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Junior143 chapter 6 . 7/23/2017
ok I'm done but please make more I want this alot
Junior143 chapter 7 . 7/23/2017
for real doooooooooo it
Junior143 chapter 7 . 7/23/2017
if your thinking about reading this story DO IT ... NOW
Junior143 chapter 8 . 7/23/2017
I'll die without it...
Junior143 chapter 8 . 7/23/2017
I need it please I need it please
Junior143 chapter 1 . 7/23/2017
you'll make more right? I'm begging you and make the Happy mask sailsman a main entry please thank you
imnotraven16 chapter 8 . 7/20/2012
very* story
Syladin Shadesmar chapter 2 . 1/29/2012
i think i like ganondorf's diary entries most. Secondly comes Ruto.
Syladin Shadesmar chapter 1 . 1/29/2012
Oh my god how HILARIOUS!
Cherry-sama chapter 1 . 2/2/2011
What a cute concept. :) You seem to have a good grasp on several characters in the OoT Cast.

I think my favourite like was "An awful thing happened today, I ate a fellow Goron thinking he was a rock, luckily no one has noticed". I also enjoyed Ganondorf's Diary.

Keep it up! :D
Anthony1989 chapter 7 . 5/17/2008
I liked this story a lot, I laughed quite a bit. I hope it gets updated eventually.

Anyways, Malon was unbelievably without a life(such a hard worker!), Ruto was all too believable...such is her madness...

Anju taking hours to walk around, wow that had me laughing hard. The best part though was Malon cutting the grass, classic.
cakedoughnutschickenboob chapter 7 . 5/19/2007
This is awesome and going in my faves! woot!
LostInHyrule chapter 1 . 5/8/2007
Hey! I have a story sorta like this for Majora's Mask(Titled "Diaries of Majora's Mask"), and I got a review on the story telling me it was like this one, so I decided to check it out.

Pretty funny!
The Scarlet Sky chapter 7 . 3/22/2007
These things always make me laugh. Zelda's lost it; what will she and Ganondorf do now? Hyrule, beware!
Ian Kirby chapter 2 . 1/28/2007
Runemaster: lol, "not like I'd know, I'm not his girlfriend... yet" XD

Runemaster: scary scary Zelda...XD

Runemaster: "'If you want to mug me, now's your chance. Add some excitement to my life!'" Wow, Zelda's just snapping, isn't she? XD

Runemaster: Callie?

Me Reynolds: XD I love that line so much

Runemaster: silly Zelda... XD

Me Reynolds: if i wasn't afraid someone would take me up on the offer, I'd get a shirt that said that

Runemaster: lol, I could always be with you so they don't _

Me Reynolds: maybe if I was like... Jake or my dad, or you know, anyone over 6 foot that looks like they could squish you, I could get away with it.

Runemaster: aw... not me? 0-0

Me Reynolds: you don't look scary my love

Runemaster: it's a ninja technique... I'd only be scary if they tried to pull something

Me Reynolds: lol exactly, which is why if i was you it still wouldn't work because I'm not as ninja as you

Runemaster: yes you are! you're master ninja! 0-0

Runemaster: After paying for a turn I was sure I saw Ruto hovering outside the door, in a dress? That girl gives me the creeps, that seductive smile she always pulls out on me, looks more like she’s about to devour me whole.

Me Reynolds: XD

Runemaster: *shudders* Ruto's just plain freaky...

Me Reynolds: i can't let on about being ninja

Me Reynolds: it ruins the whole thing

Runemaster: truth...

Runemaster: I bet she rigged the whole ‘Ganondorf stealing the Triforce’ thing just to entertain herself for a few years. Got a real giggle out of that didn’t she? ‘Ganondorf is destroying Hyrule, but at least I’m not bored anymore. Hehehe!’

Runemaster: XD yes! XD

Me Reynolds: XD

Me Reynolds: zelda is prolly ninja like that

Runemaster: lol, indeed XD

Runemaster: and Link thinks with his stomache again... XD

Runemaster: Deku shrub attack! XD

Runemaster: man, Mido is just super annoying in this, isn't he? XD

Runemaster: I'm surprised Saria hasn't sicked her fairy on him... XD

Me Reynolds: _

Runemaster: I know this place like the back of my hand so it’s no big deal. (looks at back of hand) Hey that mark is new..…what was I saying?

Runemaster: XD oh dear...

Me Reynolds: ,

Runemaster: Meh, my life isn’t going to get any better soon, if I die they’ll get a new Sage easily enough, that blonde girl with the bunches has been giving me death glares like she wanted to be it so there you go.

Runemaster: about Zelda O.o

Me Reynolds: no, Falo

Me Reynolds: or whatever her name is ,

Runemaster: ah... don't remember another blond girl... hm... :S

Runemaster: They asked me to be their queen since they discovered Darunia ate one of them.

Runemaster: XD

Runemaster: um... a Kokiri, queen of the Gorons? Has a nice ring to it! XD

Me Reynolds: XD of course

Me Reynolds: that is because the Kokori as a species are gnarly

Runemaster: indeed _

Runemaster: you're so cute when you say gnarly (sorry, it's true! /)

Me Reynolds: / lol, you are so cute when... you breate

Me Reynolds: *breathe

Runemaster: lol /

Runemaster: what have I told you about stalking? only you /

Runemaster: Last time I went in there I saw cows in the walls, yes cows, in the walls!

Runemaster: hitewha?

