Reviews for Finding Avalon
Bob chapter 18 . 2/21
I really enjoyed your story and would like for it to be continued.
D72 chapter 18 . 1/28
Well now I know who plays hawkeye, and it isn't alyson hannigan.

Even if it never continues, this was a fairly good place to leave it. But to leave it for a watch the series / read the book fic? WTF, OVER?
D72 chapter 17 . 1/28
Haha, avalon is getting crowded, four battlestars now?

I like it. I was afraid this was going down a similar line to another fic where all the baddies crossed over, borg queen caught sg1 plus most of galacticas command staff, and assimilated them. Author admitted he was being a dick, but that he wanted to write a fic where the good guys lose. Up until the final scene there was no indication that was going on.

So when Ra showed up here, I was worried.

I'm now wondering if the olympia hostages can wake up, and what might come of that.

Frakkin' anders gets a pass. Grrr.
D72 chapter 16 . 1/28
Love this fic to pieces, but her name is Jennifer Hailey, not Hailey mills, twinageddon.

Other than that, good show, but quite the brain drain for avalon.

Hawkeye farts and drones launch.
D72 chapter 15 . 1/28
Lee is contractually obligated to go on every suicide mission, ever. Especially the last one.

Mitchell and O'neill got in a bitchin' cultural reference. Hopefully neither went eva without a suit, and damnit, I don't want lee dead. Kara of course, has her damn 1-UP.

And now she gets to play special snowflake.

I really don't get how "willie" pulled this one off. Seems like Jack would have told him to eat shit and die repeatedly through the briefing.

"Hi jack!" "Eat shit and die"
"Would you like some coffee?" "Eat shit and die"
"Donut maybe?" "Danny, translate this into ancient. Eat shit and die."
D72 chapter 14 . 1/28
Beam that sonofabitch into atlantia's septic tank, and set that frak to boil!

While I'm sad to see mr. Self preservation at all costs Gaius Baltar go drunken suicide bomber, I also find the idea that he might not have been behind the stick equally fascinating.

Him giving Gina the nuke NEVER made sense to me. Gaius was never a cylon sympathizer, and he wasn't always led around by the dick.

About the only thing I liked about the BSG finale was that Baltar recieved salvation and damnation. He was reunited with his true love, got to play scientist one last time, and then wa damned to be an agriculturalist slash farmer. It was if rodney got everything he ever dreamed of and then gated to the planet of citrus.
D72 chapter 13 . 1/28
Lee and Kara really did play secret service on cloud 9. Granted, lee made the better detail lead, standing up to the illegal military coup, but Kara did a damn fine job here.

I also like that tigh was both recognized as an exemplary xo, and acknowledged his own weaknesses with Lee in command of fleet. Damn shame he didn't get to go to earth.

President Lee sucked though. Lets send everything useful into the sun! My guess is when he went eva in a leaky suit from the blackbird, he sustained brain damage.
D72 chapter 11 . 1/28
And it's also nice to see a Gaius who isn't insanely evil or constantly babbling to head six. He was an athiest who converted to cylon monotheism though. Maybe he was playing a political angle? He did win the election against Roslin in canon, and she did butt heads with the religious among the fleet.
D72 chapter 10 . 1/28
One would think hearing watchtower would drive anders into an epileptic fit, considering what it did in canon. Meh, my anders haet is strong.
D72 chapter 9 . 1/28
That talk was perfect stargate. After the Goa'uld, anyone would be jaded. I'm just glad the colonials didn't turn into shitheads over it like so many bsg/sg fics.

I'm wondering why anders didn't set off the handy cylon detector.
D72 chapter 8 . 1/28
Haha, kara steals from lee and hawkeye steals from kara.

It's too bad claudia black is already in the sgverse, some of that banter was straight up farscape, and I don't see hawkeye as a gigi edgely type.

Anders survived. Grrr. Callsign hotshot? More like cockblock. They even used him to that extent on Castle.

Wonder if Hawkeye will ever get to play the "welcome to earth" line, she's already borrowed from captain heller.
D72 chapter 7 . 1/28
I know it's probably new craprica, but I thought of two funny alternatives.

1) it's that craphole in the ionian nebula where they were digging up fuel, starbuck wrecked her hands, and admitted she was screwing lee behind dualla's back, which she already knew. No wonder she blew her brains out after dinner with lee...

... and the sgc party jacks the temple of the five, neatly stomping a mudhole in bsg's entire plot.

2) Somewhere near ragnar. Not possible since you said end of season 2, but it would have neatly derailed everyone's plan. Shit, earth even before adama played that card. So say we- what the FRAK?

Oh, and the universe was like "hawkeye didn't like the battlestar, we better step our game up".
D72 chapter 6 . 1/28
I really like what I've read so far. A little surprised no one got put on tug duty, considering the excitement over atllantia. Maybe the universe is throwing hints that Maj. Half ancient should have her own ship, sexual predator generals be damned? Hell, Lee got bumped down to Maj. After blowing up his battlestar.

I'm still a little pissed starbuck never razzed him over that, she razzed him when he killed his viper.

Actually, viper, stealth prototype, battlestar, is Lee the Dianna Troi of battlestar?

Nah, he managed not to die, unlike kara.
lex28 chapter 17 . 11/22/2016
Hi first off what a brilliant story buy far one of the best galactica stargate crossovers i have read but i'm a bit worried you haven't posted any new content since 2014 would really like to see some new chapters secondly a couple of ideas i had when reading the story i would like to throw at you in the hope it inspirs you to right some new chapters

I think you have massively under utilise the shipyard at avalon in the story i think it would be great to see a joint SGC colonial project to build new ships using aspects of booth there unique technologies such as an Ftl drive capable of entering sub space and performing a jump inside sub space and covering massive differences in a fraction of time they are currently capable of and being for more power efficient then the said drives on there own

And as for replicater 5th i would like to see him improve the base stars with replicater technology as seen when the replicaters improved the Ftl drive on a Ha'tak to travel from unknown galaxy in episode Enemies (season 5 episode 1)
also adding shields and improve weapons possibly allowing for a classic stargate finally of a massive battle in earth albeit for it's very survival

i hope these ideas inspir you to continue this truly brilliant piece of fanfiction

(ps sorry for any bad spelling and lack of punctuation dyslexia is a bitch)
jackjones15660 chapter 11 . 11/21/2016
Personally I always thought there was a simlle solution to this crossover. Whe the Ancients fled the gaxlaxy they let behind the building blocks to increse the chances of humanity re-evolving. Its the oy way you could explain the trillion tk one odds of a life form evolving twice (Ancie ts then humans on Earth). I think u could say Kobol was one of the words in their empire which they left the seeds of life on, and humanity succesfukky re-evplved like they did on Earth. The 'Lords Of kobol' could be explained as ascended beings visting every once in a while and watchi g as their decedants re-evolve. They eventually stopped coming however when people started to sacrifice humans to them, (As seen by the corpse dound by Baltar). The 13 tribe could have left to find Earth, which the ascended ancients spoke about as abother wod were humans were re-evolving. However the tribe split. Mlwt of them decided to simply settle on the Earth you see as a nuclear wasteland in the show, having given up hope of findint Earth. A small portion carried kn and found Earth, and laid the begginings of Greece, as seen by their similairty to the Colonials. I think its a nice simple solution that does not ruin a civilsations entire beleifs. It also would make a fsnfiction seem less 'Stargate' centric.
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