Reviews for Destiny
Kira Coffin chapter 1 . 10/14/2006
DUDE! Why the hell haven't I come across this sooner? *kicks self* This is a very humanized version of Destiny, very true to her character, but you've gone beyond that - offering an insight and a sensitivity to the precog that we rarely get to see in terms of EVO FIC... of all things, that human quality really gets me.

Exceptionally well done. Barring the absence of one or two commas, this is incredible.

darkstorm5000 chapter 1 . 9/17/2006
Great story, and amazing grasp on Destiny's character!

For me, Irene has always been one of those characters that seemed to be above the current conflict that those around her were embroiled in, despite the fact that she was usually still be an active participant in whatever was going on. It was like she was constantly thinking outside of the box and always looking at a broader picture, even if it went against the opinionations of her teammates. I enjoyed her assessment of Xavier and Magneto as essentially being two sides to the same 'idiot coin', kinda reminded me years ago when Stryfe more-or-less said the same thing about them.

Also, 'fantastic' job with the mention of her chance meeting with Doom, before his rise to power. His reply to her offer sounds exactly like something he would say. And, I liked the way you handled Irene's romantic history too, before and with Raven.
axegirlofneworleans chapter 1 . 9/9/2006
I like your take on Destiny. I think she's an often overlooked character and it's good that people think of her. I also wanted to say that I like your style of writing, it's to the point and flows well like an actual thought process. I like that.
W.C.Reaf chapter 1 . 9/9/2006
Nice, very nice.

I'm partial to Destiny and I think she was an underused character in Evo. You've done a good job at showing what daily life is for her, a battle between the past, present and future that she feels is curtail in finding out her next step in a better life for mutants.

I've seen most people use her as a plot device or a manipulative precog who's trying to get the best for the world. I confess I've planned the latter for a fic. What you've done is show the flawed human side of her, one who isn't always right.

I agree with what was said about Xavier's and Magneto's mutant polices, if they want peace then they've got to show the people that they're not too different from them. Hmm I wonder what'd happen if a mutant became president or prime minister or something? lol

Anyway great stuff, good to see you writing some more.

Keep it up.

W. C. Reaf signing off.