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Rayven chapter 7 . 3/8/2009
Oh, wow. I completely love this - you've made the characters so interesting, especially their backstories, which doesn't happen often in this fandom.

I salute you.
RedSumacBlooming chapter 7 . 3/1/2009
oh my god, this is freakin amazing!
whatahorcrux chapter 7 . 2/26/2009
Aw man! This is so fantastic! I love a good AU high school Akuroku fic, and this one does not disappoint! The way you write the relationships is really believable and well paced.

Also. I love your Demyx! *squishes him* Do I dare hope for future Zemyx?

Kudos on having amazing references to fanon/canon culture (I lol'd at the surgeon general's warning mention.).

I dunno if this fic has been discontinued, but I'd just like to say thanks for giving poor fangirls like me some amazing shit to read while I avoid real life.

NarusaS chapter 7 . 2/25/2009
Hi there! This is FaileElazi from dA. Anyway, just wanted to say that I really love this series, even though I'm pretty sure I already said that on dA... Love ALL the pairings in this, especially the SeiferxHayner. It makes me laugh so hard. Umm... yeah, sorry if I ramble.

The story has been really great and I've seen very few noticable spelling or grammer errors. I'm pretty sure I know why Cloud hates Reno, and thus red hair, but I won't put it here, in case I'm actually right and ruin it for someone. Because I'd kill someone with a blunt eraser for doing that to me, so I won't do it to them.

... Roxas should contemplate shoving someone down a tuba. Not that I recommend doing that! It's all hell trying to get things out of tubas. I'm in band (I play trumpet) andduring marching season freshmen like to come use tubas as trash cans. ;3; Any right-minded band kid would seriously injure those idiots. I love that Roxas plays Alto Sax, does it make him a better kisser? Because, you know. With saxes and clarinets you practically have to make out with your instrument to get it to work.

So, other than the tuba incident, you should probably plan a concert in your story... because they're awesome?

I'm sorry, I spew out random band-related ideas constantly.

I loved the Great Inferno!. Maybe Axel should dress up like him? But, since the paper made it pretty obvious that Axel likes Roxas... ah, wait. Roxas is more dense than liquid osmium. ... I had to look up the densest metal on the planet to compare Roxas to. ._.;;

Anyway, is Zemyx going to be official? Eventually. Or is Dem going to continue to delude himself into thinking he can get the Sex God that is Cloud?

Sex God... Axel... PHONE. ...I think that was this story. If it wasn't I'M SO SORRY. I read more Kingdom Hearts fanfics than Xigbar does drugs. Which is saying something.

I'm trying to think of things to say that make sense, which is hard, considering how my brain cells have died from the overload of AWESOME. I'm assuming that Cloud was the one driving behind the gang. Hoping.

So... why do they not talk of Mansex ad Saix being together. Or, at least, I'm assuming they are.

But I really shouldn't assume. You know they saying, assume make an ass out of you and me.

This thing is so short and useless, I'm sorry. There was supposed to be more than praise and ideas in here, there really wsa. And there weren't supposed to be strange ramblings. Or guesses at the future content of the story.

Oh, GOD. Please don't change anything in your plans if I guessed them! Though that's a little pridefull of me, I'm not that significant considering the hundreds of reviews and favorites you guys must get.

I'm contimplating drawing a comic with the "And God said, let there be gay babies."

"And there was," Demyx replied with the utmost sincerity.

"And it was good," Xigbar finalized.

Roxas slammed his head onto his desk.

I'll admit. I had to copy that from the story and paste it in here. I AM SORRY. I FAIL LIKE THAT.

Umm... you shouldn't worry so much about us over on the recieving end. Even if there are mean weirdos who demad MOAR all the time, take your time. That way I can get the giant-in-length chapters I love, and you guys don't kill yourselves making it. Or just shorten them, I guess. Whichever makes it easier on you two. I'll admit, I did write fanfictions at one point and post them here (dear GOD, DON'T READ THEM. There I go, flattering myself again...) but they were for Naruto and I gave up. It's been around a year since I wrote any fanfictions, but you guys have inspireed me to start wrinting some again. Just not SasuNaru/NaruSasu. Kingdom Hearts will be ALL I write now, becasue I can't get it out of my head. I'm really gratefull for this, because I don't want to get out of the habit of writing some good fanfictioons. I tend to find it harder to write for other people's characters than I do for my own, though. Don't you?

Sweet Jesus. I'm suddenly worried that this beautiful piece of work will end up getting contaminated by me. There I go again...

So, did you notice that FF has been doing something weird when you write reviews? It goes and sends you to the top of your review and you can't see what you're typing. Kinda irritating.

Sorry for more random things. Wow, this review is LONG. almost to 5400 characters. Which is scary. Because I have an essay that I REALLY need to write. Two of them, actually. GAH.

How is school going for you two? Fine, I hope. DON'T FAIL ON PURPOSE. It's nice that you love us, but yoiu really should try to do well in school. High school gets you into collage and without collage you can't get a good job.

Reno shoving people out the door entertains me. Insanely.

You guys know about the new KH games, right? Which one do you want the most?

