Reviews for Fighting Chaos Part II: Unfinished Business
Cutter12 chapter 12 . 5/25/2012
First thing I have to say is - Poor Colby! This is the second story I've read from you where the more Colby tries to make it better, the worse it becomes. :D

Very emotional story, my heart kept going out to both Don & Charlie.
epalladino chapter 12 . 6/18/2009
Excellent followup to the earlier story. Thanks, Beth
An-Jelly-Ca chapter 12 . 8/10/2008
I completely and totally loved the ending to this story.

Both this story and the one before it were completely amazing.

Great chapter. That being said, I'm going to bed now.
An-Jelly-Ca chapter 11 . 8/10/2008
Amazing chapter.
An-Jelly-Ca chapter 10 . 8/10/2008
Great chapter! I love the story!
An-Jelly-Ca chapter 9 . 8/10/2008
Fantastic chapter!
An-Jelly-Ca chapter 8 . 8/10/2008
Oh God. Poor Charlie. Great chapter!
An-Jelly-Ca chapter 7 . 8/10/2008
I'm glad Don's back home now. Great chapter!
An-Jelly-Ca chapter 6 . 8/10/2008
Charlie wanted his daddy.

Poor Charlie. Give him his daddy back.
An-Jelly-Ca chapter 5 . 8/10/2008
I'm glad Larry came to help Charlie. Great chapter!
An-Jelly-Ca chapter 4 . 8/10/2008
Fantastic chapter!
An-Jelly-Ca chapter 3 . 8/10/2008
Great chapter! I love the story.
An-Jelly-Ca chapter 2 . 8/10/2008
Great chapter!
An-Jelly-Ca chapter 1 . 8/10/2008
I seriously thought I was going to bawl my eyes out at the memories of Alan Charlie was recounting. Anyway, great chapter!
Blindbadger chapter 12 . 4/1/2008
Hello there,

I'm about 3/4's of the way through your stories and I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed them all so far. I adore the family aspect of Numb3rs and I do so enjoy it when it is explored more thoroughly in Fanfic (Though I would love to see more of it in the program itself - chuckle)

This one though, "Fighting Chaos", had me in floods of tears. I didn't start blubbing until this second part though because you actually killed off Alan.

This second part of "Fighting Chaos" was so beautifully and in places so accurately conveyed. From personal experience it can take something almost insignifcant to set of a sudden realisation that a loved one is truly gone from you and you conveyed that with such honesty that it had me blubbing all over again.

I think this also touched me because my Nan died of septicimia which had progressed into septic shock and the descriptions of Alan's decline brought it all back to me. I don't know if this was a hard story to write, but I have to say that at times it was a hard thing for me to read, but strangely it was semi-cathartic too.

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tale. I'm now off to read some more of your tales.

Take care


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