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titvan chapter 7 . 5/28/2008
Oh well well well, there is nothing to add : your story got better and better as every line went by I really liked James/Jou-Jou's "relationship" ! It was very well done Come to think of it it was a good idea to make James despise her so much at the beginning... even if it appeared to me as being too harsh, it was necessary for their relationship to develop indeed

So congrats! And thank you for this great moment I've spent with your story
titvan chapter 5 . 5/28/2008
Now there's something more I understand in that chapter, James is frightened, fear (and disgust) makes him think all these things about Yvette... or Joujou (yeah the baby word for a toy in French indeed lol) I think I know now what you mean. It's not a lack of respect towards this woman or anything of the sort... he doesn't know and doesn't like this world, Tortuga... and thus is completely afraid of and disgusted by it. I see Poor James...

But I like this chapter and I don't think it's misplaced in this story at all. I really liked it (I'm too soft perhaps lol) that was good really
titvan chapter 3 . 5/28/2008
Well, I loved the little essay you wrote about James, quite what I think of him myself... well, at least concerning the two first films, seing as there is a third one now

And emm, talking about this story, so far I found it very interesting, that's a very interesting exercise indeed though in this chapter I found Norry very unfair with her, even in his description of her, it seems as if he despises so much the whole whoring thing that he can't help but despise the woman sitting in front of him... I just found that very unfair of him, he judges her just because she's an "ugly" whore, but he is no more than a drunkard here in this tavern! :p lol I think you're half right about it. Yeah he really doesn't like the whole idea of prostitution, I think he finds it "bleh", disgusting and that may be the reason why he despises her so much... BUT at the same time, Norry judging someone as desperate as he is at this point, and a woman for that matter... she may be ugly but she's still a woman and as you had him think earlier on in the previous chapter, he is still the gentleman he was, has ever been... will ever be lol I don't think he really would have been that harsh with her, maybe just a little bit but not that much. Well, you know what I mean.

Anyway, it still very pleasant to read, very well written, and in the way I imagine Norry would speak and think Congrats! And I'm now off to read the rest of it ;)
sachita chapter 7 . 7/16/2007
Me again- I just looked at the review and saw, that has made ** instead of writing the word out, that I wanted to write. I was merely writing Jou-jou's profession out as a word- didn't even know, that does that. Well, interesting (-;

So, just that you know, that I didn't write any obscenities there :D

Sachita chapter 7 . 7/16/2007
Hello E. !

Your story is remarkable and great to read.

First, I would like to say, that I think, James Norrington is an incredible hard character to write, especially in the time, where he has sunk so low.

He is a difficult character, neither bad, nor good, but you've managed to capture him quite well in that little piece.

Jou-jou's character fascinated me as well.

Here is that whore, who has gotten used to her life, a harsh, bitter woman, but somehow, she has still preserved herself a little dignity.

And then you let those two meet- and I loved reading their dialogues!

It is understandable, that James would despise her first, but then, he learned, that she isn't just a whore, but also someone, who is not really, what she seems to be, just like him.

The world isn't made out of white and black, not out of good and bad persons, but rather filled with a lot of grey nuances, and these nuances can also be discovered in your story.

I hope you're not already bored by my slightly strange :D rant, but you wanted a different review than "Oh my god, I love this story" and I thought, I would try my best to do so!

And you really don't need to worry, that Jou-Jou will turn out to be a Mary-Sue. Now I have to continue with a "Oh-my-god"-review nevertheless: You have to continue this story! Please!

Of course, it's hard to get a character not to behave like a Mary-Sue- I have the same problem with a character of mine (arrgh!)- but I think you'll manage to do so.

So, please, do a sequel!


Sachita (-;
P'tfami chapter 7 . 6/22/2007
I read your exceedingly long Author's note, have analysed it, thought about it and conclude that you're about right on many points concerning the characterization of J Norrington. Well done on that - I am impressed that you took the time and initiative to understand your character and provide plausible statements to back your arguments. Its something lacking in the plots of a few fics I've read..

