Reviews for Unintentionally Yours
M1ss May H3m chapter 1 . 11/1
I'm sure I've read this before...but I like it so much and it has been awhile. Oh the joy of getting reviews on old stories. I noticed a few mistakes but I hardly care. Good work.
ashley riddle chapter 17 . 10/24
plez send me the deleted parts
claire1663 chapter 61 . 10/22

thank you for your fic
all the best
Eagle-Eyes chapter 61 . 9/18
Loved this story. Several chapters made me want to review but I just couldn't take the time from the story to writ one...,

Keep writing as life allows...,
inuv5 chapter 42 . 9/18
I couldn't review on the last sees that I already reviewed it...So I posted a review on this chapter instead.

This is about the 5th time I have read this story. I love it because it discusses real issues that go on in the world. The victims shouldn't ever have to feel like it is their fault. The Harry Potter in this story is just sad, adorable, depressing, cute, strong, etc...all at the same time. That poor guy. The dark lord is so...mushy, loving, and caring...It was a bit weird, but it is nice to see the dark lord in a different way.
atlantis51 chapter 61 . 9/18
This story was awesome! Sequel? You have written a masterpiece!
atlantis51 chapter 59 . 9/18
VERY arrousing! M mm!
atlantis51 chapter 58 . 9/18
At last those disgusting Dursleys will pay!
atlantis51 chapter 52 . 9/17
My heart can't take much more of this roller coaster ride! Poor Harry! You're putting this boy through HELL!
atlantis51 chapter 50 . 9/17
Those two bitches deserve to be in AZKABAN!
atlantis51 chapter 47 . 9/17
I don't know if you EVER read our reviews, or if you went and stopped writing, but do you live in Germany? If so, I wish to congratulate you on your grasp of the English language. I'm German myself, but live in the U.S. AND truly, there are hundreds of English-speaking writer's on these fanfic sites that could take lessons from you, my dear!
You make very few spelling mistakes, I'm impressed, can you tell? More power to you, you should never stop writing!
atlantis51 chapter 46 . 9/17
At last everyone knows about the abuse and rapes! AND Harry is still way too nice for his own good!
atlantis51 chapter 39 . 9/17
I think you're dragging this whole thing with Harry's rape on way to long, after all, Tom HAS to know in order to help him! Biting my nails down to the quick! ARGH!
atlantis51 chapter 35 . 9/17
Tom needs to know that Harry was raped! ASAP! So that he can kill Dursley!
atlantis51 chapter 32 . 9/17
I just KNEW that Harry was preggers! I think it's great! The Dark Lord can play daddy!
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