Reviews for The War of Darkness
TheGoddessKnight chapter 18 . 6/1/2009
So your telling me, through all of that… she died. What the, come on. Stop killing people off! You didn't need to ever since last chapter. And look at poor Malon. I hope you're happy. You sit behind your computer and write this chapter and all the others with everyone dieing. Regardless of how well you finished off the chapter, I hope your happy. Though, Link and Zelda seem a little happy. I'm sure they will be all right with each other.

Darunia coming in was a nice touch. You really did a great job showing that it's a dark time in Hyrule.
Sysanet chapter 18 . 6/1/2009
Yesh, gripped against his chest...oh wait I was supposed to pay attention to the tension of in the scene wasn't I?

See, the naked fairy lady was an awesome teacher. Yes, a very selfish thought wasn't it? Would've been easier to give your own life up though if Minivera hadn't said anything huh? but you're not gonna die, so doesn't bother me.

That thing has been coming closer for 3 paragraphs now...and denied! Denied your death and your victory! And now something else is approaching. You know Zel, if you hadn;t been so stuck on watching him die, you could've guarded his back man...denied his squishing too..he gets no breaks here.

Now before I continue reading, I theorized that Navi is going to destroy the Triforce. Why? because of course she can't stick around now that our man is gone. Nope, she has to make a dramatic exit.

Whose good? you know why it's brighter? She has no ties and no hesitations anymore. And why? well, she loves you, and you deserve a break man. ROTFL, I love Link's answer.

Make descendants man, there are more games to be had! Awe, she pulled a Gerick line! And she says, "No interference! I don't get to/ 3 paragraphs of Link's supposed death and I don't get Navi! I am outraged!

That would disturb me if I were a soldier...if they just stop. And now I read with little comments...At least they didn't leave Huntley..poor Malon.

Time to escape the tower! Wow this looks familiar. Dude! TP! instead of reaching for Midna though...for Navi! The true loss Minerva was teaching him to handle. Oh how things unwind.

Link, call Sil up on the telephone, she'll help ya, she knows. I huggles Link. I know...I played MM, I love Navi too. AND I GOT MY KISSING SCENE! Oh yeah ignore the big goron. Queen Fairy, Navi was a fairy...I wonder...

lol Minivera, gotta love her.

Well, all in all, great chapter, and an even greater story. yes I complain, I yell, I rant and rave, but it's only because you pulled me into the story and with your talents made me care for the characters. I love how it ended...only one thing I would change if I could. *cough*Huntley*cough*

Can't wait for the next story!
Madame Wilhelmina chapter 18 . 5/31/2009
I told you. LIMK CANNOT DIE! It's impossible. He is the ultimate bad* of the Zelda universe. Yes, even though he is a mute and has no lines, he is still the coolest, he is that bad*.

Great ending though. I enjoyed it very much.
AstralSpectre chapter 18 . 5/30/2009
Yay! The War of Darkness is over! What a bittersweet ending, but hey, this time I won't complain about the "choices" you've made with certain characters, only because it seemed to fit their personalities very well. Nice element of surprise, though I have to admit I had actually predicted the whole Navi scenario for some reason. By the way, there was something about the very last part with Minerva that seemed nolstalgic or even a little deja vu-ish, but I can't figure out why. Still, a great way to end a great tale! NICE JOB! Now start another one!
AstralSpectre chapter 17 . 5/30/2009
THIS...WAS...THE...GREATEST CHAPTER YET! Boy am I glad it took three days to finish reading, cuz it was worth it! The sages finally battling it out and the suspense and of course the story coming right down to the wire...! And apparently I now have the honor of reading the final chapter, HURRAY! But yeah, shame on those sages! How could they let him die? Nabooru shouldn't have held back that spell in such a dire situation, but hey, even sages must keep morals and ethics in check, huh? Moving on...
Madame Wilhelmina chapter 17 . 3/30/2009
“You don’t think I’d be foolish enough to put it in some inanimate object do you?