What I like about the Pirate series is that there is the element of surprise in nearly all its characters - Jack is an untrustworthy scallywag but his surprising yet tentative attempts at altruism reflects on a very human desire to "rise above oneself".

As for Norrington - he could have so easily been relegated to the status of the jilted lover at the end of COTBP and then basically ignored by the time the sequel rolled around. Instead, he underwent a metamorphasis in character development in DMC (which explains his popularity with the masses notably female). He went through the valley of darkness so to speak in Tortuga,(your fic illustrates it nicely) then ended up unconsciously betraying the woman he loves in his eagerness to regain the life he lost. And to the end, he still retained the notion that "he serves others and not himself". His old world morality and sense of decorum is a welcome relief in these disturbing days and I'm glad you did full justice to his characterization.

I get the feeling you were a bit shaky in the earlier chapters of this story, dwelling emphatically on James depression and vaguely on Jou-Jou's personality. It didn't really grip the attention at first (this may be just my impression).

The plot development improved with the succeeding chapters.

James behaviour with Jou-Jou falls in step with the kind of person he is. His mental struggle with his baser nature was well scripted without seeming overdone or melodramatic.

I wasn't expecting the Mercer meeting, but on reflection I think it worked well within the plot. It helped to highlight the desperation James felt to win back his old life, despite his suspicions regarding his task to pilfer Jack's compass. Spinoza could hardly argue with that logic.

Jou-Jou almost fell into the "tart with a heart" cliche until you made the observation about her callousness regarding her fellow girls fates. Very astute observation there. Perhaps a sequel might be in the works about her past or future run in with Jack?

One last thing, I like your mini explanatory notes - I too find that literary references or mentionings of certain cultural norms are sometimes lost on readers. Might do the same for my fics :)

Good work and thanks for your patience if you reached the end of this. lol
BohemianCane04 chapter 5 . 6/7/2007
(This is my fave chapter, just so you know) Thank you so much for your reply, sorry for the guilt! But thank you so much for understanding. You have eased my mind a great deal. You have a great talent (And your profile is just hilarious. Some of the quotes had me laughing so hard my parents were looking at me wierd.) I really appriciate your advice! I wish everybody on this site was so thoughtful
BohemianCane04 chapter 7 . 6/5/2007
I'm torn about this fic. On the one hand I adored the writing, very well done. A lot like one of my favorite novels "The Crimson Petal and the White" have you heard of it? You had the tavern scene nailed. It was beyond perfect.

On the other hand, I was just recently considering writing a fic just like this for my break into PotC fic. I love Norrington/OC and I think his Tortuga expirience is largely untouched in fanfic. I wouldn't dare do it now since you've done it so well, but I'm left without any ideas. This is not your fault. No blame meant, I promise. You are an amazing writer. Thanks very much for sharing
Rising Waters chapter 7 . 3/26/2007
About the hurricane thing... I was a bit nonplussed by that, too, but I think that what happened is this: as in the deleted scene, he tells Elizabeth that it's all good, she's with Will, and 'the very best of luck' to them both. But then he starts to realize what it really means, that he'll never have her, and that he just let the most infamous pirate in the seven seas escape. So he's heartbroken and horrified that he hasn't done his duty (remember, his duty is the second most important thing to him, after Lizzie). So he decides that he'll set out after Jack not one minute after the day's head start is up, and he does. So in order to forget Lizzie, he totally throws himself into his work (pre-Scruffington substitute for rum). Off the coast of Tripoli, he almost has them. This means that 1. he makes up for the one day's head start and can get rid of a big pirate threat, 2. he can go home, 3. he can rid the world of the man who ruined his life (I think at this point Scruffington has kicked in a bit and any trace of respect he had for (Captain) Jack has been erased by bitterness). So he's feeling pretty happy that he's finally got them, when all of a sudden a storm kicks up. So this means that they're going to get away and he quite possibly won't ever catch them, because it's kind of difficult to track people through the ocean. And now he's pissed because Jack's getting away. And he so he decides, no, I'm not letting him get away AGAIN, because that would be failing in my duty and losing my honor (and the small matter that this is the man who- to his lovesick mind- helped lose him Elizabeth). So he orders his men to go on- and I think at this point he doesn't quite realize how bad the storm is / is going to be, and maybe they don't either. It could have been one of those freak storms where it doesn't look to bad and then two minutes later it's a hurricane. So they're all WHOO YEAH we're gonna get this pirate and kick his ass! (Although perhaps not that exact wording. They probably said Huzzah.) And then the storm gets worse and the men are thinking oh crap we're gonna lose him cuz we have to turn back, but Norrington is rather desperate at this point and says no, keep going, we're not giving up now, and then the chaos ensues and all that stuff.

