Reviews for Kingdom Hearts III:Trials of the Keyblade
matthew collins chapter 75 . 7/17
it's been 2 years since you responded. look you need to respond NOW. the fans don't want you to respond for another 5 years when you did world's end. ff15 is coming out September. star wars episode 8 is coming to 2017. 2.8 is coming to December. and kh3 I know how the fans feel and understand. if you want to respond today or tomorrow the next day or week they'll be happy.
Mitsuki-love13 chapter 22 . 6/24
OMG! I wasn't expecting Shrek! One of my favorite movies! Oh and Jack just made the situation worse, I love it! I was hoping for the dinner scene though, it was one of my favorite scenes in the movie.
Mitsuki-love13 chapter 21 . 6/24
That fight was awesome! The way you write all of the action scenes are excellent, but I loved this one in particular. I think is because it was a completely chaos in the arena and many fights going on. I wanted to see Inuyasha fight, though. I hope to see him in action soon.
Ford1114 chapter 75 . 6/19
Hey there, my name is Ford. And yeah, I remember this KH fanfic, well I first relook at it back in 2012 by someone’s recommendation of how can I hone my writing skills, and then I reread all of it just to celebrate this fic’s tenth anniversary.

Believe me, it has been so long that I so compare all these AU and canon stuff on the top of my head (since now we have BBS, DDD, and KH3 (which I now have a PS4 in preparing for it) changes the ‘official’ perspective of fans.). I remember worlds of A Bug’s Life (one of my childhood faves) and Dinosaur were used. I remember Pirates of the Caribbean played a major role here (I hope KH3 should have that world again to finished Dead Man’s Chest/At World’s End to complete one saga before moving on to the next saga after KH3). There was Tron (flash-forward that we now have Tron Legacy and supplementary material).

Most of all, I remember how Star Wars was used in this fic. Looking back, it feels weird that how on earth is Anakin/Vader the father of Sora, Darius as a stormtrooper, and so. Now we have The Force Awakens, that if rumors are true, then Trials!Sora will also be related to Rey and Kylo Ren. :P

Well, it’s just okay. Since it’s been so long, flashforward to today that I just graduated from college and is currently looking for work. Some of the old reviewers that gave insightful reviews were no longer around to review and just move on. Growing up such as myself just feel if we change and no longer see that fanfic as ‘uber important’ as we use too. Don’t get me wrong, your AU fanfic still holds up as great that it inspired many people, but still wonder if you already have a personal career outside of it and did try out new things like some of us? It’s just some ways to evolve as a person, of how we use to be kinda naive and immature before self growth. That’s just my thoughts of wanting you to remind.

Whether your around or not, I hope life still goes well for you.
matthew collins chapter 75 . 6/11
2.8 is coming on December! kh3 news this winter! update soon!
matthew collins chapter 75 . 3/31
breaking news: darth vader and maul appeared in star wars rebels and killed off ahsoka tano. ff15's release date is coming out on sept 30th. update chapter 76! sora's father needs to pay for what he's done!
S Danyal Allen chapter 22 . 3/30
I have to admit the chapter was funny. What is AU (Alternate Universe) about this fanfic?
stardust902 chapter 72 . 2/28
Really hope you can update this story with chapter 76 soon, it's one of my favorites to read. Would be a real shame to leave unfinished...can't wait for more chapters and to find out what happens next :D
matthew collins chapter 75 . 2/19
nothing's dead till it's over. I know he will respond. I know he will. the story's not over yet. not by a long shot. sorry about the last review. just update darius almighty if you value han solo's death and the fans and nero.
Guest chapter 75 . 2/13
is this story dead or something? It's been over 2 years since it was last updated :p
matthew collins chapter 59 . 2/11
dear fans to my great regret to inform you all about why I'm saying avenge han solo and the truth about sora's connection to vader.

1: han solo died in episode 7 by his bastard son kylo ren. please do not send the guy who plays finn to my doorstep and angry fans who give away spoliers.

2: sora is NOT the relative son of darth vader. he is NOT a skywalker. and he does not wield the power of the force. I mean a jedi/keyblade hybrid? what would the community think?

so go ahead complain grieve or protest whatever you wish darius but updating chapter 76 might dedicate to him. sorry fans.
TeenofAction44D chapter 75 . 2/10
Wow! this is awesome! This is the greatest story I ever read! You should really keep on writing! It's been 2 flipping years! don't give up! Also, I have a theory of what's going to happen in the future. If this is not what you had planned, feel free to take it as a suggestion. Do not read if you hate possible spoilers! Okay, Once the Disney castle fiasco is over, the keybladers meet up with the rebel alliance again and find out where endor is. They go there and run into the ewoks, then they discover that Donald and Goofy are alive! everyone celebrates, Sora sheds a few tears of joy yadda yadda. then the final scenes of "Return of the Jedi" plays out except Sora takes Luke's place, and the other kebladers take Han, Leia, and Lando's. (the original cast can still be there except they won't play as big a part.) Vader makes threats to Sora about hurting Kairi and the others. That makes Sora lose it and almost turn to darkness. his "Kingdom Key" turns into the "Oblivion" keyblade (I thought it was fair considering Kairi's keyblade turned into Oathkeeper) and he does the whole Luke flip-out thing and cut of one of Vader's cybernetic arms. Sora then snaps out of it, and appeals to Vader's good side. Together they defeat the emporer, and Darth Vader gets his own keyblade which magic heals him turning him back to Anakin Skywalker (you don't have to do that part, it's just something I'd really like to see, you can do the whole sacrifice himself for his son thing) After that they join together with the others and defeat the chasers (ugh that's such a bad villain name). any way that's how I want this written, hope you consider. Update soon! Bye!
matthew collins chapter 2 . 2/8
star wars ep 7 announced official game of the movie lego style! in order to celebrate that update chapter 76!
matthew collins chapter 75 . 1/15
why don't you adapt this into a youtube fanfic? maybe you'll get a billion viewers. update chapter 76! #avengehansolo
MysteryGirl7Freak chapter 75 . 1/2
If I didn't know better, I say the heroes could use some help. I go as far as to say they are in need of a...Doctor. *wink, wink*
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