Only Voldemort is stupid enough to do such a thing. Interesting plot twist. I'm sure that Link will be fine, you wouldn't let the elf boy really die, now would you?
TheGoddessKnight chapter 17 . 3/29/2009
Well... that was certainly something. Where did Gerik's staff go? He couldn't bring it back again? And man, that thing with Gerik was dramatic. But I guess you do what you gotta do... and why did you do that to Huntely? I swear, you couldn't leave him alone once I began to like him. And then there's this underlying Darunia and Nab pairing your trying to tell us?

Nice chapter, can't wait for the end...
Sysanet chapter 17 . 3/29/2009
Ah *gets comfortable in chair* and here we go.

OOhh we start out with Huntley now do we? yeah broken leg bad...hey no tag teaming...jerks.

He was thinking about Malon..hehehe. Yeah don't you just hate it when no one gets in any hits? Unfortunately Ruto not very good long term ninja. I Want That MAGIC SHIELD!

And now Ruto ducks out of the way...Nice strategy. Break..and then her fishy butt needs to help Huntley. Nab learned that one from Silvia. Someone worked out...

lol That save reminded me of the Nabooru & Darunia pairing thingy. Where did that one come from?

Well Huntley's sorry he's normal...but he still kicks much butt. Hey no broken leg! Huntley...if you die I swear I'll kill Zosh. ROTFL nice Huntley.

OWCH my poor Goron...he needs those appendages. hehehe bash some heads. no no no no no...I refuse to read...I refuse to believe HUntley would...but I know he would.

*reads* ...he did...and...he is...AND YOU COULDN'T DO THAT EARLIER WOMAN! Did she pulls it's soul out? Oh she did...and I don't think it experienced enough pain.

Eh we're tired, here's our power. I remember that power. And thats how the get the 7 10 spit at the bowling alley.

You take that body and fix it...somehow...I'll figure out a way. Duck tape does wonders.

As I read them trying t escape I have Animal I have become Saria. See she's staring at this thing Sam wants to know about Dar.

hehehe DUH!- Link time!

O.O I could so see Gan doing that to Link! He has some things in common with Grandpa I see. The punch I mean. As TP Ganondorf comes to mind...he never fell I tell you!

Don't TOUCH that sword...see told you. Dang..he does preplan. Is that genetic? Having no soul?

HA! I was right! Gerick ISN'T EVIL! MWUHAHAHAHA! I think...I refuse to give up hope.

I swear if Gerick pulls a Gan...hehe lover's quarrel. i like her poison we're good. tosses. Poor Navi, Sil sympathizes.

Link...go help Navi. geeze man. Link & I live in the same denial. You can't break us. BUT GERICK KNEW ARCANA! And thus he's pretending...I will not give in! Just like he only pretended to give in!

Link is so Link you are not broken...get up! Hey that reminds me of something I can't reveal.

Back to the lovers...he sees her magic meter...Come on now...YESH! Get it Gerick..fight it...beat it!

He is pulling a a different least get a good bye kiss...

Hey Link's gonna look up...ppft...I've lost interest in it now. hehehe it's a shadow force. I wonder if Midna could wield it.

Umm...someone's gotta..Navi can do it!

Link's all like...great NOW I can...oh yeah make him angry...genius I tell you. It's called love drives him.

And here's your cubi doll! As they go...haven't we done this before? Hello...chosen of the Goddess' have the sword... Link.

The Hell? All my men A GIRL! dot dot odotto...THATS MY MAN! He knows how to say god bye.


Well...that was an AWESOME chapter. And I'm happy. I was right about confident Link made it. Cause he's Link...and you aren't like me.

Whoot! *goes o click on next chapter and twitches* I wants my epilogue...
AstralSpectre chapter 16 . 10/9/2008
Well hey victory for Link . . . right? Guess not. Besides the fact this is part 1, and some things are still left unexplained, I take it there's plenty more to come. Here I am thinking I'm a bizillion chapters behind due to my reluctant hiatus, and you've yet to update on another chapter? Anyways, I think this one of the greatest (if not the greatest) battle scenes ever! The "rock, paper, scissors" type battle with the elementals felt somewhat nolstagic, and even sort of reminded me of the elementals in my WSoF story, well at least the water one. And Arcana was surprisingly weak, but sneaky somewhat. This means the next chapter will be ten times cooler, right? And Minerva will come back, right? At any rate, I'll see if I can gather my strength and get my battered body to finish one of my own chapters before I retire off my computer. And yes, I shall try to make plans w/you before another month and a half passes . . . be patient with my greatly abused carcass-of-a-self.
Sysanet chapter 16 . 8/20/2008
Okay, gonna try to get this in one sitting. I have about 2 hours before the girls get home. *cracks knuckles* here we go...