Wow I typed a lot. Sorry about the rant... My inner fangirl is acting up... .

Now onto the review!

but every now and then, during those small periods of the night when she wasn’t tending to a customer or when he wasn’t at the wrong end of someone’s fist,

XD Is there a RIGHT end to someone's fist?

They had spoken of many different things – the subjects of which ranged from matters of faith (he had been surprised to learn of her loyalty for the Catholic Church) to fine dinning.

I think it's dining, but you may want to look it up because I think I'm wrong...

There was, however, one question…the one she had asked him weeks ago – one question so queer, so random that it still plagued him, even today: Had his then-fiancée ever thanked him?

“Fer riskin’ yer neck an’ th’ necks of yer men t’save her pretty self,” she had elaborated.

This would fall under the category of questions he decided against answering, though he found it greatly disconcerting nonetheless. Yet still more disconcerting was the knowledge that Elizabeth hadn’t thanked him – but he had hardly expected her to, what with all she had had to endure.

“Turn y’down an’ humiliate y’in public,” Jou-Jou had muttered darkly. “A shoddy way t’repay th’ man who’s willin’ t’die fer you.”

I agree completely! He deserves better than her.

It was a simple task: When the Black Pearl docked in Tortuga, he was to board her as one of the crew, after which he was to obtain the compass and then present it to Lord Beckett. Simple, almost degradingly so.

Ah, so it was planned... that makes sense...

Ah. And there was Elizabeth, standing before them with impatience he still found endearing and staring in shock at the prostitute that stood across from him. Suddenly turning her gaze to him, she said in an undertone and with a disapproving scowl:

“Really, James… I wouldn’t have expected this to be the kind of company you would keep.”

*smacks Elizabeth* I didn't realize how much I liked Jou-Jou until I read that line... Shut up, Elizabeth, really...

Yes, this is officially the end – well, not the end, end. But the end of this part of their story. I have a sequel, of sorts, in mind – one that is set during At World’s End. It’s basically our dear reinstated Commodore-turned-Admiral’s side of the story. And, yes, Jou-Jou shall return, though I hope you all like the turn I take with her character (and I don’t mean pairing her with James, either). While I like what I have planned for her, I am hesitant to go with it because you guys seem to love her as she is.

:O No, no, write the sequel! Please! I do love Jou-Jou as she is, but that doesn't mean I won't be happy to see her visiting France or something.

I hope my characterizations of Jack, Liz, and Mercer were accurate. Also, I’m concerned that James’s and Jou-Jou’s interactions in this chapter made sense – keep in mind that they’ve spent four months together, so things will have definitely changed. I’m very worried about all of this, so please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think.

I thought everyone was great. Mercer definitely had that creepy air about him.

Queer – I adore using this word instead of ‘strange’ or ‘weird,’ but am so annoyed that I can’t use it in public without someone automatically assuming I’m speaking ill of homosexuals. Does anyone else feel this way, or is it just me?

Oh, god, yes. It's a fun word and very English, but you say it in public and... well, yeah. Not fun. Stupid homophobes...