Castle Souls, FTW. And Aros. And Kiru. Love it, so much. Aros actually took me a while to figure out, though. Just as I didn't know Xemnas could be rearranged as Mansex until I read your story. Do you think it was on purpose?

Anyway, sorry for such a long and weird review, you really don't have to reply.

Signing out at just over 6200 characters.

-Burgan Martin
Iridescent Twilight chapter 7 . 2/24/2009
So, I just now stumbled on this and feel rather out of the loop, since it seems to not have been updated in a long time - but I just wanted to say, it's absolutely amazing x3 and I'm adding it to my list of alerts, just in case it DOES get updated. You guys? Are awesome.
953 chapter 7 . 2/16/2009
Okay then, I was going to write a big long review about how mean it is to blame your readers for your own not wanting to write, but my computer ate it. So I'll just say what I really wanted to say: Tiggy Tiggy TIGGY! Absolute crack, but yknow, aw. (stoner!Xigbar is so much better than evilsniper!Xigbar with his lavendar rods of doom)

I hope this fic gets updated, completed even, someday, but if it doesn't...oh well. Seven magnificent chapters is, well, not ENOUGH, but still good. Great. Insert inspriational word here.

Really though, I've fallen in love with your characters-I would love to see more of Cloud, and Leon, and Cloud and Leon and Demyx. And Tidus and Xigbar. Yay for stoner!Xigbar.

(Here I'd put in some TOTALLY AWESOME quotes from the fic, but...there's not enough space for all the ones I can think of. And anyway, where would I start?)

So, um, UPDATE! Or at least don't group me with the lazy kids who don't review. Cause I did. (Out of guilt. Also awe and adoration, but quite a bit of guilt. I think a lot of readers are haunted by the reviews they didn't leave-or should be, at least.)

One last thing-it's quite refreshing to find a fic that doesn't have Axel and Roxas falling into bed together after the first two chapters.

Yay, Tiggy! *dances around in fangirlish glee at finding yet another fantastic crack pairing* Ah, poor corruptible Tidus...
berserkerrae chapter 7 . 2/9/2009
I like how Leon doesn't seem to get that Cloud likes him. I also love the Axel and Cloud love/hate relationship.
sophiii chapter 7 . 1/31/2009
Well hello. It's been a while since I read this, BUT A DAY DOESN'T PASS WITHOUT THIS RUNNING THROUGH MY MIND LIKE A HERD OF STAMPEEDING DUCKS. I really am in love with this story.


*Time for a flashback!* Imagine me, two months ago, sitting on my blue chair, staring at the computer screen with an idiotic grin. Yes, I'm reading FANFICTION *dance*, the source of ultimate happiness. Then I stumble apon.. or do I mean across? Anyway, it involves stumbling and something starting with the letter a. ANYGAYS, I start reading a Kingdom Hearts fanfiction with this wierd-ass name that my simple brain doesn't understand (I'm thinking it has something to do with the colour red and someones skin), Carmine Complexion. It is love at first sight. I am giggling and gasping and crying and grinning and sobbing for like 10 hours, and then I cry out loud. "THIS IS THE LAST UPDATE?" I shout. "THIS IS WORK OF THE DEVIL! WRONG I TELL YOU, WRONG!" I scream in a slightly hysterical tone. Then I read the authors notes. Harsh words! They SCARE AND SCAR MY LITTLE FANGIRL-BRAINS D: ! So I fall into ultimate shock and forget to review.

I also forgot to favorite/alert this story, AND I forgot the name, so it actually took me about 5 hours to find this. First I googled like a crazy person with the wierdest keywords (like "Mansex Malibu") but I found nothing. Then I got frantic and read almost every story on my favourite list, before remembering that I didn't actually add this. Then I searched through all my blogs and journals to see if I could find a mentioning about the name! No! I was about to cry, when the most brilliant idea struck me. MSN MESSENGER CHATLOG! It took me an hour, but I finally found this, and started writing this mindlessly wierd review. *Idiotic fangirl flashback over*

But I have returned! And it is time for teh PRAISE. As I have said about 5 times, I loveloveloveloveloveloveloved it. It's just geniusly funny and cute and it's seriously mental. The dialogue is adorable and makes me giggle like a baby. The plot is just.. umm.. odd, but I love it. I love Axel in this! (I could just love Axel as a fulltime job, but I love him in this aswell). And I love how he loves Roxas. Awhhehuhh it's just too cute. I can't wait to see what happends next! I'm wildly bewildered with the Reno-Cloud-scene, but I'm sure I'll understand it someday. Eventually. Maybe.

I cry tears of blood for Demy, the poor soul! D: What a tragic life he leads. But he's so wonderfull anyway, OH I wan't to cry now. I love Demyx in this aswell. Umm well actually I love EVERY character in this story. I love how they are portayed, EVEN FREAKIN' VEXEN! And that's a lot from me, a sworn Vexen-hater. Oh noes I've lost my thoughts now... Err... Laalaalaalaalalala... *Bashes head into wall* (Seriously, it seems to help). RIGHT. Why I love this story. I actually think that is said and done now, so it's time for the nasty part.

