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KHR-Yunalesca chapter 60 . 2/16/2021
It’s been three years? Time has flown by, I honestly hadn’t realized it.
Thank you for coming back to this story. I was so excited to see the email update, but this has been my first chance to actually read it.
I’ve also realized I’m probably going to be rereading the fic so that it’s a little more fresh in my mind (I’m sure I’ve forgotten something).

I hope you are doing well, and I’m looking forward to the duel between Braska and Belgemine.
Till next time and thank you again.
Chmia chapter 60 . 2/4/2021
Thank you for writing! This seemed like a big chapter for some of the characters to recognize their own development. I look forward to reading what happens next.
Guest chapter 60 . 2/3/2021
I’m calling it now—Rikku going to the past is the reason Auron continues living. The reason Auron persists and makes it back to Bevelle and sets in motion the events we know in FFX with Yuna beating Sin. None of it could have happened if Rikku hadn’t gone back in time. That’s it I’m just calling it now and even if the story doesn’t in that way, that’s my head cannon LOL! Seriously though this story is... just wow. However you tie it together will be amazing I’m sure if that, and I look forward to every new chapter you bestow upon us peasants. Thank you so much! I hope others write Braska/Rikku lemons to relieve our collective blue balls from the Baaj temple incidents. How can I go back to replay FFX now without getting all hot and bothered every time Braska shows up on a sphere recording? Ughhhh you’ve ruined me this is the craziest ship and I’m LIVING FOR IT.
Guest chapter 59 . 2/3/2021
Like many others I’ve been here for years, lurking and never commenting. I think about this sorry often as I’ve always been a fan of this pairing and I thought that I was super unique when I came up with a similar storyline in my head years ago (2004? Man it’s been a long time) anyway you have fleshed this little dream out, made it believable, and honestly this makes more sense than the actual cannon FFX and X2 stories! This is truly a work of art! I just happened to think about this story and came back to start reading from the beginning and was SO EXCITED when I saw a recent update! What did we all do to deserve this? Your dedication is admirable, I hope you get as much enjoyment writing this as we do from reading it. Thank you so much, you’ve made many people happy. More than you know because I’m sure many are like me and have never taken the time to post a review! Looking forward to more!
Guest chapter 60 . 2/3/2021
I feel like I’ve been reading this for years, thank you for keeping it up.
Hm chapter 3 . 1/23/2021
Isn't it a bit of a waste for her dresspheres not to work? The gameplay is literally the best part of X-2. I don't get why you'd start off the story with Rikku after the events of X-2 if you're just going to have her end up in the past. You may as well have started her off some days after the end of X if you're not going to carry over any aspects of X-2.
brelamb12 chapter 60 . 1/21/2021
I'm so happy you posted a new chapter
TifaValentine99 chapter 60 . 1/20/2021
I’m so happy to see this update. I hope you are being safe and healthy. I loved this chapter just like the rest of this story.
Tequila Princess chapter 60 . 1/19/2021
Somehow, I feel like things are going to get darker from here on out, and I'm looking forward to it! Welcome back.
AerialView30 chapter 60 . 1/19/2021
So happy to see you update after a year and a half! You meant that instead of 3 years. Also Belemnite is Belgemine while Ramie is Raenn, right? I've noticed you talk about those people under the former names.

So Auron starts to cast away his own faith in Yevon and ruminate on how he feels about Braska. If this were to lead to the events of the game, then it'd explain why Auron went back to Yunalesca for answers. I'm still wondering how he'd end up becoming adamant against Braska going forward with the final summoning. If this story led up to the events of the game, then something must have happened to Rikku or maybe he went through some kind of bereavement that made him really afraid of losing another friend.

I'm eager to see the gang head to Mt Gagazet, but I'm hoping to see the epic conclusion of Braska and Belgemine's aeon battle soon!
YumeTakato chapter 60 . 1/18/2021
I still really love this story, and I've been in a reader rut and had recently thought of doing what seems to be my yearly reread of this story. So I was super stoked to see a new chapter. I hope you're doing well, and I really enjoyed this chapter! See you next time!
Geraze90 chapter 60 . 1/18/2021
Can’t believe my eyes when I see this fict been updated... can’t wait what’s in store for them in mt. Gagazet... but what’s this speech about death form Rikku tho... don’t tell me she’s going to disappear in the end... or proceed to final aeon ritual without doing the alternative...
SakuraRozen chapter 60 . 1/18/2021
I must say, your story fascinates me on many levels. Not only because of how excellent it is, but also because of the commitment you have made to continue despite the years that have passed since you started publishing it. I am really fascinated with your commitment and I can tell you that no matter how many more years pass, I will continue to wait for new chapters with great excitement and enthusiasm.
artfully chapter 60 . 1/18/2021
great chapter
SevdaCatalyst chapter 1 . 1/17/2021
I don't believe I have ever commented, but I feel I must confess something.

This FanFiction was one of the first of many I read many years ago. I remember reading all you had posted back in 2006, and being hooked enough that I remembered this story again when I started reading FanFiction again. I specifically looked for it, and was happy to see there was more. Here I am, 14 or so years later, STILL reading it. I will be here until the end and look forward to seeing how this ends.
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