“Odd fer anybody, ducky” – this is fairly unimportant, but I’m in love with the idea of somebody – anybody calling James ‘ducky.’ No idea why, either.

I hadn't thought of that, but it's brilliant. And hilarious. It's such a funny endearment, and using it on James is just... yeah, hilarious. XD

…that day’s head start now considered a dastardly crime – this was the main thing, I think, that made me side with James in DMC. He, the infamous Pirate Hunter, was a nice guy and let Jack go at the end of CotBP, acknowledging that pirates could be decent people. And then was happened? That act of kindness came back and bit him – hard. Both saddening and unfair.

Well, this is Beckett that we're talking about. Not a lot of other people seemed to think it that terrible.

Anyways, thank you for a brilliant Norrington fic. Please write the sequel soon, it's too good to be left alone as it is!
Rising Waters chapter 6 . 3/26/2007
He chuckled dryly. “Because I am no better than the letches that normally solicit you.”

“Yes, you are,” she stated matter-of-factly, her eyes bright and knowing. “B’cause even if that is true, y’still knew that it wasn’t right. Now, that’s a fact that all of my men’re well aware of, but they don’t let it bother ‘em. You, on th’ other hand…” She grinned broadly. “You couldn’t have yer wicked way with me. You may’ve wanted to, yes…but that doesn’t give you any motive t’do it, does it? Not really. Not in yer eyes. B’cause, despite all reasoning, y’know it isn’t right. An’ that, no matter how many flaws y’claim t’have, puts y’jus’ a smidgen higher than th’ rest. Least, in my mind, it does.

Oh, good. He needed to hear that, even if he doesn't beleive it.

… a down-on-his-luck nobleman – navy, judging by his attire – has anyone else every wondered how James, who was once the scourge of piracy in the Caribbean, survived in Tortuga, a pirate port? I’m under the impression that, while he obviously made no efforts to hide the fact that he was a military man, he didn’t broadcast who he was specifically. That way, hopefully, all the pirates and rum runners and thieves and such would look and him and think “Arrgh, navy! Let’s kick his ass!” as opposed to “It’s that no-good Commodore who killed our pirate brethren! Let’s torture and kill him!” Anyone have any other ideas?

I think it's partly that, and partly that as you said, he wouldn't have minded if they DID kill him, and partly because the uniform became so incredibly dirty, it would be difficult to recognize at just a glance.

He had to ask for her forgiveness. – I always got the feeling that, even if he had every right to do it (which he doesn’t, in this case), James would still feel guilty about verbally abusing someone if they were a decent person, however mild said abuse may have been. He would try to find a reason not to regret his actions, but he would just keep arguing with himself until he eventually went “This is pointless” and apologized. But maybe that’s just me?

No, I think that's very in-character. Hooray for British gentlemen! :D

Again, another great chapter. *dances* :D
Rising Waters chapter 5 . 3/26/2007
“You have no qualms if I see you in a state of undress,” he began slowly, “yet you object to my seeing your hair loose?”

When she answered him, her voice was light and matter-of-fact.

“I don’t like my hair.”

An uncomfortable silence followed before Yvette, who apparently did not enjoy the quiet and wanted to fill every second with as much noise as she could, ended it by saying, “Y’can lie down if y’want. M’jus’ washin’ my face.”

For some reason I absolutely love this part. I have no idea why, but it's... I don't know. But it's perfect. Love that part.

"I don’t like my hair." - while this isn't necessarily important now , it will be later on (much later on).

Does she wear a wig or something?

Anyways, another great chapter! *hugs*
Rising Waters chapter 4 . 3/26/2007
He had been about to reach out to take her hand – even then, amidst the turmoil and concern, thrilling at the rare contact – she had shot up. With her eyes wildly scanning the crown she had looked beyond his confused relief to the one she truly loved.

Just thought I should point this out; I think you meant 'crowd' and not 'crown.'

