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Revan Ragnarok chapter 1 . 5/23/2009
When are you going to continue this story? It's too good to let it end like this.
Tweezle chapter 34 . 5/23/2009
Must have moar!

There are so few bg stories this good out there :(
arabellaesque chapter 34 . 3/25/2008
Yay! You're back :D

The only complaint I have is that it's too short and cuts off before the interesting bit *grin* But you know I'm dying to see how it goes with Mene and Xan - and I'm glad you think you'll update soon, because that means I won't have to wait too long! :)

So please *do* update soon - you were my regular dose of Xan-ness ;) And seeing Mene and Imoen's reunion has made me very intrigued about how things will go now they're reunited (since we haven't really *seen* them together). I totally forgot, as well, that you had Ajantis in your group! I'll be especially interested to see how he comes along.

Update soon! :)
isolde2257 chapter 33 . 2/4/2008
Aww, this has been dead for months. Pleease update? T_T
Kayali chapter 33 . 12/9/2007
Are you ever going to finish this? ( It's just now gotten to the best part of the romance! [/sarcasm]

Really, though, interested in seeing how your ranger handles it. :D
Emily Nguyen chapter 1 . 6/12/2007
Heya Joanna! It's me, Emily from your CHEM 121 class back in Fall '06! You know, that short little Asian girl who hanged out with you in the arcade? I read your fic, and again as I told you before, I really like your writing style and you should keep up the good work!

So how's things going for you? I hope good. As for me, the last two quarters I was at UC San Diego, and from the looks of it, I'm probably gonna attend there for 4 years, unless I change my mind heheheh.

Hahahaha, I hope I get a response back (preferably by my email); I missed talking to you.

- Emily Nguyen
arabellaesque chapter 33 . 4/29/2007
More! Next chapter! Gah!

Poor Mene :( :( :( Though you managed to make Irenicus as chilling and cold as he should be with his mannerisms and tones - which was great :D

More! More Xan!
Riviera chapter 32 . 4/27/2007
Seeing as I haven't bugged you in a long time.. IBUGYOUNOW :D

Love how the story is shaping up, I really wonder how the Slayer scene and.. aftereffects.. will be handled.

I always do feel a twinge when Anomen gets dumped yet again, but my rabid fangirlism for our little enchanter overcame that quickly enough.
autumn-leaf16 chapter 27 . 4/23/2007
first of all I've actually read up to chapter 32 but for some reason i can't submit a review at chapter 32, so yeah...

Wow...i actually stayed up late to read this story. I just got so addicted. Don't be offended but I actually didn't think that I would like this story when I read it in the beginning, because I don't like it that much when people quote the game 90% of the time (although to not be hypocritical, I probably did that too...) But some how I wanted to read more about it (well...oen motivation to see who else would come out) and as I continued to read it i realized that I really like it. I really like the bit when you are writing about the event from your own words completely, as I think they are much better then the time that you quoted from the game.

I really like the fact that Ajantis didn't die, and I think you did quite a good job with his character, although I haven't play BGI tutu so I don't really know, but I think he would be like that. I recently played the Kivan mod and so it was quite funny to see him in this story. I really like how you showed his presense in this group. And lastly, the romance with Xan is really cute. :)

In general great job! Please continue! You also actually inspired me to rework/reupload/rewrite my abandoned baldur's gate fan fictions. :) I guess this story make me want to write about the people in this world.
arabellaesque chapter 32 . 4/18/2007
Yay - an update!

I feel quite sorry for your Yoshi :( Poor lad :( And poor Imoen... and well, poor everyone :(

This bit can never go well, unfortunately :(

Update soon, though - I'll be eager to see what happens, and how Xan and Mene pull through this!
arabellaesque chapter 31 . 2/15/2007
And we edge ever closer to Imoen!

Sime is getting on better with them? I'd have liked to see that developing, but that's just me :) I'm a sucker for reading about relationships (of any kind)!

Typical Edwin move there, I see :D

And how horrid of you to use the 'hopeful Xan' talk so close to the slayer! Meanie!
arabellaesque chapter 30 . 2/11/2007
Action packed stuff! Glad Claire and Sanik are alright - I always have a soft spot for them, and *hate* having Sanik killed :(

I think Mene was a little bit naive going on her own like that - she should realise, though, now, that backup is often quite useful, and though she's a capable girl, the others have their own strengths too.

I wonder what's to come next if you've a few more chapters before Spellhold... :D
arabellaesque chapter 29 . 2/6/2007
Hurrah! Life to Sanik! :D

And that wasn't nearly as mushy as I was prepared for (or wanted! :D I can't write that stuff myself, so I walways want other people to have it, darnit!)

Another step closer to Imoen - I can't wait to see the relationship she has with Mene :D
arabellaesque chapter 28 . 2/2/2007
D'aw! Ajantis and Anomen's scene was very touching - makes me want to read the BG 1 version of events now! :D

Saemon's letchy as always I see! And Sime's still being shady - as a Shadow Thief should be, I reckon (even though I didn't do that at all - teehee!)

Mene and Xan are lovely. Good stuff - can't wait for more!
Lady of Starlight chapter 28 . 2/1/2007
I *really* like your story so far. Sorry I haven't reviewed before, I just started reading it sometime yesterday. However, it's an awesome story and I can't wait to see more.
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