Reviews for Altered Destinies
Sable Dawn chapter 37 . 9/13
poor Helena
marybeth.hp7 chapter 39 . 9/2
I loved this story! It was smashingly good!
wujuninja chapter 39 . 8/29
dam. this was special journey
wujuninja chapter 1 . 8/26
fuck man. Every other sentence starts with Harry
ErnestTheGuy chapter 39 . 8/8
Took me 4 days and I loved this
AddamsOcean chapter 39 . 7/30
Seriously one of the best I’ve ever read!
Guest chapter 8 . 7/19
As a German I want to tell you that it actually is Obersturmbandfuehrer
Jestrbob chapter 34 . 7/14
I had German in HS over 50 years ago. The fray that Singers hard but i spoke two other languages then Cherokee and English. German while similar to the noun and been building of Cherokee, was two different. Later I have become proficient in Crow, Navajo and Cree. A smattering of Blackfoot and Apache has been the mix.

I have story started with Harry being raised in a native American tradition. Still not happy with it, it is WIP.
LAB1 chapter 39 . 6/27
Wow! I've loved this story! I almost didn't read it when they talked about killing Tom as an infant, but I'm so glad that I gave the story a chance! I loved your characters and the twists and turns the story took. I adore little Tommy Evans!
HarryPotterFangirl85 chapter 39 . 6/17
I’m afraid I had to skip to the last two chapters because I could not bring myself to read what I assumed would be Tom’s abduction, and I was right. I was liking the story up to the end of Summer Decisions and the introduction of the plot, but I just wasn’t patient enough to read through all that. And now I feel like I’m left with a cliffhanger and asking myself if I dare search for the sequel.

I did enjoy the parts of the story that I read, though.
noylj chapter 12 . 6/4
You do know that Bumbles has auburn (brownish red) and not simply brown hair
Love2read23 chapter 21 . 5/29
A couple of chapters ago, Harry made a comment that he's no James Bond but I just really he really is a spy named James. I still don't really like calling him James. I don't know why. It's better than Jimmy though. I'm glad Sarah and Tom are okay.
Love2read23 chapter 18 . 5/29
I can't find any connection between Hypatia and Hermione. When I search it there are surprisingly several other fanfictions with Hermione talking to Hypatia or with a portrait of her or geeking over Hypatia in Alexandria's library.
I realize that the last school year should be listed at 1939-1940 instead the quidditch game said 1940-1941 which confused me come April and June.
Love2read23 chapter 17 . 5/29
Great chapter. I am so happy for Tom to be on the house team. It's too bad about the Heir of Slytherin getting out. Idiot purebloods. You would think they'd act more respectful if they suspected Tom to be the Heir.
Just two points of clarification. I thought that at the end of last year Tom and Nott made a comment they were going to try for the Quidditch team because one chaser was graduating and the other two would be seventh years but then the school year started and there were no openings. (though that can just be explained away that they didn't end up graduating).
With Tom on the team now, I want him to move up quickly and become captain so he can chose girls for the team.
Stupid Malfoys, I bet that seeker is going to blame the Gryffindor seeker for ruining his life when it's not as if she forced him to dive like that. They have no concept of responsibility for their own actions.
Other point of clarification is that this is the 1940-1941 school year but you mentioned April 1940 not 1941.
I was surprised by the skip in time because it went straight passed Christmas when there were a lot of things mentioned that they'd do at Christmas such as Harry starting Tom on advanced defense lessons and investigating their empathic connection. Maybe the chapters to come will mention it.
Thank you for writing.
Love2read23 chapter 7 . 5/28
I'm going to guess that Sarah is pregnant!
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