Reviews for Tavington's Heiress
Christine chapter 1 . 12/5/2016
Chère Madame, je viens vous donner ENFIN toute mon admiration pour votre talent d'écrivain. Je dis ENfin car J'en suis au chapitre 19, et je me régale de votre merveilleuse histoire à en perdre le sommeil..C'est tout simplement parfait !.
Etant française j'utilise la traduction internet. une vraie traduction mettrait encore plus en valeur votre texte extraordinaire.
Pour le plaisir, Je vais commencer à le faire et vous transmettrai le résultat en format pdf si vous avez un lien internet.
En tout cas merci de votre talent, et de nous faire partager cela.
Rainia NyteWolf chapter 75 . 10/28/2016
So sad to hear of your passing. Thank you for your stories and may you rest in peace
Igenlode Wordsmith chapter 35 . 6/26/2016
"William helped them urge their mounts into a trot, and showed them how to deal with the jolting gait" - they trot while riding side-saddle? I always understood that a lady's horse was taught to move directly from a walk into a slow canter specifically because the rider couldn't rise to the trot ...
KariLeanne chapter 75 . 6/14/2016
Rest in peace Susan. You will missed!
rosiegrad chapter 14 . 5/30/2016
So far so good!
Igenlode Wordsmith chapter 25 . 4/8/2016
I started reading this because I was trying to recommend some useful material to someone who wanted to write an AU fan-fiction set during the American war of independence, and noticed that some of your stories covered that period; I ended up reading onwards anyway in order to find out what happened to the characters. As with the "Dragon Age" stories, you've managed to get me interested in what is not only a canon I know nothing about (unsurprisingly, as the film got dire reviews and worse box-office in Britain) but in an AU version of that canon - an achievement that no other author on FFnet has managed once, let alone twice!

And it's refreshing to see a historical fiction that doesn't automatically assign its characters appropriately anachronistic social attitudes according to whether they are 'goodies' or 'baddies'; Our Heroine may feel affectionate and protective towards her slave servants, but that doesn't mean she is automatically delighted at the idea of having a slave as a *sister*. And her husband considers the occasional infidelity to be simply relieving her of his demands - of course it doesn't make the slightest difference to his relationship with an actual wife.

I did think the early chapters of this were a bit more mechanical and plot-driven than is usual in your later stories - it's not that it's badly written, but it feels less fluent and more contrived than I was used to. But it soon relaxes and feels more like a narrative arising naturally out of the characters and less like one where the author is trying too hard to move them around the board. And the gradually shifting relationships and perceptions are masterly.

The history, I'm afraid, is of a period of which I'm completely ignorant - we learn about the American revolution only in the form of an inconsiderate distraction from the real job of the British Army in defeating Napoleon - so my future view of this era of the Americas is likely to be influenced entirely by your depiction :-)
katiemarie090 chapter 11 . 1/21/2016
I'm re-reading this fic from the beginning for the third time since you published it. It's still just as wonderful as I remembered. But I thought I would point out that Samuel Johnson's quote about London wasn't published until 1791, in his biography written by James Boswell. It's one of my favorite quotes, though, and I think it's always appropriate for describing London.
Thomas Blaine chapter 75 . 7/9/2015
I'm afraid that I only just got around to reading your Tavington fics this last week, even though I've been enjoying your later HP and Dragon Age ones for years. I hadn't watched The Patriot and figured that "historical romance" just wouldn't interest me, and I'm sorry for being so silly.

Your characters and uniquely unhurried storytelling were as brilliant, interesting and engaging ten years ago as they are today. I'm probably supposed to say you've improved a lot, but the stories are very different and I'm no expert and I just can't say that your Patriot fanfics don't absolutely stand up to your current work - or at least your work of some months ago.

About Tavington's Heiress in particular, I love the ruthless attention to detail. You painted a very authentic picture of upper class life in Georgian London with highs and lows and injustices all included, and seeing characters I care about subjected to it drives home some of the differences between that time and ours in a way no naked description of the conditions ever has, at least for me.

Thank you, for lots and lots of superb reading material and food for thought.
Secretly-A-Fangirl chapter 22 . 2/5/2015
I love your story so far, all the details and notes you've put in it making more sense to me than some part of the movie did! I actually started crying when Biddy was killed and my dad gave me a weird look until I made him read the chapter. You're a great author, keep up the great work!
Guest chapter 75 . 1/23/2015
When the life of the Tavingtons was at last peaceful and happy, the service in New York happened. The King had the last word at the letters case. At least he wasn't sent to India. Strakes' proposal at Penelope and Jane's pregnancy were wonderful and joyful news and counterbalanced a little the sad one of William's going away. The marriages took place, a happy summer time at the Hall with family, friends and a lot of children! and births. Tavington's letter to Jane was sweet and beautiful. I am glad he wrote about his true feelings and love for her so openly. The paragraphs about what happened to everyone afterwards were so realistic, some of them sad (the early deaths), excellent and brilliant. And so the story -sadly- finished.

