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AerialView30 chapter 54 . 2/15/2018
This is by far one of the story's funniest chapters! I find that there was a lot of tribute to FFX-2 such as the thorough explanation of sphere grid tech in Rikku's time for one thing. Taking credit for Shinra's work and mass producing them as her own is definitely a LeBlanc thing to do, I can see her doing that even if it brings a darker perspective to FFX 2 I hadn't considered before. On the contrary, Yuna and her guardians fought 'humans' in FFX (Seymour, Guado guardians, Yevon monks), so LeBlanc technically wasn't the first person to start fighting humans. What really had me grinning as I read was Rikku's unprecedented change into a Berserker thanks to Braska's lewd desires in the sphere she watched. It's fortunate how Braska was feeling aroused and self-absorbed at the time or else Rikku may have replicated another white mage! Seriously can't wait to see the throwdown between Auron and super libido-driven Rikku.
Akuma-Heika chapter 54 . 2/14/2018
I thought Vegnagun was made before Sin (considering Lenne was not a Fayth, which she would have been if the birth of Sin had happened before Vegnagun was made, plus a few comments made in X-2)? I could be wrong though, or was this artistic licence from you?

Thanks for the new chapter!
KStormblade chapter 54 . 2/14/2018
Uh, oh. B is in trouble! *snickers*
TMH09 chapter 54 . 2/14/2018
That is so funny, I don't know why I didn't think of the berserker dress sphere, it's a pretty strong one too so it would be perfect while she's in the calm lands lol poor Braska, he will have a lot of explaining to do where Auron is concerned, hopefully he doesn't hurt him too badly and lol to Jecht "that is not a white mage", Rikku and Auron fight will be interesting too, thank you for the update. XD
Guest chapter 53 . 2/11/2018
Please update soon! Your story is incredible!
Qualia Des chapter 53 . 1/29/2018
I first read this story back in 2007/2008 - it was my favourite ffx fanfic of all time, and also one of favourite fanfic ever. I can't tell you many times I reread this story while you were hiatus. I am so overjoyed to see such a brilliant work not only continued, but improved! (I used to have some gripes over the roughness of some of the earlier chapters.) I have binge-read the entire story again over the past two days - still one of the all-time best!

Thank you for coming back for your fans! I hope you'll stay long enough to complete this !
Flare93 chapter 53 . 1/22/2018
Another awesome chapter :)
Guest chapter 1 . 1/21/2018
I’m sure you already know this but I just want to say how much we appreciate authors like you. You can back to your story after an entire decade it shows your a true fan of FFX and you care about the readers.
I just wish other authors would do the same, (although I’m sure they have their reasons) Soldier Of Spira was my all time favourite, until I came across your story. I like to think of Memento Vivere as somehow linked to Soldier Of Spira
YumeTakato chapter 53 . 1/19/2018
i really enjoyed it! X3
Tequila Princess chapter 53 . 1/19/2018
That's a nice little interlude, and hooray for Jecht's development! You go, J! (yes, we're tight now you see)

Auron's vision-how can that be though? Like with the *thing* we know os going to happen? hmm
e-Miliko chapter 53 . 1/19/2018
Thank you for this new chapter! I can't wait to read the next.
And I'm like Rikku: I like when Auron opens up. :-) I'm wondering where you will lead those two.
Guest chapter 53 . 1/18/2018
Another brilliant chapter,can’t wait for the next one almost wished I haven’t caught up so I didn’t have to wait for each chapter and be gutted as soon as I finish it
Guest chapter 52 . 1/7/2018
Your doing a fantastic job with this story. Please incorporate some Seymour...Would love to see your take on his life in this timeline.
Guest chapter 52 . 1/7/2018
This is a fabulous story!Please update!
YumeTakato chapter 52 . 1/4/2018
I really enjoyed the chapter. X3 It was wonderful. Happy New Year!
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