Me Reynolds: lol, what context is that in?

Runemaster: Ruto

Runemaster: with Jabu Jabu

Runemaster: XD

Runemaster: I hate clothes but I know Hylians love them, especially Hylian men when women dress all pretty. Shoving the thing on, I ripped the edges, not like I care anyway. Rushing to the market I waited patiently for Link to show up, second dates are always better than the first!

Runemaster: man, she's so creepy... XD

Me Reynolds: XD but so fashionable right?

Me Reynolds: you know you want a fishy stalker

Me Reynolds: :_( wait, is this true

Me Reynolds: IAN!

Me Reynolds: IAN!

Runemaster: NO! *cries*

Me Reynolds: *falls in heap on floor*

Runemaster: *hugs you tightly* I only want you as a stalker, honey

Me Reynolds: *shiver* you.. you... don't want me to be .. be.. a fishy!

Me Reynolds: *sobs*

Runemaster: no, I don't want you to be a fishy, honey, you're beautifuly the way you are

Me Reynolds: you took a long time with that

Me Reynolds: *is now inconsolable*

Runemaster: aw... I was worried that you wanted to become a fishy! T.T

Me Reynolds: *begins gluing fish scales on slef*

Runemaster: NO!

Runemaster: T.T

Me Reynolds: well.. if you are sure you don't want me to emulate Ruot in every way

Runemaster: no, you're a very beautiful stalker, having scales would be creepy

Runemaster: *hands you a muffin through the window

Runemaster: *

Runemaster: I think he saw me (squeal). That was the best date ever!

Me Reynolds: yay!

Runemaster: _ XD

Runemaster: Seeing Link coming out I decided to leave for now, don’t want to come on too strong do I?

Me Reynolds: i'm afraid if you put this all in the review it will challenge mine for randomness

Runemaster: lol :3

Runemaster: *shudders at Ruto's comment*

Me Reynolds: well she doesn't

Me Reynolds: XD

Runemaster: O.o

Runemaster: I am so mad at myself, I got up at 5:01AM! That’s one wasted minute of work! I scolded myself by whacking myself in the face with a pitchfork ten times, it woke me up real good yep.

Runemaster: eep... wow, Malon's neurotic... O.o

Me Reynolds: she does a lot of interesting things with a pitchfork

Runemaster: it's the new multitool! XD

Runemaster: he cuccos tried to kill me while one of the cows head butted me across the barn, haha such fun!

Me Reynolds: XD

Runemaster: and there's the psychotic farm girl... XD

Me Reynolds: she truely is odd

Runemaster: indeed...

Runemaster: After lunch I had the awesome job of mowing the field, dad broke the mower so I had to use a pair of pliers to cut the whole thing blade of grass by blade of grass! Only took twelve hours, record timing! I

Runemaster: workoholic ahoy! XD

Runemaster: she's so crazy... XD

Runemaster: I’d love to know who saw me

Runemaster: Darunia's going vilanous..? O.o

Runemaster: I was surprised to see her out of the forest but she’s such a cutie and her music is so contagious

Me Reynolds: he's misunderstood

Runemaster: and he like's Saria? O.o

Me Reynolds: doesn't everyone...

Runemaster: well, platonically for me... but he appears to like her differently... wait...

Runemaster: do you like Saria like that? 0-0

Me Reynolds: I said nothing of the sort

Me Reynolds: I can't help your mind is pervered

Me Reynolds: (that is perverted and perverse in one)

Runemaster: 0-0

Me Reynolds: *still hasn't answered the question* lol

Runemaster: I wasn't being pervered, you said "doesn't everyone..."

Runemaster: no, I don't like her like that, lol

Me Reynolds: XD, and no...

Runemaster: lol XD yay!

Runemaster: To relieve my annoyance I had a spar with a few of the knights, broke one man’s neck, no wonder we get less requests to join our army every year.

Runemaster: yet another reason Impa kinda scares me... XD

Me Reynolds: Impa is awesome

Runemaster: lol XD truth, just not when you're in the way of her bad side... XD

Runemaster: Bleh, fun my shoe.

Runemaster: lol, that's a great comment! XD

Runemaster: Later on, I had a go at the horseback archery, I found out it is actually possible to use your bow with your butt, I’ll remember that for future entertainment.

Runemaster: O.o *twitch*

Me Reynolds: eh

Runemaster: that's just wrong... XD

Runemaster: Dear…what shall I name you dear friend? Moreece? Yes!

Runemaster: lol, poor Ganny's losing it again... XD

Me Reynolds: I want to hug Ganon

Runemaster: lol, yes... poor fellow... XD

Runemaster: Questions like, what is Nabooru’s pant size? What would that Zora princess really taste like fried? How do they make those cookies taste so darn good? So many questions…so little answers…

Runemaster: first question: WHA? O.o

Runemaster: second question: lmao XD

Me Reynolds: XD

Runemaster: third question: what cookies? I want some! D:

Me Reynolds: : ( so do i

Me Reynolds: her subconcious doesn't like me reading and editing to closely so it mentions food to get my mind off the work

Runemaster: ah, lol aw...

Me Reynolds: lol usually when i mention food it is because i am hungry

Runemaster: *writes that down in a little notebook*

Me Reynolds: like that quessidilla description, it is amazing i didn't get drool on my notebook*

Me Reynolds: *keyboard

Runemaster: lol

Runemaster: well, off to Karen this goes! XD
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