I find "Tavington's Heiress" the best Tavington fanfic I have ever read. And I have read nearly all of them. I love your writing style. I love the plot. I love the portrayal of the characters fictional ( from the movie or your own creation) and nonfictional. I love how you put the true historical facts into the story ( I liked that also in "Arcadia". Another superb story of yours but I like this one a bit more). I like the details of everyday and social life of that time. You write brilliantly all the genres in the plot: drama, romance, adventure, comedy, mystery. I don't know what else to say... I really adore it! Thank you very very much for writing and sharing this with us.
Guest chapter 73 . 1/20/2015
What the Tavingtons got for the letters was great and they deserved it. Not only the titles but what they demanded for others too: Bordon, Moll, Strakes and the fellow soldiers from the war. It is perfect that they proposed to Protheroe to take John's seat. I so happy for Lucy as well as for Letty. She took her life in her hands and she's enjoying it. If cousin Mary only knew...! The two books were a success, more happiness for the entire family. Although William and Jane didn't like Fanshawe, I see they adopted some of his habits - their dialogue was funny! Both Jane and William said that they are truly happy and it was so sweet. They are happy but I am sad because there are only 2 chapter left to read.
Guest chapter 71 . 1/15/2015
Letty was so happy with her new house. Now she would be a person on her own and do whatever she wants. I see Harmonia is determined to show her good self in order to live with Letty comfortably. I was laughing at Tavington's request to Jane to show him what Fanshawe did with Letty! Another threat and the family went to the Hall. The Battle of Wargrave Cross was such an exciting and thrilling chapter. The suspense was so much I could hardly breathe! When the three men were nearly to be killed, Mr. Strakes as a deus ex machina saved the day! (At that point I thought that this is how Strakes will bond with the family and a romance with Penelope will soon begin, as I had suspected at the funeral). I must not forget the other hero Rambler! And Jane of course couldn't have stayed back! But all ended well. Tavington finally said that he loves her (yes!so wonderful) and Jane said it back! The big secret was revealed and their loyalty to the crown was a bit unsettled. Amazing chapters as always!
Guest chapter 67 . 1/12/2015
Emily's welcome to the family was very warm and nice, nothing like Jane's. It is wonderful that all these women fit together and be real family. The children were cute and Ash's comment on whipping was funny - he spends as it seems much time with the Colonel! John was adorable being so 'foolishly' in love and happy! After this lovely start of the chapter, I was on the edge of my seat more and more as the plot was unfolded. Fanshawe died, RIP blah, blah, blah! De Veres' plotting and the presence of Malahyde startled me. My thoughts of Harmonia are very much improved. She did try to be friendly with Letty generally and not only she was smart enough to connect the dots but she planned and executed the great escape to Jane's house amazingly! And then, noone could keep Jane from doing what she did! Jane was awesome! Bellini was amazing, such a loyal friend and good fighter! Well, he is Italian! The Tavington brothers acted both well and quickly. I loved William and Jane's little talk about shooting and the pistols. The last part with Jane and Mrs. de Vere and the wig was so much fun! Those chapters were very thrilling, brilliant and marvelous! Bravo!
Guest chapter 64 . 1/12/2015
I am glad for the publication of Caroline's book! I don't know what to say about the events at Fanshawe's house! Poor Lady Carteret! Her mother in law and the doctor are absolutely horrible and stupid people! The only thing they managed was to have the poor mother and child killed! Fanshawe's behaviour towards Jane was despicable. I wouldn't blame her or Tavington if they had shoot him! (And of the entire population in England he is the one with knowledge about the famous box!) On the other hand Bellini was such a gentleman! I enjoyed very much Letty's explosion to that brat Harmonia! I hope she will change her character after the shocking news. Poor Letty turned back to her old days behavior. The separation between the sisters must be unbearable. I wonder again: can't that awful man just die?! What I was afraid happened. When the circumstances were favorable William couldn't keep himself off Mrs Robinson. Jane's forgiveness was forgotten as well as his uncle's words.
Guest chapter 61 . 1/12/2015
Finally the time for Moll's wedding came and I was so happy for her and Tom. Poor Ash! He thinks that all people are leaving him. Everyone had a good time until the news of mamma's death. Which turned out to be murder! How thrilling! And all of this because of the papers in that box. (You are very good at writing mystery too!) I was so sorry for Lucy during the reading of the will and later when Anne couldn't keep her mouth shut! But Caroline put her in her place! It was lovely the Earl's playtime with the little boys and even if he seems to miss things that happen around him, he certainly saw the similarity between William and Thomas.
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