding the Fang. That was pretty cool, and I'd like to see more of it!

The painting! Damn tumblr for being small, but I love it!
Hammershlag chapter 75 . 6/1
The picture isn't exactly as I imagined it, but it is very well done nonetheless.

This works very well as a transitional chapter, but it did seem to be a little shorter than it should be, especially the scene where Renault meets Priscilla.

I do not think the Black Fang would have given Renault that much trouble. After all, he was just a wandering bishop instructed by God via the spirit of his fallen friend to make a pilgrimage to the isle (at least, that is how I interpret it).

I forgot the icon Renault received in Ilia was of Ashera! Why is it of Ashera, again?

I look forward to the next chapter – knowing you, it will more than make up for this one's shortcomings.
Hammershlag chapter 74 . 5/4
Peace be with you, Varek. May you find rest in the afterlife and once more be amongst your late friends.

This was a surprisingly short chapter by your standards. I suppose that can be attributed to your orals.

In the sixth paragraph, I think a semicolon, rather than a period, would be more appropriate between 'though' and 'they'. Also, I'm not sure the second sentence warrants an exclamation point, but those are your prerogative.

It's a real shame Renault and Varek didn't get a chance to meet Juge, but at least this way Renault has an additional motivation to continue his pilgrimage (aside from atoning for his sins).

I loved the references to Seisen no Keifu, which is one of my favorite games in the series, along with Thracia 776 and Rekka no Ken.

Is it just me, or has Renault pretty much come full circle since the days before his father died? I remember you said in one of the first few chapters that Renault was an aspiring priest, and he prayed for his father to recover when he contracted tuberculosis. Death and illness aren't one in the same, I know, but I still couldn't help but think of pre-Wayward Son Renault when I read the last few sentences.

Congratulations again for passing your orals.
cignas chapter 74 . 5/2
I'm so glad you're back. This has been the best story I've ever read. Not only on here but just in general. Something about the maturation of Renault and you've written it has hit a very strong chord for me. Thank you so much.
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