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Bluebird Soaring chapter 11 . 3/25/2008
Way to put it all in perspective, Jazz! Just as I was wondering what the fallout would be from the Twins/Ratchet med bay incident... And I can totally see Jack being much more at ease with the new life/new mechs than Ratchet. Jack is more of a social bot, although it looks like he helps Ratch break the ice too. And comparing the energon to solvent for the win )
Okami-chan chapter 11 . 3/24/2008
Somehow or the other, I completely missed seeing this on your LJ. I _saw_ it, but it disappeared so fast I didn't have the chance to read it.

I like the idea that the energon the Autobots receive is substandard to what most of the populace is used to.

A month in (possibly more for Jack), and Ratchet and Wheeljack haven't really changed. Does this mean that they'll change later on? A month is nothing to a Transformer, so I can see it not carrying much weight at the moment. Are we going to have the opportunity to see them realize that the things they believed before may not exactly be the same things they hold dear now? (We saw a brief glimpse of that in regrets, when Ratchet admitted that he wanted to see the Cons dead).
Dragowolf chapter 11 . 3/24/2008
LOVE IT! It is so cute and that last line is great!
TaintedTamer chapter 11 . 3/24/2008
Lol, great chapter. I can picture Sunstreaker putting Ratch in a head-lock and then getting pwned. XD
getaiyou chapter 11 . 3/24/2008
Wow, what a life. I am just positively excited for Wheeljack and Blue. YAY! Go Go Go GO!
Elita One chapter 11 . 3/23/2008
poor ratch, hes having trouble adjusting
flamingmarsh chapter 11 . 3/23/2008
good chapter.
TaintedTamer chapter 1 . 3/1/2008
Awesome, lol. :D Wheeljack is by far my fav Transformer, so I'll be reading all of these.
Bluebird Soaring chapter 10 . 2/26/2008
Another grand slam! I can just see Prowl not quite understanding what Ratchet is up to or why he can't just let well enough alone when given percentages of success! Prowl is "worried" in his own way since Ratchet has made himself a target standing where he is, but can't see the logic in his need to wait there for Wheeljack and the twins. And Ratchet is deadly honest with Prowl about his level of trust...great ending too btw )
flamingmarsh chapter 10 . 2/26/2008
hey you should do more with Smokescreen and Wheeljack and chapter 10 was pretty good. I would be worried to!
GreendEATHpop chapter 9 . 1/11/2008
'Bout time Wheeljack got some love.

I love these stories.
Bluebird Soaring chapter 9 . 1/11/2008
You did it! Well, you flirted with it ) That was perfect...I hope your next chappy continues this direction...'Jack needs some TLC too )
flamingmarsh chapter 9 . 1/11/2008
i love your story! keep up the good work - and could you do one on Wheel Jack and Smokescreen?
caz chapter 9 . 1/11/2008

why didn't i see that before? lol

thinkin' about it, poor smokey, how long's HE had a thing for Jack and had to watch him pining over Ratch? oh, that's ... owwy.

well, hopefully Jack straightens out and gives big blue smokey some lovin'.
stratataisen chapter 8 . 9/17/2007
The stories are wonderful~! I felt so sad for Wheeljack in the last one though. ;-; The poor 'bot~! *cuddles him*

Hope to see more in the future~! x3
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