The only bad thing I have to say about this story is the spelling. The mistakes make me have panic attacks D: I'm obsessive about grammar. And I'm pretty sure claustrophobia isn't spelled "clausterphobic" ;-; That and many others.

But I guess I can live, BECAUSE ALL THE OTHER PARTS AND ELEMENTS OF THIS STORY ARE JUST FREAKIN' AMAZING ! YAY ! *super party-dance* Cupcakes for everyone ! Especially if somebody actually read this so called "review" and didn't die of shock. It's so wildy random.

Anygays and anyways, I'm actually trying to tell you that I love this story for 100 0 years. And you authors. I worship the ground under your feet. I'd marry you people if I had the chance. (Oh and don't be alarmed by that, it's just a wierd thing I say... and I say it a LOT. My friends keep telling me to stop but I like it too much.)
Ingenious Jenius chapter 7 . 1/28/2009
Oh I do not know where to begin.

I've had this story in my favorites for a while now because I read the first few chapters, fell in love, and never read the rest.. until now. May i say that you two are brilliant writers.

I have fallen in love with the pairing of Tidus and Xigbar, which is pretty strange for me because I'm not a big fan of crack pairings but you two make it likeable. I actually cannot get through the day without remembering quotes from this story.

Quick note to anyone who reads this review. DO Not remember Gay babies when studying god creating the earth. it's not good.

Continuing on... I love the way you have each stick to character through every chapter, especially with these lengths. i know some writers have a problem with that, including myself.

I believe that any story that makes me fall out of my chair laughing is a truly great story! I know I had a lot more to say but it becomes hard to remember when you have soo many things you want to say flying through your head at one. I'll be sure to write my comments down the next time _

Good Luck, I'll be looking forward to next chapter and chapters to come.
ChibiMonster007 chapter 7 . 1/27/2009
This story is... WONDERFUL. And friggen hilarious. I lauged so hard I almost fell off my chair. I love it, updatr ph-leease!
RAWR218 chapter 6 . 1/25/2009

i miss this story...


But i am waiting!
DemyDemy chapter 7 . 1/25/2009
bah! keep it up guys i LOVE this story!
DemyDemy chapter 2 . 1/24/2009
OMg the part with the biscuits and the wish sandwhich is SO from Rubber Biscuit the BESTEST song ever


i love you

that song rocks awesome

just thought u shud know
anonymous chapter 7 . 1/18/2009
this is an incredible story, I can see that you have worked your butts off t make this an actually good story. please please please continue to make more.
Beanieboy101 chapter 7 . 1/17/2009
Two words: holy fuck.

This is by far the best piece of writing I have ever read. Its far better than most of the trash required at school. Anyways, I just discovered it today and I immediately was hooked. I noticed you hadn't updated in a while, so I thought maybe a review could give you some motivation and feedback too! D

The plot flows pretty well and I like how well you explain each situation, the expressions, how people react, the emotions characters experience etc. It is very thorough and I feel it gives your work a professional sense. It makes it easier for the reader to form a complete mental image in their mind, which makes reading such a great story all the more worth it!

The dynamics between the three brothers also adds much drama to the story, but in a GOOD way! The whole overprotectiveness of Cloud towards Sora and Roxas is wonderfully written and seems very believable and natural. The differences between Roxas and Sora (mostly the light-hearted love/hate relationship) I feel give more to the story than take away. After all, who wants to read about two brothers with the exact same qualties and the exact same personalties who just so happen to love each other 24/7, go to school, get into some conflict, resolve the conflict, get into more conflict... Lather... Rinse... Repeat... BORING!

Also, the way you build tension and add to the growing relationship between Roxas and Axel is just beautiful. I love how gentle Axel is and how slow he is to really flat out show Roxas how he truly feels, and I love how shy Roxas is in admitting his feelings to Axel as well. I feel you approached this subject very cleverly and it is just AWESOME! It just seems so... natural! XD I love how you envision their actions and how you masterfully compose the slow build up of the romantic feelings of Roxas towards Axel and vice versa.

Oh and the other established and establishing relationships between Riku and Sora and Xigbar and Tidus respectively are also wonderfully wonderfully written!


"And God said, let there be gay babies."

"And there was," Demyx replied with the utmost sincerity.

"And it was good," Xigbar finalized.

Roxas slammed his head onto his desk."

GENIUS I TELL YOU! GENIUS! Although my absolute favorite line is when Roxas reveals Sora's cat named Decisive Pumpkin! Like WTF! Who comes up with that! XD

And finally, I thank you for taking the time to read this long revieew and I hope you will continue to update this magnificent work! I feel your story goes above and beyond the expectations and limitations of the average fanfic and I have fallen in love with it! I beseech you, PLEASE UPDATE! But no pressure, I understand that as the author, you have a life outside of this website, with real drama and real pressures and real challenges, and that you are entitled to your own life away. And I respect that. I love this story! If I didnt, I wouldnt have taken the time and effort to write you this review with my meager skills in explanation and persuasion.

But really, I NEED MOAR! ~D

Your recent and future devoted reader,

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