Reviews for A Woman’s Intuition
Legendary Biologist chapter 1 . 11/12/2015
Ha, the archive sure lacks Harry x Sherry works. It's the relationship that isn't explored very much in the canon, so glad that this fic expands on that topic.

This captures Sherry's character very well. In this piece, she still appears childlike, which is appropriate because she is barely a teen in ep 8. I like that she is bored at the Family gathering (a typical response from a young lady) and is later distracted by Brandon and Harry. Then, Sherry thinking Brandon and Harry as cute, yet well-built gentlemen is just fitting for her.

I love that you give the reason why Sherry immediately falls for Harry, which works for both characters as well. Harry is apparently a smooth talker with a deep, sexy voice and very, very handsome and gentlemanly appearance (sorta a contrast to Brandon, who seems to enjoy being just the way he is), just like in the canon. Of course, I can see why Sherry easily falls in love with him. ;)

How Sherry is so distracted by and later grows awkward at Harry's presence is very well-written. It makes me smile to see that Sherry is being 'hypnotized' by Harry and keeps staring at Harry until he asks her what's wrong. But of course, that just makes Sherry's 'in love' state worse hehe. No wonder, because she has a crush on Harry AND Harry shows interest in her. And then Harry agreeing to accompany her to the desert table? Oops. The last paragraph just perfectly conveys Sherry's thoughts at everything. ;) Fantastic depiction of 'love at first sight' here!

Just a very minor stylistic thing: I'm slightly confused at the beginning because I almost think that the [Enjoy!] is part of the work. A line break can solve that problem easily, though.

Overall, this is a very cute and amazing Harry x Sherry piece.
Anon chapter 1 . 6/4/2013
Short but sweet! I love it! I really wish you had made this longer, maybe gone into detail what their relationship developed into over the years, but still very nice little story. Harry is one sexy beast! 3 ;D