Reviews for Kingdom Hearts III:Trials of the Keyblade
matthew collins chapter 10 . 8/26
well actually sora's father darth vader is luke and leia's father which makes sora his third son. well anyway tangled and big hero 6 are coming to kh3! post the next chapter as you wish! I wanna see the leon vs nero smackdown!
Guest chapter 50 . 8/24
Question: If sora is anakin's son in this fanfic, then why is it that Luke and leia still exist?
Rogue of Dawn chapter 75 . 8/8
Story is boss don't leave us hanging like dis.
matthew collins chapter 75 . 7/13
well actually the star wars of this fanfic is set during "empire strikes back" and "return of the jedi" I think ahsoka tano won't be in it. if you want to respond now and put the jedi from "the clone wars" it's not for me to say. so anyway leon vs nero!
Guest chapter 75 . 7/10
Might I make a suggestion? If you ever regain interest in this story could you somehow bring Ahsoka Tano into this story? I think that she could possibly serve as a mentor figure for Sora in his upcoming battle with his father. Just something to think about.
matthew collins chapter 75 . 7/3
hey can you please respond? I want to see the epic battle of nero vs leon! well anyway stay tuned keyblade fans! just saw the all new trailer of kh3 at e3! same keyblade time! same keyblade channel!
Guest chapter 75 . 5/20
Is the story going to continue? Because this is great
stardust902 chapter 60 . 5/19
please continue this story, its one of my favorites and I really enjoy reading it. Would be a shame to leave unfinished...eager to find out what happens now in the battle at disney castle :D
Guest chapter 24 . 2/18
i wont princess Fiona in kingdom hearts 3 and shrek in kingdom hearts 3 im autistic and my name is dylan the villain ziegler and in the future after the transition program me and friends and family are going to califoria to meet you and all the actors and actress hi would you like to come to My Disney Castle in Florida in the Future ? please respond to this messages
Spiderfan626 chapter 75 . 2/19
Well what happen's next? When are you going to update? When is Sora going to kiss Kiari? Update soon! This is an awesome story! I want to ready more! Please!
Spiderfan626 chapter 3 . 2/12
I knew the empire were up to no good.
red8810 chapter 75 . 2/11
Yea... I freaking love this fic and really hope you update soon!
matthew collins chapter 75 . 2/3
why don't you just respond? start the fight of leon and nero!
Ud the Imp chapter 72 . 1/19
Probably the quickest, most instantaneous villain death in the entire fic. And from the looks of it, we ARE finally gonna see Sora and Kairi kiss! Cuz, ya know, her life actually DEPENDS on it...

Plus I'm surprised you've actually updated this fic at all! For the longest time I thought it was dead. Glad I'm wrong!
Zachery chapter 1 . 11/13/2014
The Action, Humor, Drama, Suspense, and THE RUM w/C. Jack Sparrow! lmao
If fanfiction have a Emmy Awards for fanfictions and they're nominating the "Best Kingdom Hearts Fanfic/Best Author", you my friend; Darius Almighty will win; HANDS FREAKING DOWN!
I also know why you are not updating this story (if this upsets/angers you; then I'm terribly sorry), the thing is; you're waiting for the Kingdom Hearts 3 game to be release (I can't believe it's only on Xbox One and PS4), and that will give you plenty of brilliant ideas that will BLOW. OUR. BRAINS. OUT! lol
Anyways, Award-Winning Story, Excellent writing, etc. hope to see you in 2015 or 2016! ;)
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