You know, it's like I told Zelda, aren't you supposed to go away from the bright light? And then the armies just st there and are like...I'm not going in, they have to come out. Well we're not coming out so you have to come in.

I want a Tower like that...ooh looking not-so-secret stairwells. Thats right, keeping going, cause you know what the sage'll do to ya if they find out you deviated.

And thus, I would redecorated my Towe...nothing in the really big room. We'll set up th gamecube over here, the DDR Tv over there-

Oh that reminiscent "hey Link." Obviously the flying staff isGerick's, and Gerick wants a date. Oh lookie, SK was right...hafly...maybe he's jealous. Oh, no Link remember the mission. As we all discover Gerick is pulling a Gan-putting Link through all this to make him strong enough to kill Lord A.

And thats how she takes care of business! You know...the resemblance between Gan/Sil/Link & Ger/Navi/Link right now...spooky.

*is wrapped up in battle scene...and the phone rang* You shouldn't have looked at the needles...always look up, look up...see there he was. Saywha? You know I love Link...but the hey man...don't switch in the middle of that.

Awe, shouldn't he be playing the pipe-organ...Ganon plays one, gan can play one, Grandpa should play one. Herk, ruined the tiptoeing...

Link sighs, oh good not Ganon, I don't have to worry before we fight. Wait, we? At least Ganon set her up in a nice little crystal..

For an evil Lord, he doesn't pay much attention to the blue hilted object in Link's hand does he? Oh good it's there.

I love how scholarly he is..'Oh I didn't even know you could do that, fine whatever.' Oh ppft, at least his son fought Link mano a mano.

And that's how boss he is...and yet he still doesn't conquer Hyrule. Which shows ow boss Link is. Link no go fired, boiled, or squashes...

hey the fire elemental could give you a quick tan. I wonder if he could harness the fire magic like in the Spirit temple and take out the water and vise verse...oh water and air make ice...that could stop that one...the master sword should be enough for Earth...

lol Link went surfering. Hey I had been doing a lot of that leg sliding when i played OoT last night..wasn't as cool though.

Or he could use the magic he already has . I was close...yes! I was somewhat elemental

No! My poor Link...He could do like in Hercules and trick the elementals into crashing into each other. Hey back to one of my first plans. Well...was half right again...oo he has a fire spell stronger than the that may work later.

Oh yes and just to be safe..stabbity stab. And Earth has taken a nap somewhere...

before I read on...okay judging by how this went, earth will be killed by the other elements not muscle...well..

If it's dirt (which is what I think of when you say earth) or something heating up the ice arrows to make water would turn it into mudd.

if it's some sort of rock (which is what I find a lot of people think of)then making it hot and really cold might work. I watch/ read way too many elemental things for my own good...

Oh he woke up...don't worry Link if you drink a super potion your magic meter and hearts'll be filled. How dare...*sniffles* i loved my fairy bow...

yays *does a little dance* You know, if Link used his fire he could cause the flesh to callous together, closing the wound.

See Lord A, he met up with this sexy fairy and she set him straight. Magic wielding swordmen are such a freakin pain...

*once again drawn in by battle*

You know, Lord A acts like a dad teaching his son how to fight. "Very good, but this is better.' And Link's all, 'ha Dad mine's blue.'

Go Link, Go Link! You know, with the way he bilt his temple, it isn't surprising at all that he has such a good defense...

*thinks of doing victory dance* said Duel of Destiny part 1...this isn't the end..

However it was teh end of yet another thrillong chapter that I really enjoyed reading. Only you and one other author can actually keep my attention through a war story. Love it, get to work on the next chappie...after my b-day present is yeah.

