Reviews for Anything for you
Guest chapter 7 . 9/13/2013
I love this story thanks so much for writing and posting it
Kirida chapter 7 . 1/20/2013
Loved it.
spike'smate chapter 7 . 1/13/2012
cute story
invis chapter 7 . 11/8/2006
Aw, very sweet.
MadTom chapter 7 . 11/8/2006
Nice story! I'm a sucker for good post-NFA Spuffy!
jeanenjolras chapter 6 . 10/15/2006
Yay, cute!
buffyrules-115 chapter 6 . 10/14/2006
more more more i need to read more
Lovelikethemovies chapter 6 . 10/13/2006
I like the story, the idea, but not Spike. In my humble opinion I think he should be in more pain. Guilt, baby!

Lovely, though.
Reven Eid chapter 6 . 10/12/2006
twotoe chapter 6 . 10/11/2006
Really good. I am sitting here a little teary eyed actually. Finally! Buffy knows that he is real and back and Spike believes. Who would have thought that Xander might actually come through on retreaving Spike and not be an ass. LOL Now on to our happy ending, I hope. Update soon please.
invis chapter 6 . 10/9/2006
Aww! So sweet I almost died! That was great. Sniff.
spikeismydaddy chapter 5 . 10/8/2006
Dear Lord(No, I am not Giles), What are you waiting for? Update please, I love this fic and Spike is on his way to save Buffy and the baby and Oh Dear Lord.

jeanenjolras chapter 5 . 10/1/2006
Daddy!Spike, cute!
invis chapter 5 . 9/29/2006
Aww. Daddy Spike. And I love that Xander went to fetch him. :)
Wentzie72 chapter 4 . 9/23/2006
omg great chapter i love this story and wow nice idea about how buffy became pregnant! plz update soon!
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