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Flare93 chapter 42 . 2/19
I absolutely loved this chapter! Update as soon as possible please! :))))
Failisse chapter 42 . 2/17
Oh man, so much drama between the three of them! It's so thick you could cut it with a knife!

I hope they'll be able to make some headway soon with forgiveness. As much as I get why Auron is hurt and angry, and rightly he should be, he should also know by now that Rikku wants only him. If she didn't she would have chosen Braska long ago.

The thing about Rikku is even if things get complicated she's very straightforward and honest about what she wants. She's not going to lie or fabricate her feelings just to make others or herself feel better. And sometimes that makes things harder, but it also makes things a lot simpler. Honesty can be brutal, but it is also necessary for growth and development.

Although, she will emit certain things it seems. Like her literally dying. Unfortunately, I don't think she's going to be able to keep that truth from Auron for long. And as mad as he is at her now, he will quickly realize how easy it is to let anger go in the face of someone's death. If he ever realizes just how close he came to losing her, well, let's just say he's going to want to hold her and never let go again.

I mean, there are some people who don't let go of anger even after their loved one's die and they do as well. Both Seymour and Shuyin are great examples of that. But if that's the kind of person you become when you don't let go of anger, than better to let go of that negativity than become a monster.

I seriously hope that Rikku can do something about Vegnagun and Shuyin this time around before it rears it's ugly head later. They have to deal with Sin, the Church, and possibly Seymour. What's one more monster to take care of?

Though if they do deal with Shuyin and Vegnagun some truth may come to light about Rikku's futuristic origins. There's only so many excuses that can explain away her little oddities, but I doubt any would work for this.

I wonder how Braska would feel about knowing Rikku is actually his niece. Lol.

And I think that Jecht is right. Why not change the future? It's not like it's a straight path to one destination anyways. There is ALWAYS a choice. Whatever else the future may be, it is carved by people.

Like the branches of a tree, splitting and growing outward into infinity. No one path is the correct path. It is what you choose to make of it. And I think, having been given the opportunity to do so, Rikku should make the most of her path. Shape it with her will. Until it blooms into something beautiful.

I have a feeling that's part of the reason Bahamut brought her here. He wanted to see how she would cultivate this branch of destiny.

I mean, if I were a god-like being able to access different timelines that's what I would do. Grow the paths.

In any case, I loved this chapter! Thanks again for another wonderful update! It certainly brightened up my day! I can't wait to read more and I hope you will post again soon! :)
SayuXx chapter 42 . 2/16
I’m so sorry for my lack of reviews, but I strayed away from FFX the last few months. I started to play FFXII again and fell completely for Balthier x Penelo (Omg, don’t ask, I have absolutely no idea where THAT comes from, but I’m loving the both of them to death at the moment) and forgot a little about everything else for a while there. I’m still not over it actually, but I managed to revive at least a little interest in other fandoms :P

Anyway, I finally managed to catch up. I must admit though, as much as I love your story and characterizations, I don’t feel comfortable with Braska being in love with Rikku and how much that complicates the pilgrimage. I mean, I really liked the chapters in Baaj and the sexual tension between them, but I somehow can’t see Braska hitting on Rikku when she obviously loves Auron. I know, you are trying to make Braska more human and you want to show that he is just a man after all, but I think that Braska is very loyal to Auron and would rather ignore his feelings than to make a move on Rikku. That he did disturbed me a little bit, to be honest.

However, a lot of people liked this storyline (I could see as much from the reviews), so I won’t complain too much about it. It’s only minor criticism. I do like the thought of Braska and Rikku, I just can’t see it happening at the expense of his friendship to Auron. So I hope there won’t be that much of Rikku and Braska, but more of Rikku and Auron in future chapters and that you will mend the friendship between them.

That aside, Braska’s confession on the sphere really gave me the chills. Also, I liked the part a lot when he acknowledged that he was standing in his own way, thus managed to shake his inferiority complex off and now is finally able to summon via his willpower. I love how you are slowly but surely starting to shape him into the powerful man that he is said to be during FFX.

And I love your Jecht. You are keeping everybody very good in character (when Braska is not hitting on Rikku ;)), but your Jecht is so awesome. I love how he talks, I love how he acts (omg, jumping into the green “pool” at Kilika Temple was just hilarious…). I think you are doing an exceptionally good job on his character! I also like the friendship and trust you built between Rikku and him. I’d like to see more of it in the future.

Well, Besaid is up next for Team BARJ (God, I had to laugh so hard). I’m so excited about what’s going to happen there. Thank you so much for this awesome story and your regular updates!
Skyrere chapter 42 . 2/15
always a sincere pleasure to read your work.
KHR-Yunalesca chapter 42 . 2/15
Oh the complications of being Rikku and love. But, hey! There's a new aeon around, at least! Wonder how long it'll take for Auron to learn about her death to the previous one. I wish he could've napped for longer though... till next time!
YumeTakato chapter 42 . 2/15
I enjoyed it! X3
CupofTeaforAliceandHatter chapter 42 . 2/15
Good job! I like the idea that Auron isn't ready to completely forgive all that's transpired with Rikku. It makes them all seem more human and believable in their actions. I do hope that at some point Auron and Rikku get a chance to have some alone time with each other because they really need to work on their developing romantic relationship because it seems right now that it's at a stand still. Rikku is sorry and while Auron understands that; he's still angry. If they don't take a moment way from the other two and work things out; they'll never get past it.
Loki'dWendy chapter 42 . 2/15
You write the best Braska ever.

I'm glad that Auron is still mad. Too many stories "solve" major problems within a chapter or two. This is one of my favorite stories because you make these guys more believable and human.

Keep it up!

Flare93 chapter 41 . 2/8
I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter... :))))
KHR-Yunalesca chapter 41 . 1/28
Took three days but I'm caught up! I love this story and your writing style reflects the characters, and their growth, well. I can't wait to reach Kilika where the effects of the last few days, for the party, will show and settle into new habits or reactions. Jecht had an especially good scene on the ship once Braska and Auron left the cabin. Can't say I blame Rikku for wanting to avoid her memories of Anima though. 'Til next time!
Mental Mess chapter 41 . 1/24
I just got through the entire thing by binge reading. Just just amazing. I started reading this back when i was in highschool. I fell in love with it then. I was so surprised when I checked my email one day and got an update notification. I am so happy you decided to come back and finish it though. So much has changed in my life since I read it before (as I imagine yours has as well) and it's nice to go back. Back to the countless nights I would stay up reading fanfiction and fall asleep at school. I didn't notice it before, but the writing in your earlier chapter was a little choppy. You have improved so much as an author. I could tell an immense difference as the story progressed. I am extremely hopeful you continue this to the end and will be patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for each update. This is an amazing story that seems to have taken a life of its own and you are a considerably powerful author. take care. (please excuse typing errors. I am on my phone)
Skyrere chapter 41 . 1/21
fantastic chapter. and thank you for the information in the authors note at the end. :D
Geraze90 chapter 41 . 1/18
Auron is getting soft lol. I hope that their relationship are getting afterward and naybe she'll open up...a little. What is Rikku's purpose by going into past? I wish we're getting the answer soon.
Loki'dWendy chapter 41 . 1/16
I expected Auron to be more angry. Maybe in the future? Definitely/ probably will affect the trust between him and Rikku.

So, uh... *slips you an imaginary 20 of whatever currency you use*...

Would you write a Braska/Rikku story? Like, even if its short? Cause I have a mighty need. If its no, keep the imaginary money. You still have my devotion.

YumeTakato chapter 41 . 1/15
I enjoyed the chapter, see you next month!
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