Well now I'm off to make some hot dogs...yays, caught up on one story.
Sysanet chapter 15 . 8/20/2008
So I'll type up my review whilst I read...again.

A blanketed sun makes things I tad harder when they want to be bright and happy. Link is a very smart boy. he realized Hyrule doesn't need sun that much...

Epona and Link have a connection- they should she can teleport anywhere after all. O...horsey armor. Loving Link's new tunic accessory. Navi off floating around know someone's gotta be like, "Goron, Gerudo, Hylians...where are the Zoras?"

Poor to be good at one thing and bad at the other when you want it reversed. You know if Link did talk in the games, I imagine he would sound like this. I would feel sorry for a horse that had to carry a Goron .

Training does help...Darknuts...I'm gonna have fun with those. I hope they packed enough bombchus and arrows .Joshin would be hirrfied to know what you did to the Kokiri...hehehe mido...

Oh crap...the ground is coming alive!

Well Link ...* blink blink* that's the way to handle enforcing a battle charge..*yells battle cry, cleave head...moves on* no,, don't hurt the Gorons...what did they do beside utterely crush your family members?

Oh no those Stalkchildren did not just...*plans on going and killing many of them later* horses did nothing.

See huntly...they were waiting for you to say that...skeleton puppies were waiting to have sushi. No, tak Huntley with you-Dude's good. Oh dear Ruto with Link... Hey he came anyway!

See when one can not find a way blow something up. See, Navi obviously agreed with me. As Epona Twitches at Navi thinking, 'You planned that.'

And now we have the club bouncers ready to strike if you're not cool enough. Huntley why are you still there? lol Ruto said Bummer...hehehe. Love Nabooru, oh we each get two, let's go. We have a new Impa!

BUt...they were in the spirit two, plus the transform Nabooru. Apparently the DN decided, eh, two will share a kill.

Darunia goes..."Oh crap...opsy...Fire speed." So pair Ruto and Dar up, she dodges he hits. And Nab's just like, well dangit. While Huntley goes...screw it. go Navi, that'll teach em to attack you from behind.

Yeah Link, imagine if they got rid of that armor...the Darknut's like, 'WTH? am I bleeding? that's not possible...'

See...Darunia was like..'not my brother...oh hey let's see if this is my people...' Link, you got 3, you were supposed to get two...well he took at two, so he's qualified to move onto the next round.

Whoo, barely missed the belly. ha see! Dar agrees with me! rotfl, Lord A won't mind if he's missing part of his wall...and now...Navi gets her second.

Come on, Dar's got one left, he can help the others...Whoo hoo!


Well this chapter makes me want to read the next one...ohh looky there it is.
TheGoddessKnight chapter 16 . 8/12/2008
Damn, that was a chapter... And that Soul Calibur and Soul Edge fight at the end was awesome! lol, I'm on such a kick. That was great, didn't expect the elementals at all. Pretty good man, pretty good.
Madame Wilhelmina chapter 16 . 8/11/2008
'Link breathed in deeply as he stood there with the Master Sword still plunged deep in Arcana’s chest, a smile on his face.'

Aw, was it a thank Merlin, I've won type of smile or an eerie, YEAH, I'VE KILLED SOMEONE, type of smile? Becuase if it was the second one, then Link has been fighting this war too long. Just kidding. The chapter was good, the fighting scene excellent as usual, although I do have an issue with some of Navi's dialog. When she was talking to Gerrick, it seemed a bit forced to tell you the truth, not to mention a little cliche. I'm not saying that it was horrible, just that it was a bit awkward. All in all, a good chapter though.
Madame Wilhelmina chapter 15 . 5/25/2008
I'm very interested in seeing Gerik now. He and Link should have lunch together sometime, catch up on things, try and kill each other. Lunch dates between enemies are so much fun! Giggles madly. (You will have to excuse me a bit, I've been working on Normality at It's Fullest)
Madame Wilhelmina chapter 14 . 5/25/2008
Link is behaving very amusingly. He was rather giddy in this chapter. I have to wonder if the bunnies are affecting him yet. Oh well, perhaps soon...
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