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KazeYasumi chapter 17 . 11/11
Hey, do you have more of this posted anywhere? Because I can't find it, and I am super impressed with what you've been doing here! :] Kenshin as a computer geek actually REALLY works. :D And the conversation that comes after this point has got to be great. :D


I don't have a fanfiction account yet - probably should sign up as I've been having so much fun on here. :]
KazeYasumi chapter 17 . 10/29
You do realize you have to finish this now, or we will all go crazy? :D
Keep up the great work!
Fenris Jin chapter 17 . 5/15
The talk between Kenshin and Soujiro sure was intense. xD

Lots of background and connections to be reveal here, seeing as Megumi, Aoshi, and Kenshin seem to be well acquainted. :D

Can't wait for more. :P
Siraj chapter 17 . 5/9
So... I've just found this fic, from the favorites list of another author that I adore. I can see why you're on their list, because this is FANTASTIC! I hope you'll have time to get back to this soon, because I desperately want to read more!
ZisinLove chapter 17 . 4/16
Saying hello to megumi and getting slapped. Poor kenshin! Oh well. God bless his kind heart. Haha! Again, terrific chapter. Hope you'll update soon!
ZisinLove chapter 16 . 4/16
Run Sano! you are an awesome writer and i hope you keep on writing! You have made my dull day great!
ZisinLove chapter 5 . 4/16
I'm not that updated with animes/themes that dabble on VR (i'm a SAO/log horizon fan,just to name the recent ones), but you've got a way with words! You've made a fan out of me
ZisinLove chapter 1 . 4/16
Nice start. Now i'm hooked.
Natrim chapter 17 . 3/24
*makes a note of the fic for helping to flesh out the next Shadowrun 'run*

Nice work! Liking it!
catharsys chapter 17 . 2/2
To be honest, sci-fi AUs don't appeal that much to me, which is why I haven't given this fic a try even if I've been seeing this around for quite a while. Buy boy, I'm beyond happy that I finally gave it a shot! Stupid of me, really; I loved your other fic-Tanabata Jasmine-and that should've been more than enough of a push for me to read this one, too!

Anyway, I just want you to know that your writing is impeccable! It has the right balance of everything: dialogue, narrative, characterization, action, and imagery. Even better than some stuff that are officially published out there, if I may say so.

I also love the way you plot this out. Action-packed and intriguing! Yet, it does leave some space for the reader to "breathe," if you know what I mean. Applaud!

Looking forward to more chapters! :)
skenshingumi chapter 17 . 1/24
Oh, this really had me smiling. After Kenshin's dramatic solution to providing an escape last chapter, his fumbling into Megumi's clinic was a riot. You have that rurouni-ness down pat, although clearly Soujiro isn't buying it. Aoshi's deadpan, "He would have to enter in such a fashion" and the almost unbelievable, "In fact, it wasn’t entirely deliberate" were great bits of comic relied in the midst of all this tension.
J Luc Pitard chapter 17 . 1/9
Love how Soujirou sees how alike he is with Kenshin (pretty apparent in the manga, except that one was raised by a psychopath and the other by a misanthrope.) He's onto Kenshin, but in the time it takes him to figure it all out, Kenshin has some maneuver room. Aoshi kept to the shadows nicely and Megumi held her own... almost. Love her bravado at the end. Let it out, Megumi.
Glad you updated and looking forward to more, as the muse strikes.
Khrysalis chapter 5 . 1/8
This story really is remarkably complex! Even as I'm reading about other events (or up and about doing chores as I am between reading these chapters) I'm actually thinking about the stuff alluded to about the past. Especially Kenshin's involvement. Just like in canon, he helped bring this present era about. In particular, I'm pondering his involvement with the street samurai and what he may have had to do there...

Kenshin's presence is heavily felt even when he didn't have an appearance in this chapter. Foremost in the thoughts of his enemies and his ally, and even touching for a moment on Kaoru's.

Speaking of Kaoru, I've supposed that Yahiko's impetuousness must be a learned behavior, though I think she hasn't considered the irony that she's doing a similar runaround on Sano that Yahiko did to her. I understand their feelings, but it amuses me when she's calling Yahiko a stupid kid while she's preparing to, well... I've said before, can't fault her courage.

Aoshi's scene with Shishio and Kanryuu and the metaphor about chess were brilliant. This game will be especially difficult for Aoshi, because he is technically moving pieces on both sides of the board.
Khrysalis chapter 4 . 1/7
I like how the reader is made privy to some very secretive communications, but it only deepens the mystery.

I enjoyed seeing a little bit more of the world that Sano and Kaoru live in. Well, by "enjoy" I meant I liked the way you described it, as lesser Tokyo actually doesn't seem to be all that pleasing to the senses. This world is an example of how high technology shouldn't be confused with luxury or leisure. Lesser Tokyo seems to have many layers, as we get a little of the contrast where Kaoru lives and where Sanosuke lives. Downtown has a seedy, choked, and congested feel to it.

I probably said so before, much earlier, but I love the way you write Sano. Strong, loyal Sanosuke. And Kaoru, for that matter. You can't fault the girl's courage. Though, perhaps, you can fault her good sense. Sometimes.

Yet, Yahiko's plight is just as she fears. Of course, she's going to kill him if he survives this. I kind of feel like killing him myself, the little nit. After he's rescued and brought home, of course.
YokaiMoonRiver12 chapter 1 . 1/7
This is an amazingly well written story and I was instantly attracted to its characters and plot. I do a little happy dance when ever I see a new chapter. Keep writing!
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