Reviews for Suddenly I see
geek'd chapter 7 . 10/17/2006
so i guess it's gonna be awhile for the next chapter huh? oh well, i'm not mad at you.

but update when you get the chance okay?

your stories are too good!
geek'd chapter 6 . 10/7/2006
damn! dumbles outdid himself on the evil part this time. again: DAMN!

ginormous plot twist, did not expect that. good thing too.

i'm sorry but i can't leave a longer review this time because i have a deadline for an essay and project for history, so i'm sorry again.

but please, UPDATE!

i promise to give a longer review next chapter!
geek'd chapter 5 . 10/2/2006
hmm...about the "writing this story" NOPE! cuz A) this is YOUR story B)no time and C) wouldn't be as good.

plot line...hmm...I'll work on that.

as for the "not just the Heir" thing: she's a mother-to-be; she's the Heir; she's part Veela; what else can there be? I've already guessed something, but I'm not gonna tell you what I guessed.

and good call on the beta thing. i'd rather die of excitement first than beta a story that doesn't even NEED any in my opinion.

the song "Suddenly I See" is really cool. good choice for a title and chapter song.

update please!

geek'd chapter 4 . 9/30/2006
excellent! as usual.

i think that you used "big black horse and a cherry tree" in eyes of a unwanted girl, i think, but it doesn't matter. it goes with this chapter.

geoge weasley and dannie finally bonded, eh? so is she pregnant? pink light ~does~ mean she's pregnant right? i may be wrong, but that's no suprise.

i don't think my school even KNOWS what fanfiction IS, they only block emails and myspace and any porn sites.

but please update! i'll ~try~ to get people to read and review, but i can't make any promises. people may just review on their own accord.

love your stories!
geek'd chapter 3 . 9/17/2006
spellings you asked about:

(1) Legilimens

(2) Malkin's

on to 5th year! or 4th...I'm still confused about her age...

ah well, whatever.

yay! she has some romance with a weasley! and it's george too!

please update this and your other stories. including that one that seems like you've aboandoned it: Change of Life. ringing any bells? and Discovery of One's Self, and Through Her Eyes.

there's so many stories that I'm losing track of all of your stories...

but please try to update ALL of them!
geek'd chapter 1 . 9/14/2006
yay! another story!

i've been wondering why you haven't been updating lately, but now i know why! you're working on another story!

and you know...i wonder what harry's reaction will be if he doesn't find out dannie is severus's daughter, and then he finds out-in sixth year cuz dannie never changed her name... (mwahahahaha! *cough. that would be interesting to watch/read/see or whatever it's called.

so pleas !

and all of your other stories as well please!


Rylie D