Reviews for The Once and Future Taiyoukai
Cojumhei chapter 10 . 7/19/2019
Im so sad how i wish toga still alive till inuyasha grow up
Cojumhei chapter 8 . 7/19/2019
Shessy you will not taken any othe mates beside kagome... That's the rule
Cojumhei chapter 7 . 7/19/2019
Oh I love Shessy he's in love with kagoms
LimitedEternity chapter 4 . 7/9/2019
This story is fantastic every time I read it, the flow, the imagery and emotion it evoked... It's second to none and I hope you you get as much joy from your writing, be it fanfic, original works, or things you wish to keep for yourself, as we do from what you have shared. Sesshomaru's inner confused dialogue is my favorite part of this chapter! Truly he has no idea what to make of her.
Rokizols chapter 11 . 6/27/2019
I always come back to this story! And some chapters always bring me to tears. You are such an amazing author. I can’t thank you enough for this precious gift! Thank you!
Rianna-Saraephina chapter 29 . 6/5/2019
Been over 10 years since I first read this and it's still a favorite story of mine
Yani Anderson chapter 29 . 5/29/2019
Fue muy lindo. Me encantó. Estoy muy feliz por cómo terminó.
Yani Anderson chapter 22 . 5/28/2019
Uffff este capítulo fue tan intenso.
Definitivamente me dolió la "ruptura" de todo lo que pudo haber unido a Sesshomaru y Kagome. Me tenías al borde de las lágrimas.
Sin embargo en esta última parte de la confrontación con Kikyo, ya hacía falta. De hecho, incluso me quedé enojada, pienso que ese golpe no fue suficiente para saciar mi ira. Kikyo debió haber muerto.
Yani Anderson chapter 20 . 5/28/2019
Qué triste. Kagome ya tuvo que regresar al tiempo de Inuyasha.
Fue tan lindo el que la haya elegido como su compañera, aunque sea minutos antes de irse.
Yani Anderson chapter 19 . 5/28/2019
Esperé mucho para este momento.
Me encantó cómo Sesshomaru dijo "ojalá nunca pueda volver a hacer esto y la besó junto a las aguas termales
Yani Anderson chapter 1 . 5/19/2019
Que intenso fue este capítulo.
Odié tanto a Inuyasha y a Kikyo
mio-chan-darkangel chapter 2 . 4/21/2019
Excelente lo mejor en años!
kuragehime7 chapter 29 . 4/14/2019
Second time rereading this entire fic! I'm so in love with the entire storyline and tiny Sesshomaru! He was portrayed so well and so like himself but different and I agree entirely with how he would react to his inner pack and mate. Can't get enough of this amazing story. What a wonderful job!
creamberriess chapter 29 . 2/18/2019
I re-reading this again after 7 years, and my thought still the same. this is masterpiece! I cant thank you enough for writing this fanfic, i'm so in love with your work, this story is so beautiful.

I hope you always well and healthy. thank you so much dear author! hugs and kisses from the world's largest island country.
Plsdon'texposeme chapter 1 . 1/23/2019
I'm a die hard inukag fan, 100% till the end. But this story made me love sesskag and Idk how many times I reread it but it is a guilty pleasure 10/10 & I am constantly secretly in love w these two now so thank u
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