It was then that he knew: It had all been a ruse; she had never wanted to marry him, had never loved him…

They only showed a split-second look on his face at that point, but it definitely did look like that... :( Poor James!

His accursed conscience would refuse him rest until he sought out the source of the commotion, daring to hope that it would be someone in distress, to believe that there was the smallest chance that he would play the hero once more, that there was a possibility of redemption in his future.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen, he thought with bitter sarcasm as his search came to an abrupt end.

This... this is just so Norrington. He is ridiculously in character. I didn't know it was possible to write him so in character. That and the whole 'blind valor' thing is just so utterly non-Scruffington and 100% Commodore... it makes me so happy to think that he still has that in him. :D

Though perhaps, he ventured, she was on the verge of feinting?

I think you meant 'fainting'...

“Y’know, fer someone so very much against bedroom games, y’certainly think about ‘em a lot.”

XD I'm liking her more and more...

At that moment arduous activities such as thinking made his head pound.

I got some strange looks at that point for laughint out loud... Poor James...

“I can’t breathe…” – I debated for quite a while before finally deciding to do this. It’s just that I normally refrain from recycling lines from the movie as that has the tendency to be both boring and annoying. Let me know if this is either, gang.

Not at all.

…he removed his coat and placed it around her shoulders – it’s not Mary-Sue magic, I swear! This is really my attempt to keep him in character. Really, I think that, despite all he’s been through, Norrington would still be somewhat of a gentleman and, upon seeing Yvette’s shaking, would automatically think to give her his coat.

Very in-character, I thought. The more Commodore we can see in Scruffington, the better, I think. Anyways, another great chapter! :D
Rising Waters chapter 3 . 3/26/2007
Chapter title made me laugh. And yay! He turned her down! Although I may be celebrating prematurely, especially seeing as one of the next chapter titles has to do with bedsheets and bliss... although I hope he doesn't change his mind (again); I prefer to think that he remained drunk but abstinant throughout that stay in Tortuga. He is Norrington, after all...

Sorry, I can never seem to shut myself up during reviews. Anyways, another great chapter!
Rising Waters chapter 2 . 3/26/2007
Very nice. :D I agree that James wouldn't approve of whoring at /all/. Partly because of his respect for women, partly because it's *ominous music* a SIN, and partly because it's unfaithful and rather nasty, although they didn't know about STDs back then. Anyways... what I'm meaning to say is yay! He's in character! u r teh gud riter!
Rising Waters chapter 1 . 3/26/2007
First let me say, thank you thank you thank you for writing what I have been so desperately wanting to hear. My views of Norrington are exactly the same of your, just less eloquent. So now

Governor Swann is practically Norrington’s personal cheerleader.

That mental image is quite possibly the most hilarious thing I've ever imagined. XD

Also, I know you mentioned one of the deleted scenes, but there were two others (I think 'Accepting the Proposal' and 'Happy Endings' that really give a lot more depth to Norrington's character and they should have kept in *rants*) and I was wondering if you'd seen them; I don't think you referenced them here...

He handed the heart over to Beckett with the intent of obtaining what he needed the most: a pardon and the letters of Marque. However, he must know that no good will come from leaving an object so powerful in the hands of a man like Beckett? Especially when he still has Elizabeth to consider. If he has even the smallest shred of belief that she is still alive, then Beckett's having the heart puts her in grave danger, as she is not only wanted but is now at sea – which, with the heart, Beckett will have absolute control of. If Norrington's continued devotion to her is to be believed, then why would he deliberately put her into harms way? He has already proven time and again that he is far too intelligent for that, not to mention the fact that he has been trained in strategy tactics. It may just be me, but I can’t help but suspect that Norrington has a plan to retrieve the heart and set things right.

Again, my thoughts exactly, just more eloquent. *grins* Although I'm not sure if he's going to be able to carry out those plans, seeing as Beckett makes him Admiral and then shoves him off to 'guard' Davy Jones... (or so I've heard . Looking for spoilers? Me?) Anyways, great first chapter. :D
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