Reviews for How Long Will You Wait?
yuuka-hanamaya chapter 1 . 8/15/2012
Oh my God. Why haven't I read this yet? I love all your stories, and I do admit to having started reading this, but I never read it completely. Now I wish I'd done it long before. Jesus. Interesting pairing, not one I would think of right off the bat and not one that's too common, but you pulled it off very well and very realistically.
Agh. Lord. Just goes to show that you should always wait long enough, huh? God... That would have been horrible. I would love to see a sequel or epilogue or something to this to see all the tension and reactions afterward, but that probably won't happen. The ending was good, but it felt like there was a giant gaping hole to where reactions and such should have been. It was probably intended to be that way, though, huh? So sad..
Great fic, though. *Favorite*
AngelofSnow chapter 1 . 3/3/2012
What a beautiful concept to explore and you handled it so well.
Lossefalme chapter 1 . 4/17/2007

I read this fic because I thought it might be interesting considering I've never really been into the Brianna character, and have never played a male Exile. I thought, Carth and Brianna... hrm... I don't know...

But WOW did you pull it off! And then some. Good LORD I do so love your fics! This one was especially poignant in the way you so carefully and colorfully described Brianna and Carth's lonliness, and all of their surroundings every time they met. Even though it was a short story, you never rushed it. The scenery was AMAZING, so detailed, described so well I could see EVERYTHING in my mind's eye. AND, even with all that, you never got repetitive in your descriptions. Your vocabulary was great, without a bunch of cliches.

And how you captured their feelings... for eachother, for Arik, for Revan, their actions and reactions to everything... I just can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed this fic. You did a fabulous job of making readers FEEL exactly how Carth and Brianna were feeling at the moment (at least I can speak for me!)... and the end in the grove - GAH! When Moza announced that Revan and the Exile were back, I about fell off the couch! Talk about intense... WOW. GREAT ending to Carth and Brianna's story, no matter if they keep their promises or not.

This was a gem, I tell you, I real freakin' gem. :D Thanks so much for writing it and I must beg more stories from you... I've almost caught up on everything on your profile! ;) Lol. Keep up the great work!
Inconspicuous Acuity chapter 1 . 12/9/2006
Sensible, human, weak characters who each have their inner struggle. I had been wondering for a while if there was a story like this, with two of the NPCs that were forced to wait and how they might find solace in each other. But I secretly hoped they'd manage to control it and wait until the end. Humm.

You probably made it much more interesting anyway, with your ambiguous ending and the doubts you cast upon Revan and the Exile just before. Basically, you left it open for any possibility in the galaxy. Also, the feeling of timeless space, with the same tranquil, gray loneliness hovering over and over around the two characters was extraordinary.

I got drawn inside the story completely.
NovelT chapter 1 . 10/14/2006
My first review!

Do have an excuse, for the usual minus-something-dollars' worth: I'm allergic to Atton. Actually, I'm allergic to most portrayals of characters alive in my jealous brain, and so have been shy of most of the fanwork. But this one is far enough from home - and well enough written - that I couldn't resist.

That said, on with the words of praise:

I have very little exposure to Brianna, since I only played the female Exile where she is a good girl and stays at home. But even with that small base for comparison, it struck me that your Brianna is very true to character. She is young, a tad or more unsure, and the rather formal code of conduct is subtly but memorably interwoven into her thoughts and actions. It amazed me a little that someone with (presumably) nil romantic experience in the before would suddenly be finding it impossible without a "man in her life". But, I grew to understand that it is more of a reaction, an attempt to cope with a loss that she had never before understood.

All in all, you have an excellent grasp of the tension in the fishing line, and I found myself quite unabashedly rooting for the gal (which way? A foregone conclusion). And all that while growing a not-so-slight annoyance at the fickleness of Humans and sci-fi derivatives. ;-) The ending was a killer. Kudos!

Shall I wrack my brain to come up with some critique? A review doesn't seem complete without some nit-picking. With nothing else, let me just grouch that the "instant attraction" was a bit too instant for my (admittedly, oddly wired) belief system. It can perhaps be explained that it is both quite far out of character for the two: they don't quite understand, themselves, yet it has somehow become the only outlet for all the fear and uncertainty and doubt that they refuse to let themselves acknowledge. I think that is what you tried to convey, or at least is what's making it to the eye of this beholder.

Okay, okay, will stop with the overanalysis. :-)
Son Kenshin chapter 1 . 9/16/2006
Wow, I can't believe I missed this one. Really nice, hope it isn't a one shot.
Winter Arani chapter 1 . 9/12/2006
Wow. That was really well-written. Is there more to it?
lOngshotOR chapter 1 . 9/6/2006
Is this a one-shot? Please continue, it was amazing. The depth you gave the character of Brianna, increased that given by the game tenfold. Please continue this, I would love to read more. Thanks, Trillian.
DarthNexus9000 chapter 1 . 9/6/2006
good story. I hope you can get Resolutions up soon
I am no longer available chapter 1 . 9/6/2006
Really good.

Each scene was quite nicely set up, and there was a real sense of progression from one to the other. The tensions you build up in each scene worked quite well, though I must admit that the first few scenes were stronger than the last two for me. I think the last two both needed a bit more a gradual, richly described build up so that when they approach the breaking point, we can feel how so easily they could cross over that line.

The ending is also very good, and could be great, but the language doesn't quite capture the walking on the knife's edge that I think you're seeking.

Dante-Raven chapter 1 . 9/4/2006
I only have one word for this: incredible.

You pulled me right in and I couldn't help but actually feel for the characters, notably Brianna. Carth had always struck me as teetering on the edge, not quite sure where his promise would take him, but to see it begin in Brianna, now THAT was unique. What's more, I like how you wrote in their strange encounters. It's funny, because life tends to work that way when you least expect it. In either case, I loved this; it was soft, smooth and a damn good read. Great job.
Phoenixasending chapter 1 . 9/4/2006
Wow, you've actually managed to peak my interest in the handmaiden. This was really well written though though that cliffhanger ending is driving me nuts they end up together or do they keep their promises? I could really feel the strain between them.
greengrass1914 chapter 1 . 9/4/2006
I read this when it was up for about a picosecond a few weeks ago, and I very much like the change to the ending. This is a much more fitting conclusion, and I think better shows the gravity of what they've done.

There were some great moments in here-the "I hate it" line with the necklace; Carth's internal monologue acknowledging that he doesn't think of Brianna until she is before him; and of course the hanging conclusion. (The Douglas Adams reference was fun, too). Excellent work, as always.
PadawanMage chapter 1 . 9/4/2006
Beautiful. The tension between these two characters was very palatable. Still...what if that Ithorian had been an hour or so late?