Reviews for Memento Vivere
Qualia Des chapter 57 . 10/10
Fantastic work as always :) Lmao Braska and his terrible haggling methods! I love how you always balance humour in with the serious stuff, like the exploration of the darker sides of his character
Flare93 chapter 57 . 9/18
I really hope you update soon. This made my day.
Halfpenny chapter 28 . 9/2

I know it's been two years since you began updating this again, but I haven't checked on this story in nearly four, and tonight's peek was just on a casual whim. It's been bookmarked in my permanent favorite-fic-file on my hard drive, has hopped two computers with me, has traveled with me on my Kindle and occasionally kept me awake as an audio file on long car rides. It is directly responsible for my everlasting thirst for the timetravelerRikku!/young!Braska pairing that (will likely still not happen in this fic, granted) but is certainly never, ever going to happen anywhere else in any other fic either.

I'm going to consume this like fine wine over the next couple of weeks, but before I even touch it, I just wanted to say hello, HELLO, and thank you. My heart may never recover from this jolt. Amazed and grateful and EXCITED.
tintinabar7 chapter 57 . 9/2
Another excellent and well written episode. continue soon please
Tequila Princess chapter 57 . 8/27
It's been a while since I played FFX so I had to look up the Yojimbo part on Youtube. Must say you "novelized" the battle really well, as usual. And yet another mention of Rikku's mysterious connection with the Fayth. I'm torn between wanting to find out all about that and letting you just flesh out their journey for as long as you like. I know how it ends after all, and it won't be pretty.
Rey chapter 57 . 8/25
Great chapter! Pls update soon!
YumeTakato chapter 57 . 8/21
i enjoyed it! X3
AerialView30 chapter 57 . 8/21
Reading the whole chapter brought me heavily down memory lane. That magic urn was always a lose-lose battle to fight against, so Tidus' flee was my best friend back in the days.

The Ghosts and their palette swapped kin now have an extra dimension to their characteristics after I read the camp scene. If they were even more sorrowful/vengeful compared to the merely discontent fiends, then I'm surprised those fiends in Zanarkand, Gagazet, inside Sin, and the Omega Ruins are stronger than the Ghosts in the cave. Would this make Seymour and Yunalesca 'Ghosts' of sorts rather than fiends? Well I think it's more logical to assume that the 'Ghosts' have a more unique way of killing with 'Doom' for their first turn in battle. Applying psychological pressure to enemies that eventually kills them is badass and reflects their own exacerbated turmoil.

What got me hooked most was the interaction with Yojimbo. I expected Braska to characteristically end up giving almost or all of the group's gil to Yojimbo and then Yojimbo would gratitiously join him and offer Braska two teleport spheres, as would be the case in the game. It did somewhat happened, no surprise! Since this is a unique Fayth interaction like Anima, I also expected a much more interesting confrontation between Rikku/Braska and Yojimbo. It did not disappoint.

I found it surprising that Bahamut would show up after Rikku merely asks if he was in control of time. I'd believe that Bahamut would be monitoring his subordinates during their Dreaming, and he would have words with one of his recently awakened but rebellious minions while keeping tabs them. Overall, this story is as much as Bahamut's and much as Rikku's. She and Yoji are both Bahamut's dogs in this sense.
e-Miliko chapter 56 . 8/16
Ah, again my heart jumped when I saw there was a new chapter. And I had to read it as soon as possible. And so I read it in Japan, during my trip there! Internet is magic.
I still love your story and your writing, its fun and moving and touching. I love the characters. Thank you so much for giving us this story.
Yun chapter 56 . 8/14
Fantastic chapter! Update soon :)
tintinabar7 chapter 56 . 8/3
I really liked it, I look forward to the continuation
Tequila Princess chapter 56 . 8/2
You know what, some twisted part of me hopes that "weird connection" Rikky and Braska has never goes away-maybe even get stronger as time goes on. Hehehe
tintinabar7 chapter 9 . 8/1
To each chapter, I love more this fanfic
YumeTakato chapter 56 . 7/31
I really enjoyed it! X3
Guest chapter 56 . 7/31
Braska breaks my heart so much in this story (in a good way). I just love him so much. I know he and Rikku aren’t going to happen in this, but would you ever consider writing a Braska/Raenn prequel? Maybe just a short fic with that pairing? The early days of them falling in love? Idk I just really need more sexy Braska in my life haha. No worries if not, just figured I’d ask since I love your Braska so much. I’d love to see him in a situation where his affection is returned.

Regardless, I love this story and your writing in general. Thank you for the new chapter! :)
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