Reviews for Altered Destinies
Quaziemoto chapter 39 . 11/10
Dam great story, as a born in the early 40 I enjoyed the history lessons as well, this story is deffently
5 out of 5 stars. Keep the good stories coming!
zaubernuss chapter 39 . 11/3
I just finished reading this story with my 11-year old son, and we're both in agreement that is was the best fanfiction we ever read, (and I have - at this point - 731 bookmarks for only the MOST RECENT stories). Brilliant plot, very loveable and fleshed out characters, HISTORY (! - when do you ever learn things in a fic?!), humor, fluff, romance, angst - everything a fic needs.

I don't know what else to say. This has kept us entertained for weeks, and no we both really hope that we find another epic story in your list, because we really feel bereft now that we finished the last chapter!

Thank you so much for writing (and completing!) such a monster of a story. It has brought us a lot of joy!
Revliledpembroke chapter 17 . 10/22
Rereading this, you have a lot of consistency and continuity issues. Between first and second year, you said Nott wanted to be a Keeper and was befriending the Seventh Sixth Year Keeper - and you named him. Now Nott wants to be a Chaser and you changed who the Keeper was!

Tom wanted to be a Chaser and was going to try and fill the slot of a graduating Chaser... Only the Slytherin team didn't have any holes in it to start this year?

You also had Dippet say he "was in Charms" when Grindelwald and Albus were there... Only for Harry to later say Dippet was a Herbologist.

Pretty sure I noticed some other discrepancies like that as well, but I can't bring them to mind at the moment.
Bloly chapter 1 . 10/11
I'm so happy I was able to find this story again!
rmw5763 chapter 28 . 8/23
Great Reference to the Hellmouth in California from Buffy the Vampire Slayer,lol.(•‿•)
Guest chapter 12 . 8/19
Dumbledore suddenly asks "James" about KNOWING (the future)
Vis chapter 12 . 8/19
Suddenly Dumbledore talks about "James" KNOWING things...
hobbies458 chapter 30 . 8/20
why do children never listen to their parents!
bigmac2759 chapter 39 . 8/1
Thanks again for a great story. I just binge reread it. My first read was in 2010. It is an interesting take on time travel and a unique solution to the problem of Voldemort. I see the sequel has not been updated in a long time. I hope you are well and that the reason you are not writing is not due to something serious. Again, thanks for a weekend of good reading.
Ziki chapter 1 . 6/28
Simple plan. Harry fails at the first step.

Sigh. I really dislike Harry as a character in general so unless he is very OCC, I just don't bother reading FF where he is still the same idiot that keeps on repeating the same mistakes and expects different outcomes.

This is especially for this FF in which the outcome of Voldemort was everyone he ever cared about dying.

Something like this should've changed Harry quite a lot but here we go again, oh no bullied kid, let's adopt him and hope he turns out good instead of doing what is necessary.
Ricee chapter 2 . 6/9
why can no one ever follow a plan? now he's emotionally attached and won't be able to kill him. and this is where I stop reading
Guitarlover56784 chapter 12 . 5/31
When did albus become privy to the secret? That was never mentioned. Honestly, you seem to be too detailed about things that don't matter, and gloss over big things that do. I mean, it was what, maybe a paragraph or two between harry and his wife's talk about time travel? That's it? I can't go on anymore. It was supposed to get better as you wrote, not worse.
Guitarlover56784 chapter 9 . 5/31
That seemed... way too easy.
Guest chapter 5 . 5/29
You know i think it would be much better if you follow the event in 1939 to 1945, gellert grindelwald does not come from hogwarts, he is from durmstrang who meet albus after he visited his aunt batilda bagshot and im sure as hell grindelwald did not ally with nazi because he want to invade europe, his goal is to actually drive the muggle into their right place and let the wizards reign on top
Steve-Arkarian chapter 13 . 5/31
Why ARE there even British Unspeakables if it is illegal for them to operate on British soil? It makes absolutely no sense!
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