Reviews for Worlds Together
Kualabear chapter 30 . 4/23
I am loving this storyline! I want to read more please! Pleesse put out a new chapter!
Julie Sue chapter 30 . 4/22
Ahh sooo i know my review is delayed but I had to re read all the chapters again! And i love it again sooo much and I love that he had no issues about going with her! I can’t wait for the next chapter! ️️️
Julie Sue chapter 29 . 4/22
Ahhhh I cannot Wait!
Nicolebct1 chapter 30 . 4/22
Hello I just found this story as I am newer to the GGFF but I just wanted to say how much I love jt. Hope you update again soon
Felizia00X chapter 30 . 4/20
Great chapter! Yeah I think everyone feels strange asking for something like this. I have to say that I think it’s great that you included this topic in the story because it’s important and most everyone I know would not know how to ask their partner to get tested! I feel like this is the first time someone asked for this in any story I read so far. I’m looking forward to read the next chapter soon!
crystal306vat chapter 30 . 4/20
Great chapter can't wait for the update and some smut!
nightnovice chapter 30 . 4/19
NIce talks - honest, open and a real genuine feel. Well done!
ECSGG chapter 30 . 4/19
So sweet - glad to see them finally back together! Can’t wait to see how their relationship grows. Update soon. Thanks
Mspriss523 chapter 30 . 4/18
This is the first one I read were someone brings up STDs. I always thought it was something they should address. Can’t wait for the “date”
lucylulu chapter 30 . 4/18
love them together
and telling the boys LOL
hope to read something from you soon, no matter which story you decide to update
merderluvr chapter 30 . 4/18
You did an amazing job building toward their upcoming activities. It's cute that he wants to make sure he does everything right this time and wants everyone to know about them being a couple again. I thought Rorys talk with her mom about her plans was brave. It showed how close they are. I'm glad Rory and Logan are planning things out and taking precautions. I also liked the STD discussion with Logan. They are communicating instead of second guessing each other. Always a great thing for a good relationship.. Looking forward to their big moment together. Thanks so much!
ItziArana chapter 30 . 4/18
I love Rory and Logan... So cute. And I totally picture Lorelai having this exact conversation with Rory. Im so glad shes gonna have her first time with Logan and not Dean :) Cant wait to read more. Thank you!
Guest chapter 30 . 4/18
Love it - cant wait for the smut- make the first time romantic and big
vickstick chapter 30 . 4/17
Love it can't wait for more
AusteniteV chapter 30 . 4/17
Promises, promises... But seriously - kudos to you for writing about STD testing! I haven't seen it come up much in Sophie fanfic and it should!
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