Reviews for Formalities Be Damned
Myshu chapter 1 . 3/29/2009
Heheh, Steiner can be quite the blockhead.

I had to suspend my perception of the characters somewhat to enjoy this. It IS a pretty amusing concept, written technically well, and the ending was fitting, funny and strangely sweet at the same time, but the basis of the whole conflict bothers me.

Over the course of the game Beatrix (as well as Steiner) learned to quit being so frigid and duty-bound all the time and to listen to her heart. Heck, in the end she was even prepared to retire her blade to follow her heart's resolve (but Steiner called her back, of course.) This fic seems to take all that and shove it under the table, though. What happened to the warmer, more understanding Beatrix we saw in the game's ending? What made her revert back to this cold workaholic? It is cute that Rusty is the one to set off her temper, though, heh.

On another note:

[Still, the poor Captain couldn't help but feel like a sardine packed into a can- no pun intended, of course.]

Where's the pun?

Anyway, I chuckled a good bit at Steiner's forwardness (way to go Rusty, HAH), and this wasn't bad at all. I hope you write more for FF9 in the future!
unwinding fantasy chapter 1 . 1/30/2007
Heh, well you certainly succeeded in amusing me. It's refreshing to see Steiner acting like a man for once and taking it upon himself to court Beatrix without blundering his way through it (though I do like the foolish, bumbling Steiner as well.)

Likewise, it's interesting that you portrayed Beatrix as the overly formal one, too set on carrying out her duty. I'm not certain how I feel about her brash, quick-to-anger attitude when what we see of her in-game is normally either cold or melancholy, although she *does* seem to flare up whenever Steiner's concerned (thinking end-game here, on the Red Rose when she snaps at the Pluto Knights for suggesting she has a thing for Rusty.)

The conclusion is priceless. God, we already know the woman wouldn't even want to be seen in Steiner's general vicinity. What was he thinking? *pokes the lovable dolt*

I love Zidane's heedless whoop of encouragement. *That* is spot-on Zidane Tribal. I can picture Garnet, hands on hips at his outburst, yet a tolerant smile on her face. (Despite all the bad-fiction around, Z/D is still an adorable couple. You do them justice here.)

Quina just plain scared me. To think she/he was the castle's cook at one stage...!


- "Steiner stood rigidly his post..."

- "...celebrated in the triumph..." - You don't need "in" here.

- "turned him on" - *snickers* Well, that's one way of putting it but I have to admit, this phrase sounds a little odd when applied to Steiner...

- "...duty and formalities [lay]"

- "...[dragged] her towards the middle of the dance floor."

- "''ll see just how unbecoming [of] a lady I can be!'"

- "'Well, it[']s about time'"

- "he informed [her]"

- "no where" should be written "nowhere".

Anyway, I'm rambling (as usual). Suffice to say I enjoyed this muchly. _

Pied Flycatcher chapter 1 . 1/21/2007
Very amusing. I like it, especially Zidane's part in the story even though he wasn't a major focus. His lines were very funny. :)

There are quite a few typos here, so proofreading might help. 'Drug' for instance is... well, a drug. The word you're looking for is 'dragged'. Also: 'the Queen knew where her duty and formalities lied'. That should be 'lay', not 'lied'. There are several other minor errors, so like I said, it would help to check it over.
FFfreak123 chapter 1 . 11/9/2006
Fantastic! I love this story!

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