Reviews for Colourless Vanity
SweetHunniiBunnii chapter 17 . 7/8
I really like this story! Really nice work so far!
cbluna chapter 17 . 6/25
I dont even know what to say. This is THE MOST amazing fanfic i've read. Im kinda sad i finished it (or what was posted). I enjoyed immensely. Like... Wow. The way you make things progress with believable characters and.. Omg i just dont know what to say. Are you going to continue this? I was completely blown away. Have a cookie!
Tsukiyo69 chapter 17 . 6/7
I. Love. Your. Fiction.
That sum it all.
I like to see Naruto as an ANBU, and especially here as Naruto is still a kid (I don't know many fiction that do it REALISTICALLY). I absolutely like the way you made him improve himself gradually. And how you took the time to deepen each character. Especially Naruto, Iruka, Itachi, Raido and the ANBU commander. Just amazing.
And the idea of Itachi coming back to train the kid, along with Raido and Iruka as former-coming-back ANBU ? Just so original ! :D
I really like to read the moments in the ANBU common room.
And Naruto's new skills in jutsu making ? Why didn't anyone think of it before ?!
So I took a real pleasure reading all the current chapters and I hope you will someday write the continuation of this fiction. :D
Ja ne !
Shinan7 chapter 17 . 6/6
If you ever decide to pick this up again, it would be amazingggggg
Mistress Steff chapter 17 . 5/8
Wow. Great fic! One of the best anbu fanfic Ive ever read. I hope you can update some time, love it?
teni ada chapter 17 . 4/22
The first few chapters did progress slowly, but in the end, the result was wonderful. I do find myself wondering why the original manga didn't make Iruka-sensei part of ANBU, he clearly would have been great.

Hopefully you decide to rejoin the world of Fanfiction soon, and bring us some news on Naruto-kun's code-name and mask animal! Hai!
Guest chapter 17 . 3/23
I thought the first few chapters progressed too slowly but I really like the story now! Its believable and I see you've added innovative details! I like the seals :) Please update!
yukihime88 chapter 17 . 3/21
where's the next chapter! please the next chapter!
Guest chapter 17 . 3/14
I finally found a great story after digging the archives and it's last update is 4 years ago -.- oh well, i'm not gonna give up in this story, it's too good to give up. So i'll wait till u update!
NikZkinE chapter 17 . 3/14
for once when i found a story that is actually well written it's unfinished and was updated four years ago
please do continue the story please!
kinkou chapter 17 . 2/2
I loved the original story and keep re-reading it, but I noticed the re-writes and edits you've been doing lately and I have to say I love them even more. I will continue reading and enjoying this story. It's in my favorite 5 along with Dangerously Beautiful (no longer able too be found on net), Get (it and its sequel no longer on net either), My Chibi Dobe, and Shadows of Leaves. Thank you for allowing me to continue enjoying this.
fetching-trekky chapter 17 . 1/28
I love this! Actually observing Naruto through his growth on this path! Hope you continue and can't wait for an update.
Sexy Ry chapter 17 . 1/28
update soon i loved your story
sakurahan chapter 17 . 1/24
Wow this fanfiction is amazing XD Please continue it :D Im so proud of Naruto, hes finally getting the attention and family he deserves _ I am glad I forund this fanfiction :D Thanks
TigerInTheMoonlight chapter 17 . 1/21
I love this! Naruto as ANBU is thing, Raido called him Naruto in front of the Suna ANBU, was this an accident? Anyway I know it's been years since its been updated but I can't help hoping it'll someday be continued! And if not, well done on it anyway
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