Reviews for Altered Destinies
Ooooh i like her chapter 2 . 9/24
Ooooh I like the nurse she goes well with Harry
LadyDinamite chapter 12 . 9/9
"He wondered what his father, Sirius and Remus would think about him raising the one-time Tom Marvolo Riddle and Lord Voldemort to become a Marauder"
I KNOW! They would think that this is the greatest prank EVER
Dan Silverjay chapter 39 . 8/31
Hi there!
I just finished this fanfic of yours for the third time and I was delighted of noting that there will be a continuation of it .

BTW, I noticed a few plot line mistakes, nothing too serious but probably generated due to small corrections overtime.
Eragon135790 chapter 4 . 8/22
great ff but please dont get harry/james/mc a romance.
Blackpheonix chapter 5 . 8/19
Hi, I just read 5 chapters do far but I really like your story. However, I have a question: why did you change Gellert's name and put him in Hogwarts in ravenclaw? It's like turned him into new character. Why not to use original Grindelwald? I know, the story is already written but just out of curiosity.
Thank you and good luck.
Guest chapter 5 . 8/18
Warning ! Major deviation from canon
Scorpion.Sorcerer7 chapter 39 . 8/15
Thank you so much for this gem of a story!
Esmereilda chapter 4 . 8/2
in the right setting he makes a very cute kid
HipposAreAwesome89 chapter 39 . 7/27
This is the best fanfic ever! You are such a good author!
HipposAreAwesome89 chapter 37 . 7/27
The battle was well choreographed! You are an amazing author
HipposAreAwesome89 chapter 36 . 7/27
Tom’s going dark! NOOOOOO! This is sooooo good! All the details are incredible!
HipposAreAwesome89 chapter 22 . 7/25
HipposAreAwesome89 chapter 20 . 7/25
This is soooooo good!
Guest chapter 39 . 7/23
I give it a 6/10
Overly dense, the prose is heavy and the author tends to repeat the name of the characters a lot in a single paragraph but I applaud the story was finished and that for the most part was coherent and well thought. I do wish we had less cliches like Harry being the only damn person ever to have been polite to goblins or the usual descendant of Founder but whatever
ionsjun chapter 22 . 7/18
The 'then' and 'THAN' confusion continues to annoy lol
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